- The Portland Marathon is open but closing fast!!!
- Best in the Northwest!.. but don’t take our word for it
- Letter from the director
- It's all about you!
- And here are your stories!!!
- 28th Annual Sports & Fitness Expo and Packet Pickup
- Portland Marathon NO TRANSFER POLICY
- Third Annual Portland Marathon Kids' Fun Run & Festival
- Running for the Youth of Mexico
- Portland Marathon Training Clinic
- Registration Location
- Jeff Galloway Training
- You can still get into the sold out half!
- Get social with the Portland Marathon!
- Train for the Portland Marathon with our partner events
- Walking the walk
- Check out the new Portland Marathon store
- Where did you wear your shirt?
- We are excited to announce our list of 2012 Official Portland Marathon Charities!
- 41st Portland Marathon
May 2012 News, updates, tips, and true stories as we countdown
to the 41st Annual Portland Marathon on 10-07-12.

The Portland Marathon is open but closing fast!!!

Don’t wait. We will be sold out before you can say, “Kein kleines Kind kann keinem kleinem Kind kein Kindskoch kochen.” (No little child can cook kiddie mush for any little child.)

Best in the Northwest!..but don’t take our word for it


- Top 5 medals in the US (Marathon & Beyond)

- Top 10 Greenest Road Runs (RW)

- Top 10 Marathon for 1st Time Marathoners (RW)

- Best Race Swag in the Northwest (Best of Competitor 2011)

- Most Walker-Friendly Marathon in US (RW)

- Best Marathon in the Northwest (Best of Competitor 2011)


- 2 Shirts (ss Souvenir and ls Finisher…both performance grade)

- Medal (award winning design)

- Pendant (miniature medal created for necklace)

- Event Coin (the new "must have" collectible swag)

- Pre-Event Publication (coffee table quality)

- Event Poster

- Rose (City symbol)

- Fir Tree Seedling (A 20 year Tradition)

- Personalized Bib Option

- Mylar Blanket

- Certificate (downloadable)

- Green Bag

- Virtual Goodie Bag

- 1200 Age Division Awards

- Fabulous Food and Drink at Finish


- 40 year Community, Non-Profit event

- Beautiful NW setting in Top 10 City

- Charity minded event -- $200K back to local nonprofits, service clubs, school sport teams and activities

- Expo, Start and Finish within a 4 block area of a vibrant downtown shopping area

- Course: a 2 difficulty on scale of 10 with 28% PRs…last 8 miles slightly downhill

- Course: open 8 hours (we wait patiently)

- 80+ Entertainment Groups at 53 locations (We "out rock" them all!!)

- iPod and MP3 player friendly

- Average 50 to 55 degree weather at start…Rain: 2x in 32 years

- 1 Volunteer for every 2 participants (4500)

- 58% Women

- 95% of Finisher's names called

- Spacious starting corrals with porta potties, baggage check and a slightly downhill start

Letter from the Event Director

les smith

Portland Marathon… getting it right time and time again

I was asked recently how I would describe or define the Portland Marathon in relatively few words. I thought for a moment and said, "The Portland Marathon is a nonprofit high-quality running and walking event which has the goal of providing a real value to its participants and to our local Community." That statement is a little wordy. But what is said is true.

For example, each year our Committee works hard to remember what we did right the previous year and make corrections to improve our participants’ experiences. Our goal is to give a great value to the participant. We study what other events do for their runners. Our goal is to learn and do better. Indeed, for this reason the list on our home page of what the participant can expect from the Portland Marathon is long.


What other Half or Full Marathon in the US gives their participants TWO performance shirts? How many events in the US have made the top 10 consistently for their medal design.

We join the Route 66 and Marine Corps as the only events to do that. Even the food at the finish...not just a plastic bottle of water and a banana and a "good bye." We have a bountiful finish with great food and drink and volunteers to help and greet you.

In our surveys 97% of participants heartily approve of what we give as swag; and suggest more. Some say lower your entry fee. We are in the mid range on that point...but we give great value and also give great value back to our community. Did you know the Portland Marathon has a program whereby runners and walkers can get into our event AT NO COST through helping local charities?


This year the Portland Marathon is again working with a number of amazing local charities. Last year those charities earned nearly $500,000 through their efforts with the Marathon. We enjoy working with these organizations that otherwise do not have the staff levels like other national charities that raised about $2.5 million via the Portland Marathon last year.

