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October 2012 News, updates, tips, and true stories as we countdown
to the 42nd Annual Portland Marathon on 10-06-13.


We'd like to thank all 2012 runners, walkers, volunteers and spectators! Thank you for making 2012 an amazing year. We hope to see you again on October 6, 2013.


2013 Registration is Open (register now to get the best price)

Registration for the Portland Marathon and Half Marathon are now open. Register now to guarantee your spot at the start line and receive the early registration rates. The 2013 Portland Marathon will be held on October 6, 2013.

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It Was A Great Event -- Thank You!!

We promised good weather. We promised a fun and a high-quality event. We promised more entertainment and great swag. We are thrilled that our Committee, Volunteers, Entertainers, Suppliers and Sponsors were able to provide all of these things for you, which made the 41st Portland Marathon, Portland Marathon Half and related events all a great success.

One email suggested that we should style the Portland Marathon, "The Running and Walking Musical Festival." Another email told us, "You guys way out Rock the R&R events...no contest."

So we are pleased and humbled by your many kind remarks. Many thanks to all of you who made the trip to Portland. And thanks to all of you from the Portland area for participating. Your compliments make it easy for us to now begin to plan and build our events for October 6, 2013. And we are well on our way to making next year's Event even better. We promise.

Do not Forget -- The Half Sells out Early!
We have started our Early-Bird specials for both the full and half marathons. The price for each will not be lower and the price level will soon go up.

Our popular Portland Marathon Half will no doubt sell out early again. The last three years we sold out in January with each year getting earlier. Do not wait. We have so many people who want in later. They can get in when the event is charity based only. By Why wait? The price doubles unless you are raising money for one of our official charities. Make an early New Year's Fun Resolution. And invite your friends run the Portland Marathon Half too.

Register now

A Great Charity Success
We are pleased the various charities associated with our non-profit Portland Marathon events did so well this year. We try hard to gain local charities who want to use the Portland Marathon events as fund raisers. And we are even more pleased when these charities work hard to help themselves with their efforts to gain runners and walkers who support their causes.

And as part of our ongoing commitment to our Community, our Event will again provide gifts and grants to other nonprofits, service organizations, school activity groups and school athletic teams. Last year over 130 such organizations received checks that totaled over $200,000. And we are aware of charities that independently raised over $2 million by using our event as a fund raising project for their constituents.

Thank you again for supporting the Portland Marathon events. Your participation is greatly appreciated. We look forward to seeing you next October 6th.

- Les Smith

PM Virtual Goodie Bag

Participants and Volunteers!! Remember to visit the Virtual Goodie Bag page to redeem valuable coupons through November!

View the Virtual Goodie Bag

Great Tributes from our Participants

Today was a great day.

The realization hit me on our MAX ride to downtown Portland before the race: "Oh my God, I'm running 26.2 miles today." I have been so busy lately, the actual reality of this didn’t have time to marinate. So, at 7:00 am I found myself surrounded by clads of runners, decked out in the latest neon gear, getting ready to go the distance. Literally.

The Portland Marathon was an absolute pleasure to run. I felt surprisingly fantastic the whole time and kept a steady pace the entire race, which surprised me because I thought I would slow down considerably within the last 6-8 miles. To begin with it was a perfect day for a marathon: blue skies, crisp air and not too hot. ("At least it’s not raining," as one aptly written sign said.)

The route was also fantastic: starting near the World Trade Center, going up Naito to Barber, all the way back down Naito, then winding through NW, up Highway 30, across the St. John's Bridge, up Willamette, over the Steel Bridge, through downtown/Chinatown, and then back finishing at the World Trade Center. It was a lovely foot tour of Portland.

There were aid stations along the way, at each mile, where I fueled up on Ultima (sports drink), water and sometimes gummi bears. I carried 2 goos with me, but didn’t end up eating any, and instead opted for a pack and a half of Shot Bloks, and several handfuls of gummi bears.

There were supporters lining the entire route, cheering and holding fun signs, which kept the energy high. There was also bands, DJs, pirates, bagpipers, belly-dancers and cheerleaders at intermittent places along the course for entertainment value.

At the finish line we got finishers medals, finishers t-shirts, coconut water, roses and some food. It felt good to walk it out and stretch a bit.

