- Greetings from the Event Director
- 2011 apparel sponsor
- Everything you need to know about event weekend!
- Helpful tips for Marathoners and Half Marathoners
- Helpful tips for Volunteers
- Getting to the Portland Marathon
- Finding your corral at the start line
- Worried about running alone?
- The 40th Anniversary Party & Awards Ceremony
- Hilton Pasta Party
- The Get Ready or The Get Repaired Massage
- NO transfers or reselling
- Virtual Goodie Bag
- Rooms are still available
- Portland Marathon Kids' Fun Run & Festival
- Portland Marathon Course
- 3 Non Joggers
- How should you train for the trains?
- Coach's Corner

September 2011 News, updates, tips, and true stories as we countdown to
the 40th Annual Portland Marathon on 10-09-11.

Looking forward to an amazing 40th Anniversary!

On Sunday, October 9, 2011 runners and walkers from all 50 states, and from 21 foreign countries, will fill the streets of downtown Portland for the 40th Annual Portland Marathon!

The Portland Marathon is ranked as one of the top ten largest marathons in the United States, and among the top 10 distance-running events in the world by Runner's World. The publication also named the event one of the "best organized" and "greenest" marathons in the country.

Over the 26.2-mile course, the Portland Marathon will feature more than 83 bands and entertainers at 53 locations. This is just one of the features that makes the Portland Marathon unique to other distance-running events in the country.

This year's events include:

  • 26.2-mile Marathon Run and Walk
  • 13.1-mile Half Marathon
  • 10k Downhill Dash
  • 10k Family Walk
  • Kids' Fun Run & Festival on Saturday
  • Two-day Sports & Fitness Expo
  • Post-event Awards Party
  • Three-day National Event Directors' College

Greeting from the Event Director

We are Ready. Are you?

Our Marathon Committee has worked hard this year tending to the details that make for a great event. Our volunteers are ready to help you...one for every three of our participants.

Our Expo is shaping up to be terrific. And as part of our 40th Anniversary we've planned a special post-event party, complete with Frank Shorter, Bill Rodgers and Jeff Galloway...and a piece of our 40th Anniversary Cake for each attendee. So count on a fun weekend in Portland.

Your Assignment: Please study the start and finish area maps that are in this Newsletter. The key for our Marathoners and Half Marathoners is to know where your start corral is located. Check your color when you get your bib at the Expo and then plan ahead on how to go to your corral. And please notice we are having participants enter from Yamhill St., Jefferson St., and Naito Parkway only. And, the key to finding your corral: Use the Hilton and the Willamette River as your reference points.

Please note that our Kid's Fun Run & Festival is still open for registration. The event will be held Saturday, October 8th from 9:00 a.m. to noon at Lincoln High School. It is easy to get to by MAX Light Rail. There will be three runs later in the morning, plus lots of entertainment and activities for the whole family. The Portland Trail Blazers and Portland Timbers mascots will be there to join in the party, and kids will be also meet the riders and horses of Portland's Mounted Police Patrol. Bring the whole family for this morning of fun and fitness.

In the last newsletter we were excited to announce a local Portland Company, Greenlayer will be providing our 2011 signature marathon gear. Their brand of environmentally responsible apparel combines style, performance, and comfort...so be sure to visit Greenlayer's store at the Expo. Look for an email preview coming soon of what will be available at their store.

So do your final preparations, relax and get ready to enjoy yourself at our 40th Anniversary Celebration on October 9th!!

Les Smith, Event Director


Thank you to our 2011 apparel sponsor...Greenlayer!

Everything you need to know about event weekend!

  • Get your weekend event schedule HERE
  • Course maps, spectator guide, start area and finish area maps for the marathon and half marathon can be found HERE
  • 27th Annual Sports & Fitness Expo info is HERE
  • Kids Festival info is HERE
  • Street closures click HERE
  • Downhill 10k Dash info is HERE
  • Want to know where to meet your family or find your clothing after the event? Click HERE
  • Still have questions? Email us at info@portlandmarathon.org, tweet us @pdxmarathon or send us a note on Facebook. You can also call us 503.226.1111. Everything you need to know is in this newsletter!

Helpful tips for you!


What should I bring to packet pick-up?

For marathon runners and walkers - Bring your photo ID, bib number and a copy of your registration confirmation if you have it. You MUST pick up your own race packet. If you registered online for the marathon walk or run, go to www.portlandmarathon.org to find your bib numbers.