The Portland Marathon gives money to our volunteer groups who help with the Event. We help our deployed military with shadow runs. Last year we gave out over $200,000 to 136 nonprofits, service clubs, school activity groups, school sport teams and other worthy causes in our community, including the Portland Horse Patrol. We also gave $4,000 to the Portland Parks Foundation to help restore the parks by our Start/Finish that were damaged last year.

To conclude, we are glad you are joining us in 2012. It’s going to be an amazing year! Feel proud you are running or walking in what is a truly world class event that keeps the interests of the community at heart.

So enjoy your training as we head to the better months of weather. And, do not forget to sign up early for our event. The sell out point will come soon again!!

- Les Smith, Portland Marathon Event Director

It's all about you!

The community of Portland brings much enthusiasm and support to the marathon. Our finish-line spectators are some of the best in the nation, cheering wildly for every participant coming down that home stretch. We are pleased to announce the names of more than 95% of our participants at the finish line, and we would love to be able to personally identify you!

Please tell us an interesting fact about yourself and we will do our best to make sure your friends, family, and the rest of Portland hear about you.

Check out the “about you” section of our website. Also don’t forget to share your story on Facebook at “Portland Marathon” and Twitter @pdxmarathon. See more info below. portlandmarathon.org/about_you.php

And here are your stories!!!

This will be my 4th full marathon, but it will be my first in 3 years. I was injured after my last marathon and had to take some time off so that my knee could heal. I am incredibly excited that my body seems to be back in marathon-training mode and I am ready to set a marathon PR for myself at Portland this year. Finishing this marathon in October will be such a huge accomplishment for me because it will be my first marathon without my family members present. I know that they will be with me in spirit and that will help me to make it through the 26.2.

- Melany Desrochers

The 2012 Portland Marathon will be my first marathon ever. In February 2010 I had a "come to Jesus" moment with the scale when I truly realized for the first time, without denial getting in the way, that I weighed 250 pounds and truly was fat. I joined the gym that week and now over two years later still go five to six days a week. Running was an unexpected delight along the way. Just this morning, at 196 pounds, I ran 9 miles and was just amazed that I could do that and could even go farther. I'm looking forward to a new challenge and victory in October.

- Meg DuMez

This is my first marathon - at age 46. I only started running a year ago, and have to keep setting new goals. I didn't think a marathon would even be on my radar, but I've watched several documentaries, and the Hawaiian marathon on TV. What I saw was people of all ages and fitness levels. I thought, yeah, I could do that! I'm raising money for the Children's Cancer Association - my goal is $5000! I'm blogging at tiredlegsfortiredfamilies.blogspot.com.

- Karen Tannehill, La Grande, OR

I am doing this marathon as a celebration of my 60th birthday! :)

- Vikki Mahaffy, Albany, OR

I finished the 2010 marathon under 6 hours-doesn't sound like much of an accomplishment except for the fact that I got a cast off my left leg 2 weeks before the marathon! I trained throughout the winter and spring and ended up having a stress fracture that ended my running for about 5 months-but since I already registered and paid, I felt I needed to compete. So I did! My daughter met me at mile 25 to fix my make-up so I would look good for my picture crossing the finish line and I DID! This year I am running the half-marathon with my friend, Heather, who is doing her first ever half marathon!

- Ramona Tweed, Estacada, OR

My husband, David, and I are running the marathon in Eugene this weekend. We ran Portland in 2011, and are already signed up for 2012.

- Audrey Blankenship

Running the Eugene Marathon this weekend and the Portland Marathon this fall. It is my second time for both races.

See you in October!

- Alan Lundeen, Olympia, WA

My husband and I are moving to Beaverton, OR in June. We are so, so excited and happy because we will be close to our two boys. David is a Junior at Stanford and Daniel graduated from Stanford and now works and lives with his fiancé in San Francisco. We visited Portland October 2010 and we just love the city and their people and the weather. We are moving from the midwest. My husband signed me up to run the Portland Marathon to celebrate the beginning of our new life in a great place!!

- Fabiola Lopez, Columbia, MO

I will run Eugene 1/2 for the 4th time (age group 65-69) on 4/29 and am registered to run in Portland for the whole marathon. I have run 8 marathons in my fifties. My reason to do this: to run over the St. John’s Bridge!

- Eileen Holzman

I'm running the Eugene marathon and am registered for Portland 2012.