Overall, it was an excellent race and I would love to do it again. It was the perfect "first marathon" race, because it was almost completely flat. Highly recommended.

Next stop: ultra-marathon?

- Leah Olson

First of all I would like to thank you and all the volunteers that put together an excellent event on Sunday.

Additionally, I was wondering if specific thanks could be shared with the Band (I think it was a School band) that was playing at about - mile 20 in someone's driveway. Just as I had passed them, they started playing Enter Sandman which is a song I had joked about with my training partners during training, and the fact that they were playing it at just the right time, stuck with me through the end of what turned out to be a PR effort.

Dan Sheil

Thanks for producing such a fantastic race on Sunday. It was my first half marathon, and I was thrilled to complete it. I wrote a story for my blog talking about how I just lost 100 pounds and found running: www.ourhenhouse.org

Thanks again for the inspiration.

In gratitude,

This picture is of myself, and three very dear friends. We run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. All year long...rain or shine. Sure we run to stay in shape, but we also run to share our journeys and help each other overcome obstacles. We are all in our forties, and each have faced various hardships in our lives. One beat cancer last year, then went onto run 2 marathons (her 4th and 5th) this year.

Another one deals with chronic arthritis and is in pain daily, but pushes through the pain without complaining. The third friend has been an amazing advocate and champion for her child. He would not be where he is today without her fierce determination. I'm raising a son with autism, which comes with many trials, that have no end-date.

We ran in The Portland Marathon together. I saw it as an outward physical expression of our internal battles and triumphs. I believe it represents that for a large percentage of your participants.

It was an experience that I will never forget. Thank you for the opportunity.

Debbie Mylander


I finished this year's Portland Marathon (and didn't die!). I have been on such a long journey. The "before" photo shows me when I was 215 lbs. I did not exercise at all. In fact, it wasn't even on my radar to try a 5k (3.1 miles), much less a 26.2 mile marathon. Since choosing health, I lost over 75 lbs. and I added the marathon to my bucket list to complete before my 30th birthday (which is next month -- I made it!). On Sunday, I wore my finisher shirt to dinner and as I slowly hobbled out, the surrounding tables of strangers started clapping for me. It was the greatest feeling in the world! I wish I could tell everyone that dreams are never too big, so dream outside your current abilities box -- you're worth it!

- Megan


I am writing to share my husband's impressive accomplishments at the 2012 and 2010 Portland Marathons. My husband, Bryan Marenstein, completed the 2010 marathon while pushing our daughter, Mia, in the stroller the entire race. He completed the 2012 marathon while pushing our son, Ari, the entire race. Mia was a couple weeks shy of her first birthday during the 2010 marathon, and Ari was 13 months old when he completed his first marathon. Bryan finished both marathons in almost the same amount of time: about 3:20.

Rachel Prouser Marenstein

This was my second year running the Portland Marathon. Last year was my first marathon and it was supposed to be a celebration of overcoming asthma that I developed 10 years prior as a result of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. When the attacks happened, I was living in New York and training for my first marathon. I thought running was going to be put on hold forever until I connected with Running Evolution after moving to Seattle. After jumping some emotional and physical hurdles, I was back on track and excited to accomplish a major milestone 10 years in the making. Then, a few months before the marathon, I got mono. I couldn't accept that this goal was going to be taken from me again, so I powered through last year's marathon while sick with the aid of my doctors and coaches. I crossed the finished line, but not in the way I wanted. So, I set out to run the 2012 marathon as a rematch. Not only did I finish, but I finished strong and more than an hour faster than 2011.

- Vanessa Casavant

(The following story has been edited from the original for length.)

Why do I run marathons? They hurt. Sure, I could coast through one at a slower pace, but I try to beat my PR and I have to push myself. It is a 26.2 mile slow sprint. I’ve done three marathons, one each year for the past three years, and I wanted my fourth one to be a sub 4 hour run.

Today I caught up and passed the 4:00 pace runners at the 13.1 mile point. I kept ahead going up the hills and over the bridge. At mile 20 they passed me and I started to slip further back. I was using a variety of techniques for self regulation, focusing on moving grace (as much as possible when your legs cramp), to enjoying the spectacle of it all, appreciating little kids that stand on the side of the road giving high-fives, hearing words of encouragement from people who read your name off of your BIB and say "go coyote go", to getting mean and growling at the pain and telling it that it ain’t nothing. Meanwhile, the 4:00 pacer got further and further ahead.