Where do I check in if I'm entered in the Racewalk or marathon Nordic Walk competition?

Please check in at the Racewalk/Nordic Walk table at the Expo. We will have bib numbers and instructions for all registered racewalk and Nordic Walk participants. If you need to switch to either of these divisions this weekend, we can also help participants do this. Questions? Please stop by the check in table or email us at ptldmarathonwalks@yahoo.com

Can I pick up my packet on race day if I'm a marathon runner/walker?

No. There is NO day of race entry or packet pickup. The Sports & Fitness Expo is on Friday, Oct. 7th from 11 a.m. - 8 p.m. and Saturday, Oct. 8th from 9 a.m. - 7 p.m., in the Ballroom and Exhibit Hall of the downtown Hilton Portland and Executive Tower.

What if I'm registered for the full marathon and want to stop half way through at 13.1?

You cannot jump from the full marathon into the half marathon. Why? Simply and with all respect, the answer is no. If a Marathon participant is not able to finish the whole course, for whatever reason, the Half-Marathon is NOT a secondary option. Instead, please follow these Event Guidelines:

  • Run, and stay on the full marathon course and drop out at the 1/2 marathon mark of the full marathon course.
  • The location of mile 13.1 is on St Helens Road. There is good access to the location from NW Yeon Ave and downtown. This is an easy place for someone to arrange a pick up.
  • In addition the 1/2 marathon point is marked, it is a chip read position. The time for a person who misses the later chip points will automatically cause the name not to be posted in the results. However, if someone who drops out notifies us a week or two after the event we can provide them a time from our un-posted file.

What can I expect at the start line if I'm a marathon runner/walker?

We have a corral system for our wave start. Everyone will be assigned to a corral. Each corral has a distinctive color and letter. Please look carefully at the start area map and determine the route you will take to get into your corral. Do not be late!

There will be plenty of room in each corral area. And there will be porta potties in each. Also a clothing check drop. Go to your corral and please stay there until you are told to move forward. This new wave start will ensure a safe and faster event for everyone. Remember, the event is chip timed. You do not get to the start line until your wave, but the result will be the same as if you were in the first wave.

Click HERE to see a start map.

What will the start area look like if I'm a marathon runner/walker?

For more information, click HERE
See our Facebook FAN page for a copy of the corral map.

What should I expect on race day if I'm a marathon runner/walker?

For more information, click HERE

If I am on a marathon run or walk team, do I have to run/walk the whole race?

Yes. You can have as many team members as you like, but this is NOT a relay format, each participant much complete the course.

Is the Portland Marathon a Boston Qualifier?

Yes. The Portland Marathon is a U.S. Track and Field sanctioned and certified course. The Boston Marathon accepts our runners, provided they qualify for their age group. A disc of our results is sent to Boston. You need only apply.

What are the aid stations like? Can I walk through them or do I have to keep running? Are they crowded?

Click HERE to learn more.

What if I have to use the bathroom on the course?

Click HERE to find out.

Will there be live results?

Yes, these will be on our homepage, www.portlandmarathon.org

Will my GPS or Garmin read 26.2 or 13.1 when I am finished?

No. See article below.

What if I don't see my question answered here?

More Q&A can be found HERE. Our website, www.portlandmarathon.org, has lots of great information. We are also available on Facebook and Twitter. Volunteers and helpers will be also available at the Sports & Fitness Expo to help with any remaining questions you have. Or, contact us by clicking HERE



Where do I park if I'm a volunteer and how can I get to the Start/Finish Area?

Parking is available on street away from the Marathon Course and start/finish area. Please do not park anywhere in the start area, or your car will be towed. Please see map HERE to know where not to go.

Additional parking is available downtown in parking garages for a fee. On race day street closures may make finding parking more difficult. Please remember to allow extra travel time to deal with the congestion of race day so you can arrive at your assigned location as scheduled.

At other areas along the course, be sure to pay attention to parking signs when parking your car.

Due to congestion around the start area, we recommend volunteers working in the start/finish area use MAX or other public transit. For a list of Park and Ride locations, visit www.trimet.org. On MAX, Coming from Hillsboro/Beaverton riders can get off MAX at 4th and Yamhill. Coming from Gresham/Lloyd Center get off MAX at 4th & Morrison. In each case, the Marathon start/finish area is only three blocks away. For further details and schedules for MAX and busses please refer to the TriMet website at www.trimet.org.

What should I wear to volunteer?

If working outside, please make sure to wear layers as the weather is changeable this time of year.

