Job Details

Food & Beverage / Set Up and Distribution

Shift 1-  Volunteers age 15 and older needed to help unload food & beverages and set up for distribution at the finish line area; assist Marathon Committee Members with various event set up needs in the park.

Shift 2 - Volunteers age 12 and older to assist with food distribution of food & beverages to race participants in Marathon Finish Area.

Shift 3 - Volunteers age 12 and older to assist  help with break down of food distribution area, bag food and set up for alternate course/ late marathon finish area and assist with distribution of food & beverages to late finishers.

All shifts will be provided a Volunteer T-Shirt to wear. Recommend layered clothing for Fall weather conditions, bring a sack lunch, water and/ or beverages for your shift.

NOTE: This Volunteer Job Assignment may require flexibility in shift times and locations. For additional information about this volunteer opportunity contact Jenn Riehl at

Sunday, October 9th, 2016