I knew my legs were giving out. I had stopped near a post and stretched. A person nearby had a sign that said "Grit got you this far" and I growled at the pain and pressed on.

Somewhere around mile 21 or 22 I had to stop at a tree and stretch. I wanted it to be over, to quit, to forget about it…for a split second. Gripping the tree trunk I slowly stood up. I wouldn't make my goal of 4 hours, but I wouldn’t quit. I would finish.

Though it hurt, though I didn't know where I was going to get the strength to keep going, I knew that my tank was not yet empty. There was more left and I intended to mine the depths of what I had, of who I am.

I run marathons because it is a means of both testing, and tempering, my character. I can say that I have strength because of times like that at that tree, when everything screamed 'you cannot go on', I dug deeper and said "I'm not done".

I finished with 4:15:50, which is my worse marathon to date. Yet I am very proud of this one as well. Some say that sports builds character. While others say that it doesn't build character but instead reveals it. I think that it is both, that seeking out opportunities to push ourselves, and then truly giving what we’ve got to the task, is where we truly live. We build ourselves by testing ourselves. They are two sides of the same coin.

That is why I run marathons.
Eddie Black

You are our inspiration! As a nonprofit event, we couldn’t do it without you. Thank you!

Did you run for a reason?

Remember to register for the 2013 events by contacting one of our Official Charities for your opportunity to make a difference in your community. The Portland Marathon was host to 12 Official Charities and 8 Affiliate Charities in 2012. Be a Charity Runner or Walker in 2013!

Be sure to join the Portland Marathon community online!

Share information with other runners. Get tips for training and more. Join the conversation about running, walking and the Portland Marathon on Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s just a snapshot of conversations happening online:

Congrats to our Facebook friend Melissa who won our Zico contest! She won a case of Zico coconut water and a Zico hat!

You may remember our Facebook friend Darcy. She lost 90 pounds with the goal to finish the 2012 Portland Marathon. Here is her report.

It ended up being more of a challenge, than I could have ever anticipated. So many things went wrong, that it became the most incredible battle of the mind. I had to focus, focus, focus.

I will say that it was really the encouragement of my friends, family, other walkers, spectators and volunteers that kept me going. They were all the light in the dark. I am not so sure I could have done it without them.

The support that I received was phenomenal. And crossing the finish....well, that was a moment that changed my life.

I was lucky enough to share the last few miles with another walker who had struggled like me, and it was so amazing to not only achieve my victory, but it witness her success well.

Portland Marathon, thank you so much for allowing people like me to have the privilege to take the marathon challenge.

I found a strength that I didn't know I had, and that will serve me well for the rest of my life.

I plan to run next year; training starts soon....I will see you then.

Thank you to everyone who cheered me on...we did it!

We asked our Facebook friends, “Well? How did it go for you? Did you have fun?” Here’s what they had to say:

Marj -- I LOVE this event!! You are all SO kind to those of us who are old and SLOW. THANK YOU !!

Patrick -- Yes! Fantastic weather, GREAT volunteers, and loved whomever put up all the Patty B signs!

Scott -- 1)LOVED the pirates 2)Loved the signs! My favorite said "MOTIVATIONAL SIGN." 3)Didn't like the constant calf cramps after mile 24, but that seems to be a habit with my marathons.

Jan -- It was fabulous as always! The volunteers were amazing! Thanks everyone!

Jeanie -- Yes! PIRATES!!!

Scott -- Pirates were awesome!

Kathy -- Pirates were my favorite too! PR! Great day spent walk/running with my daughter. Third Portland Marathon together first in nice weather!

Nicole -- It was great! What a beautiful day to run in a beautiful city. Thanks so much to all the volunteers and supporters.

Aimee -- Relaxing marathon with always enough water, gummy bears, vasoline and port-a-pots! Love the after race area with so much room, food and support!

Scott -- Favorite sign: Keep running, Zombies don't like fast food!

Shannon -- Finished my first half and it couldn't have been a better experience!