What about food if I'm a volunteer?

It is best to bring a snack or lunch given the need for flexibility in assignments.

Can I secure my valuables while I work as a volunteer?

We cannot secure your valuables. We recommend you do not bring a purse or backpack because we do not have a secure storage location.

Can I still sign up to volunteer?

We want to thank everyone for the amazing response we received for volunteers! This event would not be possible without your support. We do not need any additional volunteers at this time, but we'd love to have your help as a spectator cheering on and encouraging the runners and walkers.

What if I don't see my question answered here?

More Q&A can be found HERE. Our website, www.portlandmarathon.org, has lots of great information. We are also available on Facebook and Twitter. Volunteers and helpers will be also available at the Sports & Fitness Expo to help with any remaining questions you have. Or, contact us by clicking HERE


Getting to the Portland Marathon


With over 15,000 people converging downtown, the Portland Marathon strongly recommends public transportation for participants and spectators. Portland's MAX light rail system has many convenient park & ride locations and will drop you off just a few blocks from the start/finish line. Please use the trip planner at TriMet.org to plan your trip on race day, and please plan to arrive downtown by 6 a.m.

Park & Ride Locations

Lloyd Center (NE Holladay & 11th)
Street parking is free, and so is the 10-minute light rail ride. Get off at SW 3rd and Morrison.

Eastside - Gateway Transit Center (1321 NE 99th Ave.)
Just 25 minutes to downtown. Get off at SW 3rd and Morrison.

Beaverton/Hillsboro - Sunset Transit Center (10470 SW Barnes Rd.)
Just 20 minutes to downtown. Get off at Mall/SW 4th.


On-Street Parking
If you park downtown, please plan to arrive by 5:45 a.m. Parking is free until 1:00 p.m. and can be pre-paid for an additional 60-90 minutes. Park west of SW Broadway or south of SW Clay St. to avoid the immediate start/finish area.

Garage Parking
There are several garages within easy walking distance of the start/finish. The SmartPark garage on SW 10th and Yamhill is one of the largest and most accessible. See driving directions below.

Driving Directions to Downtown

From the NORTH on I-5 South:
Take Exit 302B, to I-405 toward Beaverton and St. Helens
Take Exit 2A toward Couch St. and Burnside St.
Turn Left onto Burnside St.
Turn Right onto 11th
Turn Left onto Yamhill St.
Turn Left onto SW 10th
Park in the SmartPark garage on your right at SW 10th and Yamhill

From the EAST on I-84 West
Take I-5 North toward Seattle
Take Exit 302B, to I-405 toward Beaverton and St. Helens
Take Exit 2A toward Couch St. and Burnside St.
Turn Left onto Burnside
Turn Right onto 11th
Turn Left onto Yamhill St.
Turn Left onto SW 10th
Park in the SmartPark garage on your right at SW 10th and Yamhill

From the WEST on Highway 26 East
Get into the left lane towards I-405 N, St. Helens and Seattle
Take Exit 2B toward Everett St.
Turn Right onto NW Everett St.
Turn Right onto 11th
Turn Left onto Yamhill St.
Turn Left onto SW 10th
Park in the SmartPark garage on your right at SW 10th and Yamhill

Option 2 - Street Parking:
From the center lane on Hwy. 26, take Market St. exit; street parking west of Broadway.

From the SOUTH on 1-5 North
Get in the left lanes, and take exit 299B toward I-405/City Center
Take Exit 2B toward Everett St.
Turn Right onto NW Flanders St.
Turn Right onto 11th
Turn Left onto Yamhill St.
Turn Left onto SW 10th
Park in the SmartPark garage on your right at SW 10th and Yamhill

Option 2 - Street Parking:
Get in the left lanes, and take exit 299B toward I-405/City Center Take exit 1C to SW 6th Ave; street parking south of SW Clay St.

Finding your corral at the start line

All participants will assemble in separate "corrals" to allow for a wave start by expected finish time. Corral A is composed of the fastest runners; each corral will then be released in alphabetical order, concluding with corral W (walkers). Please note: participants are not permitted to move to a faster corral but may switch to a slower corral.

The letter and color bar on your bib indicate your corral. There is a map on the back of your bib with detailed instructions; entry points are listed below.

Corral A/B: Enter at SW 5th and Salmon - head east on Salmon

Corral C/D: Enter at SW 1st and Jefferson or SW 2nd and Jefferson - head north on 1st or 2nd

Corral E, F or W: Enter from SW Yamhill St. or SW Naito

Clothing check is located in each corral.

