Job Details

Ham Radio Volunteers

Job Duties:  Ham Radio Volunteers needed (Hams) to provide support and emergency communications at aid stations and critical locations on the course, assist with dispatch, navigation and communications with SAG vehicles, and provide race progress information to the officials at the finish line.  

Qualifications: Must have a current FCC Amateur Radio license. Most hams bring their own equipment, but we can usually arrange loaner equipment for new hams who don't have their own gear.  A 5W 2m handheld is sufficient for most positions, but a mobile rig or an external antenna will be better in some locations.  Dual-band (2m/70cm) operation may be helpful as well.

Tasks, locations, and hours vary.  After you fill out the volunteer application and submit it, please contact Steve Tarr at :  for your assignment and be sure to include your name, callsign, email address and a phone number in your email.

Sunday, October 9th, 2016