Sara -- Earned another ticket to the Boston Marathon (2014) today so I'm happy - perfect weather and I must say ALL the volunteers were so helpful and friendly! Wish I lived closer to do it again - WELL DONE Portland!

Angie -- Great race! 33 min PR...couldn't be happier! My dad completed his 31st consecutive Portland Marathon today!

Sandy -- My first marathon!!! I feel so accomplished and loved every bit of it. Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers, Portland police and all the great bands and cheer groups! Gotta say, the pirates were my favorite :)

Melissa -- PR for this girl!!! And thank you volunteers!

Rudi -- Ran a PR today after trying for 13 years! I was 27 on my first. Thank you everyone. Volunteers and organization were awesome.

Gayle -- Thanks so much for a great half. First time sis and I did. Definitely do again. Loved the pirates. Great support and cheering. Way to go Portland.

Garth -- My first full. Thanks for making it a great run. Thanks to all who volunteered.

Megan -- Finished my first marathon and loved it so much! My favorite moment might be the little kid who handed me water after I finished. "Congratulations! I'm sooo proud of you!" He was so cute and sincere.

Joe -- You guys put on a top notch event! Thanks Portland. Got a 14 min PR today too!

Traci -- Great run! Perfect weather! Great refreshments! Well organized! And... I finished! Couldn't ask for more! Came home and signed up for next year already! :-)

Allen -- First time here--came all the way from Austin. Incredible race. Thanks to all who helped. Portland is magic.

Tracie -- No P.R. today and glad it's done! Will be back to tackle it again.

Peggy -- Wonderful! It was my first marathon and it was a blast! Thank you Portland for making us feel welcome and cheering us on!

Justini -- Awesome!!!! It was my first marathon and I finished under 4 hours!

Lori -- Loved lived loved it--you guys were great thank you!!

Becca -- Super course, great volunteers, perfect weather and lots of swag. Awesome!

Shay -- Thank you Red Lizards and volunteers! Boston here I come :) perfect Portland day!

Atheana -- It took a long time but I got the job done! All the volunteers where awesome.

Genevieve -- Great race. It helps to get a PR!

Neva -- Thank you Portland Marathon for an awesome event! I wanted to do this event for years and I finally got my chance - it more than lived up to my expectations.

Kirsten -- this was an awesome day...first marathon and loved it

Candice -- No PR but I did get a nice tan (in October!) and the volunteers were incredible!

Angie -- Awesome job Portland Marathon! My favorite marathon so far! Volunteers were amazing, weather was perfect, course was great and I set a 14 minute PR. What a great day!!!

Michelle -- No PR :( The volunteers and the spectators were without a doubt, FABULOUS!! Hands down, this was my best mental race so far, just not my best physical race. A BIG thanks to the area handing out the beer cups :D and a huge thanks to the spectator who was handing out candy-corn!! Just Awesome! Thank you to everyone!

Viktoria -- Very well organized, great crowd control and the perfect amount of water stations! Good music, too!

Caro -- Thank you volunteers! You guys rocked!!!!!!

John -- Set a new PR by 16 seconds (since I last ran Portland in 2009). Not much, but I'll take it! Portland always puts on a first-class event. Thanks to all!

Megan -- Finished my first marathon. That was my goal: finish!! And I didn't die before the finish line. #win!

Erica -- First time running this event and first time in Portland. Great city, great event, great people. Oh yes, a PR too :)

Melanie -- First time running this event & I'd do it again! Thank you!!!!

Anna -- Could have used some water a lot sooner after climbing the St Johns Bridge than after mile marker 18. That was bogus. And during the last 8 miles a lot of the bands seems to have been taking breaks when I ran by them. Other than that, volunteers were AMAZING and the music I did hear was awesome and super motivating. Great views and well marked course. Overall, great job Portland Marathon!!!

Holly -- it was awesome! Fabulous weather for sure! and AMAZING organization and volunteers, Thank YOU!

Abbie -- fabulous event - memories to last a lifetime...

Michelle -- Awesome Race! Thank you Race Directors! ... finished a little slower than expected, but possibly broken ankle so take it.

Alison -- It was great, and the volunteers were amazing. I hope to do it again next year!

Diane -- Loved my first marathon! A beautiful day, super organized and great volunteers. Thankful to Portland Marathon Clinic for training me so well.