Only participants will be allowed to enter the start area. Spectators can watch the start on SW 4th Ave. at Yamhill or Morrison.


Elephants Deli on SW Broadway between Yamhill and Taylor will open at 5:30 a.m. to serve Stumptown coffee, espresso and food to participants and spectators.


Worried about running alone?

Stop your fretting! You are certainly NOT alone, but in good company with thousands of other runners and more than 76 bands/entertainers along the course at 61 venues. We have cheerleaders, supporters, and clappers all along the course! We also have 30-40 pacers who will pace for 14 different times, including the four Boston Marathon qualifying times. Don't forget you can meet the pacers from Team Red Lizard at their booth at the Sports & Fitness Expo on Friday, Oct 7th and Saturday, Oct. 8th.

Tweet with us!

Don't forget to use #pdxmarathon11 in your tweets this year! Follow us @pdxmarathon!

The 40th Anniversary Party & Awards Ceremony

Where: Portland Hilton - Broadway Room
When: Event Day -- Sunday, October 9th at 11:30 a.m.
Who: Marathon Participants, Family and Friends

  • Music
  • Portland Marathon Merchandise Sales
  • Cutting the 40th Anniversary Cake
  • Meet running legends Frank Shorter, Bill Rodgers and Jeff Galloway
  • Pick up of Awards
Guaranteed: A Fun Time for All! Be There!!!

Hilton Pasta Party

What: Pasta party (buffet)
When: 4:30 to 8 p.m. on Saturday, October 8th
Where: The Bistro on the Main Floor of the Hilton Hotel (above the Expo)
Who: Participants, family and friends
Cost: $21.00 which includes a non-alcoholic beverage
Other: Spots are limited. Sign up at the Expo

You will love the Food and the Service!

The Get Ready or The Get Repaired Massage

What: Simply the Best Massage Possible...pre or post Event
Where: Portland Hilton - Exercise Conditioning & Fitness Dept. Upstairs from the Expo
When: Friday - Saturday - Sunday of Marathon Weekend
Who: Those who make Reservations (call 503 226 1611)

Book your massage or acupuncture session at the Hilton Athletic Club for pre- and post-race recovery and relaxation! 20, 50, and 80 minute sessions available. We look forward to seeing you!
Call 503-220-2672 to make your reservation!

Hurry -- Spots are Limited!

NO transfers or reselling

The Portland Marathon does NOT allow bibs to be resold or transferred to another registrant. Sorry for any inconvenience. Read why we do not allow transfers by clicking HERE

Virtual Goodie Bag

As one of the ten greenest races in the US, the Portland Marathon is further reducing paper usage by opting to go online with our goodie bag-offering you the same great coupons and information as in the traditional goodie bag, without the waste... you need only print what you will use.
Click HERE to view all our great offers!

Click on coupon for other great offers and the printable version

Rooms are still available

Rooms are still available at The Portland Downtown Waterfront Marriott, but time is running out! The deadline to receive the special Marathon rate of $199 is Friday, September 30, 2011.

Located on the riverfront in downtown Portland, marathoners can gear up for the race directly across the street, along the 10 mile running path that curves along the banks of the Willamette River. Restaurants and shops line the marina boardwalk right in front of the hotel, or guests can hop on the streetcar for a quick trip up to the fabulous Pearl District. The hotel features an indoor pool and hot tub, complimentary 24-hour fitness center, guest rooms featuring the luxurious Ritz Carlton bedding, wireless Internet access, modern guestroom decor and views of the city and Mt. Hood. Enjoy a delicious breakfast at Allie's American Grille, or watch a game in Champion's Sports Bar and Restaurant. Whatever you choose, the Portland Waterfront Marriott is the best location in downtown and looks forward to seeing you this October!

Click here to reserve your room now!

Last chance to register for the Portland Marathon Kids' Fun Run & Festival

Satyrday, October 8, 2011 - 9:00 am to Noon
Lincoln High School Track
Located at 1600 Southwest Salmon Street, Portland, OR 97205-1782

A Fun Run Obstacle Course:

  • Ages 2-5 start at 9:30 am - 1/4 mile once around the track
  • Ages 6-9 start at 10:00 am - 1/2 mile twice around the track
  • Ages 10-12 start at 10:30 am - 3/4 mile three times around the track


  • Face Painting
  • Prizes
  • Food & beverages
  • Photos with the Portland Police Mounted Patrol officers & horses
  • A special appearance by T-Bone, America's Health & Fitness Ambassador, www.tbonerun.com

Fun Run Participants: $25.00 ea. (includes Festival Entry for participant only)
Festival entry: $5.00 ea. for all those age 2 and over.

