Nordic Walk

50K Olympian Philip Dunn male winner of the 2007 World Championships and Karen Asp female winner of the 2007 World Championships.

*Please note:  The Portland Marathon Half Nordic Walk Division will be discontinued beginning in 2018.   Questions, please e-mail us at*

Nordic Walking Rules (PDF)

Thank you to all who contributed to the rules:
Edward Urbanski (US), Brian Rulten (UK), Claire Walter (US), Anna Ekstrandh (Canada), Norman Trubik (Australia), Michelle Van Eenoo (Canada), Marek Zalewski (US), Andrea Childerhose (Germany), Crystal Peterson (US), Tom Rutlin (US), David Beevers (UK), Iain Leiper (UK), Dafina Nikolovska (Macedonia), Tom Bourdage (US), Maree Farnsworth (Australia) and John Merritt (US).

Half Marathon Distance
Go for the Gold or just have fun with this challenging distance.
Please be familiar with the rules posted above.

To enter Half-Marathon Nordic Walk:

  • On the registration form…
  • When asked “Will you be mostly walking or mostly running?” choose mostly walking
  • Check “Yes” to the “Are you a Nordic Walk Participant” question.
  • Send an e-mail to indicating the following: 1) that you wish to enter the Nordic Walk competition and 2) that you have read and understand the Nordic Walking rules posted on this page.

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