Dawn -- Didn't see the spectators with candy corn, but I greatly appreciate the ladies on Willamette that had Skittles!!

Heidi -- Great run, great volunteers, great entertainment and spectators, great weather, great city! Thanks, all of you, for making my first marathon so much fun!

Sam -- New PR for my wife and I. It was all good except for the gummy bears and Pretzels…

Kirsten -- the race was amazing!! And so well organized!!! The best experience!!! Everyone was so pumped!! Putting She-rah on my number was simply the best, felt like I had the biggest fan club!! Great day! Met great people along the way!! The pirates needed photo moments, just saying, they were great!

Jennifer -- We were "peas" and "carrots" (names on bibs) and first timers and last timers, LOL. Our goal was 5.5 hours and we ended at 6:03:57, not too bad considering we finished 12 out of 18 weeks of training, we didn't run/train the last 6 weeks due to injuries but we made it through! Had a lot of fun, it was an awesome experience, memories were made that's for sure! Thanks to all the spectators, volunteers, Portland PD, medics, pacers and all those behind and in front of the scenes that made and continue to make this event happen!

Robert -- Did Half Marathon and it was AWESOME! Considering I just started running two years ago, ending 154th overall and 21st in my age division was pretty amazing! Can't wait until next year ... maybe the FULL Marathon ?!?

Christina -- This was my first full marathon, pretty happy with time 5:04. Very well organized, AWSOME volunteers and chocoholic milk yum! Thank you PDX

Thersa -- This was my first 1/2. It was a great race, lots of fun. Maybe a few more bands along the industrial area would have helped. And the beer truck getting a flat tire was a bit of a bummer. Other than that, I have no complaints. I am now 1/2 way to my goal of completing a full. I want to do that before I am 40. I have a few years yet :)

Anglea -- My first marathon! A dream come true :) Felt strong and finished strong (as strong as you can when every muscle and joint is locked up) :) GORGOUS day, loved the entire race course, volunteers- awesome :) had a HUGE smile on my face the whole way and still have one on today! So PROUD to be a Portland Marathon FINISHER!!!!

Lisa -- I am a first timer and I finished...Yeah!!!! :) My husband has 2 nice marathon shirts because they were huge on me. I ordered large and they were more like a XXXL(especially the black one)!! Let me know if you have extras maybe I will buy a medium!!

Chris -- This was my third this year and by far hands down my favorite!!! No PR but pretty happy with the time considering the course. My wife ran as well (her first) and is now a marathon junkie like her hubby! Tremendous job you guys!! Sunday’s race will be the topic of our conversation for many weeks to come :)

Gary -- I took up running like five months ago and on a last minute whim decided to do the marathon. It was so awesome that I sure I'll continue to be inspired to keep running for a long time!

What were your favorite signs along the route?

Robin -- “Worst Parade ever” and "that's what she said"

Brooke -- "Imagine Morgan Freeman narrating your marathon"

Missy -- Chuck Norris never ran a Marathon!

Leah -- Psst.....don't look now, but someone's following you

Dina -- "On a scale of 1-10, you're a 26.2"

Mark -- Chafe now, brag forever.

James -- "Motivation sign" being held by a little girl with a smirk on her face. Priceless.

Michelle -- "Smile if you're not wearing underwear." "Don't look now but I think you're being followed." "Crazy got you this far. Grit takes you to the finish."

Michael -- The one hanging at the end that said "FINISH"

Mindy -- "Don’t stop Feral Squirrels the next 5 miles"

Neva -- Go Random Stranger, Go

Emily -- Seen on a t-shirt: 26.2 ... because 26.3 would be CRAZY. And the fat lady singing!! I was looking for her starting around mile 24 :)

Jessica -- Pain is temporary…Pride is forever!!

Kari -- "Those shorts make your butt look fast"!!! :)

Melissa -- Run faster. Zombies hate fast food.

Mere -- Some guy had one that said, "40 is the new 26.2".....it had "28" X-ed out and the 26.2 written alongside of it. haha

Debbie -- That's not sweat, it's liquid awesome! (But the Chuck Norris was my favorite!)

Jasmine -- I really enjoyed the "fat lady" Valkyrie at the finish. Nice touch.