A Festival entry ticket includes 5 scrip tickets good towards the purchase of food, beverages, and face painting. Participants ages 2-12 will receive a special Portland Marathon backpack, a Portland Marathon t-shirt, a race bib, a finisher medal and other fun goodies.

Be sure to visit and shake paws with the Portland Trail Blazers' mascot, Blaze this year! He'll be helping kids warm up before their races, and handing out lots of fun goodies and prizes. Bring your camera too, because this Trail Cat is definitely not camera shy! The Portland Timbers mascot will also be there!

Stanford's will also provide prizes!

Thanks to Stanford's and the Portland Trail Blazers for their sponsorship of the Kids' Festival!



Portland Marathon course...trust us, it's certified in every way.

By Les Smith, Event director; Richard Busby, Course Technical Director; Lee Barrett, USATF/RRTC National Certifier for Oregon

Last year, we received inquiries from several participants in the Portland Marathon...they all asked: "Why was the distance measured by my GPS watch longer than the official Marathon distance of 26.22 miles?" "Is the course wrong?" Experience has shown that the comparison of a marathon course measured by the approved method with the read-out by on a GPS watch worn by a runner on race day reveals the GPS readings are slightly longer than the certified distance. Because of such long course concerns, we recently measured the marathon course following a route more like that a runner would take, than cutting each corner as required for certification.

We used a Jones counter, the standard instrument used to certify courses, and a Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS watch. The Jones counter had the route we took being 26.27 miles long and the Garmin recorded 26.35 miles. The Portland Marathon was measured using the procedure required by USA Track and Field, (USTF) Road Running Technical Committee, the governing body for US road running. The course was also certified by USTF/RRTC and IAAF/AIMS. USTF and AIMS have strict methodology for measuring courses for certification.

The standard measurement device used is a Jones counter which is attached to the front wheel of a standard bicycle and must be calibrated before and after the measurement ride. A Jones counter typically shows around 15,300 counts per mile, or about one count every three inches. Our course was measured in this fashion by two very experienced and certified course measurers.

The measurement process requires measuring the shortest-possible distance a runner can run on race day. To ensure this, the measuring bicycle is required to ride 30 cm from the curb at each corner. The measurer must also ride the straightest line through curves and turns. The goal of this is to make sure that on race day all participants run at least the full distance of the marathon or other certified distance, as the case may be.

The former Chair of the RRTC has estimated that for the Portland Marathon course, with something like 36 turns, a runner going 1 meter wider than the shortest possible route on each turn would run an extra 53.6 meters. To permit our measurement team to follow this process as closely as possible, the measurement of the Portland Marathon course was done early on a weekend day to minimize traffic allowing us to measure the shortest route possible. On race day with over 10,000 other participants, running that "shortest distance" course would prove to be extremely difficult due to, among other things, runner traffic and the location of water stations.

The course certification process also requires the inclusion of a "short course prevention factor". The measurer must add 1 meter of additional length to the course for every 1,000 meters of course length. Thus a 10 km certified course is measured to be 10,010 meters long. And, a certified marathon course has an additional 42 meters added to its length.

It is well recognized that GPS devices available to the general public are about 1% percent inaccurate when compared to the mechanical measurement of a known distance using the bicycle counter mentioned above.

Many factors can affect the accuracy of a GPS watch. Tall buildings along the route, rain, trees covering the course, elevation changes and the number of satellite signals received all affect the accuracy of the GPS measurement.

When the inability of the runner to run the shortest course on race day and the small inaccuracy of the GPS watch are combined, GPS readings of 26.50 miles for a certified 26.22-mile marathon are not unusual. These factors do not mean that the course is not accurate. All it means is that the GPS actually measured the distance that you, the runner, covered on race day.


Portland Marathon runs amok on 3 Non Joggers

Hilarity and best behavior ensue when the 3 Non Joggers welcome the Portland Marathon Event Director, Les Smith; Course Director, Chris Hardman and Medical Director, Mamie Wheeler. Listen to the interview with 3 Non Joggers here:
Learn more about 3 Non Joggers here: http://www.3nonjoggers.com

Thanks to our new media partner 3 Non Joggers!

How should you train for the trains?

