Iraq Half Marathon

Troops at Victory base camp in Baghdad training for the Portland Marathon Half that will take place on their base on Sept 27.

In 2009 the Portland Marathon hosted and supported three 1/2 marathon events at military posts in Iraq. At no charge the Portland Marathon provided high quality/specially printed T-shirts, lapel pins, special bibs, medals and challenge coins as well as Volunteer Shirts.

The participants were members of the Army, Marines, Air Force, DOD Civilians and Contractors at the three bases. These included Camp Victory in Baghdad and Camp Adder at Tillil in Southern Iraq. Also included was Camp Warrior which is in the Northern part of Iraq near the Iran/Iraq border.

Units at the three locations included the 41st Infantry Brigade of the Oregon National Guard, a Stryker Brigade from Ft Lewis and a small group of specialized troops from Ft Riley, Kansas. When they competed, some ran in full battle gear with up to 40 pounds.

Friends and loved ones of those from the Oregon Guard participated in the various events of the Portland Marathon on October 4th to honor those in Iraq. And, the Portland Marathon has designated the Wound Warrior Project as one of its official charities and helped raise money for that fund.

Any support individuals or corporations would like to provide for this will be appreciated. And spread the word about this first ever Portland Marathon 1/2 Marathon…in Iraq.

Volunteers helping with the Portland Half Marathon in Iraq, which will take place on Sept. 27 at Camp Victory, receive their shirts.

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