Doug -- "This is the worst parade ever"

Charlie -- Any sign a kid help up for mommy or daddy made me smile!

Cristin -- If you're not wearing underwear smile. Couldn't help but laugh even though I was!!

Louis -- "you think your legs hurt, my arms are killing me"

Adrianne --"I'm single! And supportive!"

Josh -- Run easy, you're not winning!

Mary -- One dad had written on his back, "if found down, please drag across the finish line"

Jen--Shoot for the Stars...it reminded me of my son because he would say, I love you to the stars and you can't catch up to that.... it was towards the end of the race so it was just the motivation I needed to keep going! Rip Tucker Arnold

Chris -- My kids signs they made for me that I saw as I crossed the finish line.

Angela -- "I like to watch"

Teresa -- It wasn't a sign that was my favorite but what one of the teen volunteers said. She said all I'm doing is holding a cup of water and I'm tired and can't imagine running. :D

John -- #1 my kids holding up "go momma go" and #2. "I don't know you random stranger but I sure am proud of you"

Emily -- I liked the one that said, "26.2 miles because 26.3 would be crazy". I also like, "Worst parade EVER".

Charlotte -- Find your happy pace.

Heather --"You have great stamina--call me!"

Bill -- Don't poop your pants!

Brianne -- The one to San Franciscan marathon runners - This is Portland. There are no hills. Run faster.

Megan -- In our eyes you are all Kenyans!

Beth -- 'Sweaty Women are Sexy'...yes, we are!

Robin -- "Yay Mom!" and "Go, random stranger!"

Beth -- Also, 'Run like the Black Mamba!' (Go Ducks!)

Fiona -- "Near beer" written on the ground in chalk. The people with the little cups of beer changed my whole outlook.

Marathon couple forgoes personal best to get married during race

News Story

Katie Holmes (no, not that Katie Holmes) and Eric Johansson reconnected in Portland, Ore., during the city's marathon five years ago. Love bloomed after the chance meeting between old friends and the pair, who now have a child, recently decided to get hitched. Naturally, they did so at the 20-mile mark of this year's Portland Marathon. What's more romantic than pausing during a gruelling race to swap vows in front of your loved ones before you take off running to finish the final 6.2 miles? Nothing, if you're a marathon runner, we guess. The bride wore white, with a veil adorably attached to her baseball cap, and the groom wore a "Dri-Fit tuxedo shirt," for all those out there taking style notes. Congratulations, you crazy kids!

Find more media coverage of the 2012 Portland Marathon and read more participant stories

We hear ya!

Thank you for all of your feedback and comments. We appreciate them and take them seriously.

We received comments about errors with the tracking system on the day of the event, and we appreciate your patience. We are taking steps to correct this for next years.

To the many ladies that wrote us about shirt sizes, thank you for your comments. Next year we will have XS shirts!

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All left over food from the Portland Marathon was donated to the Blanchet House of Hospitality. Since 1952, the Blanchet House of Hospitality has remained true to one simple mission: "To feed, clothe and offer shelter and aid to those in need."

The Blanchet House offers breakfast, lunch and dinner six days a week to those in need. With frequent donations from various food partners throughout the city, Blanchet is able to serve up generous portions of fresh fruits and vegetables.

To further assist the community, Blanchet operates a transitional shelter program for men struggling with addiction, unemployment or home and family issues. Currently, 27 men live above the dining hall and there’s always a waiting list with regards to the housing component. In exchange for room and board, the men must volunteer six to seven hours per day, six days a week, on either the morning or afternoon shifts. They must adhere to certain rules and regulations, but most importantly, they must abstain from using drugs or alcohol while being part of the Blanchet community.

The Portland Marathon is proud to support The Blanchet House of Hospitality. For more information or to learn how you can help, visit blanchethouse.org

2012 Marathon Weekend

October 6, 2013 will mark the 42nd Annual Portland Marathon! We have 83 entertainment groups at 53 locations along the course. Each year more than 12,000 people run, walk, or volunteer with the event. Proceeds from the Portland Marathon go to help local schools, charities, and non-profits. The event has been called the "best-organized marathon in North America" and has received national attention for being one of the first eco-friendly, "green" marathons.

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