Event Director Les Smith on trains:

We get occasional emails about Trains. We are usually asked, "What about the Trains in Portland? We hear they might stop the event in certain places."

Well, it is true. Trains are a challenge for us. But, trains are also fun for us. We feel Portland is a wonderful city. It is an easy place to get around. It has become that way thanks to local transit agencies that have installed light rail, street cars and revived an extensive trolley track system.

These additions are welcome, but have also made it next to impossible to create an event without a rail impact. As the cities largest event, we work closely with Trimet and the City to accommodate and negotiate transit schedules. But there is also Amtrak. Try as we might, we have little control over these rail schedules.

Faced with this challenge, what do we do as an event about trains?

Answer: We meet the trains head on (not literally, of course). We try to make them fun. In short, we are not going to hide from the train issue. We embrace the challenge. We also make no promises to our participants. Truth is, a runner or walker may encounter a train or two on our course. No matter what we do or how we try to time things we are always faced with the possibility of a train. Does it matter? Actually, very few runners ever see the trains, but some do.

To address this issue, we do several things:

  1. We take your written concerns very seriously. Last year, we received 17 written complaints from over 8,600 finishers. Nine of the complaints were from age division Boston Marathon qualifier types (our event is a good one for qualification). These nine had experienced an Amtrak. Some had from 5 to 45 seconds of interruption. But they told us they qualified anyway. The other 8 who commented basically said they observed trains and worried someone might miss qualifying for Boston. We also have heard comments that some folks at a near 8-hour pace were also interrupted. But we were told that for them most thought it was a nice respite. So, out of 8,600+ finishers we feel we did OK and the trains did not effect a large number of finishers.

  2. We make sure the runners stop safely. Jumping through a "live" but stopped train is dangerous and a violation of both Federal and State laws. We have volunteers who record as best they can the bib numbers of those stopped. We have other volunteers who pass out stickers that say, "I was Trained at the Portland Marathon." Remember, it is fun to be stopped by a Portland Train!!!

  3. Most Amtrak stops are less than a minute. So what we do, if we are notified by the runner, is give that person a finish time reduction for the amount of the time the train took to go thru the crossing (regardless of when the runner got to that closed crossing gate). We then add a further reduction for an amount of time it takes a reasonable person to get back to speed again after being stopped. As our runners tell us, that calculation process is more than fair. As a last resort, I am more than willing to send a note to our friends in Boston about "A Training Encounter of a Wonderful Kind."

So fret not about trains in Portland. As John "The Penguin" Bingham wrote several years ago, a stop by a Portland Train may actually help you.


Coach's Corner

Getting ready for the big day!

You've made it. October is here! After all of the mileage logging, building, preparing, scheduling, stretching, carbo loading...every piece of mental preparation has gotten you here. Now it's the week before "go time" and you can barely contain yourself! Here are some quick preparatory tips to get you race ready, rested and equipped to conquer!

Nutritional Preparation:

Don't overdo it: A common fact is that the preparation is going to be dependent upon the two nights before the race. Keep it light and normal the day before the race so you have less stress to deal with.

Keep it Paleo: In general, the older a food is, in terms of time on earth, the less disruption it will cause the intestines. The oldest and safest carbohydrate sources are yams, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and quinoa.

Hydrate: Plain and simple. And, for you analytics out there who need to know exactly how many ounces to consume, multiply your bodyweight by .65. If you have a craving or like to sweeten your fluids, an easy natural solution is to squeeze lime into your water that will also help alkalize your pH level.

Physical Preparation

Stretch before bed: This is a great technique to practice, not only for race preparation, but as a lifestyle habit. Forty five minutes before bed time, start a breathing a stretching program that last 20 minutes. There are many styles of stretching. A good one to use is PNF style. Combine stretching with breathing exercises for extra credit. In stretching, the breath regulates the out come. So, for a stimulatory effect have fewer breaths during the stretch. In opposite, for a relaxing effect have calmer, deep breaths. This will relax the nervous system and therefore allow for deeper sleep.

Let's look forward to running and walking a faster, leaner, stress free event.

In the best of health,
Coach Leeper


October 9, 2011 will mark the 40th Annual Portland Marathon! We have 74 entertainment groups at 53 locations along the course. Each year more than 12,000 people run, walk, or volunteer with the event. Proceeds from the Portland Marathon go to help local schools, charities, and non-profits. The event has been called the "best-organized marathon in North America" and has received national attention for being one of the first eco-friendly, "green" marathons.


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