Portland Marathon 26.2 mile Handcycle and Wheelchair Event

The Portland Marathon welcomes all handcycles and wheelchair participants as well as seeing impaired or most any other disability. As long as you feel you can complete the course without motorized assistance, you are welcome to compete.

The course is moderately hard with three tough hills and many railroad crossings. There is a short but steep hill between miles 2 and 4 and a long difficult climb up the St. John’s Bridge at mile 16.5. There is also a VERY steep hill at mile 17.5 as the course starts down Willamette Blvd. It is less than 100 yards long, but incredibly tough if you’re not ready for it.

Other than that the course is quite flat but it is not without obstacles. There are two 180 degree turns, the first at mile 3.5 as SW Barbur Blvd. turns to SW Front Ave, and the second at mile post No. 9 as SW Front Ave. turns back on itself. If your bike or chair has a wide turning radius it would be worth your while to test out these turns before the race.

There are railroad crossings between miles 5 and 12. If you have the choice between racing tires and training tires – USE YOUR TRAINING TIRES.

One last warning – for all you sub 1:40 hot shots (we haven’t had one yet.) you may be forced to slow your pace if the course commissar determines there is a road safety issue.

But the best part about this race is that the crowd will absolutely shower you with praise every ‘step’ of the way. And there’s plenty to eat and drink at the finish – so go ahead and sign up!

Questions? – Contact:
Tom Haig

"Best Race in October" - Runner's World