- Tony Billingsley

Running Eugene. Looking forward to ninth Portland

- Ray Allen, Albany, OR

Running the Eugene and Portland Half Marathons.

- Ruth Robbins

Eugene Half Marathon will be my 43rd half marathon and if everything goes according to plan, Portland will be my 52nd!

- Lorree K. Tachell, CPLP

28th Annual Sports & Fitness Expo and Packet Pickup

28th Annual Sports & Fitness Expo and Packet Pickup

October 5 and 6, 2012

Friday, October 5th from 11 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Saturday, October 6th from 9 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Hilton Portland and Executive Tower - Ballroom and Exhibit Hall

921 SW 6th Avenue - Portland, OR

All Marathon weekend entrants are required to pick up their packet that includes chip, number, souvenir program and assorted promotional items during Expo hours. There is no day of race packet pickup or entry for any event. The Expo is also the place to buy Marathon souvenirs, and to sign-up for the Clydesdale/Bonnydale or muscle/ power competition ($5 registration fee).

During Packet Pickup the free Expo focuses on health screening checks and demonstrations; sports medicine and fitness programs; innovative fitness clothing, shoes and training aids; and other run and walk related products and services.

In addition, everyone is invited to attend free lectures during Expo hours by local and national sports medicine specialists and noted personalities in the running and walking community. A complete schedule of Expo speakers will be available October 1, 2012.

Portland Marathon NO TRANSFER POLICY

Sorry, no selling on Craigslist. We monitor.

Entries to the Portland Marathon are NOT Transferable. Entries once purchased may not be resold, exchanged or given to another person. At the Expo we require Photo ID. In some cases we will require the person picking up the registration to sign a legal document. And, the Portland Marathon reserves the right to suspend any entry if there is evidence of a transfer.

Historically the Portland Marathon has never permitted refunds, rollovers, deferrals, exchanges or transfers. Doing so is neither practical nor appropriate for an event our size. When our event sells out we order shirts and bibs and other items based on the registration statistics in the data base. Much of what we do is personalized to the runner or walker who registers, including age division considerations, bib names, and the insurance related release each registrant signs.

There is an even more serious side to "transfers." Recently at another marathon a registered participant gave a bib to an unregistered person. That unregistered person then placed high in the finish order and tried to collect an award. When the officials discovered the illegal transfer the matter was turned over to the local District Attorney and the illegal transferee was charged with fraud and false impersonation. It is understood that person was found guilty or plead guilty.

It is understood that other events are using law enforcement in settings where someone tries to buy or sell an entry thru E-Bay or the social network. Such actions involving the internet are a Federal offense as well as violation of applicable State laws.

Transfers, as a matter of policy are not a good idea. An entry into a running/walking event is not like a ticket to a ball game. Instead it has too many personal and legal attributes to be passed around. And when purchased that point is made perfectly clear: No Refunds, Exchanges, Rollovers, Deferrals or Transfers.

Third Annual Portland Marathon Kids' Fun Run & Festival

Join us for the Third Annual Portland Marathon Kids' Fun Run & Festival!

Saturday, Oct. 6, 2012 • 9:00 am to Noon

This event is an expanded version of our Kids' Marafun Run started in 1983, traditionally held on Sunday. The Kids' Fun Run & Festival is now held on Saturday, and is dedicated to our community of active future Marathon runners, ages 2-12. The event will be fun-filled and include:

A Fun Run Obstacle Course (different age groups will go different distances), face painting, prizes, food & beverages, and photos with the Portland Police Mounted Patrol officers & horses. Traditionally local sports mascots have also made appearances, including Timber Joey of the Portland Timbers, Blaze the Trail Cat of the Portland Trail Blazers, and T-Bone, America's Health & Fitness Ambassador.

Participants must pre-register online for this event. Packet pickup and festival entry begins the morning of the event. The field is limited so enter early!

Registration information and Details to be announced!

Running for the Youth of Mexico

Something to celebrate! Edgar Valdovinos is the youngest of three children raised by a single mom in Morelia, Mexico. Through the Noé International program, he learned English, vital for education and work opportunities in Mexico, and participated in the 2007 one-month summer homestay in Portland. He is now in his third year of majoring in computer programming and has volunteered as a homework help tutor in the Noé Int´l center. Also pictured is Alejandro Sigler who participated in the same home stay program and is now studying medicine in Morelia.

A lot of love for All Things Mexico” will be shown during the Cinco de Mayo celebrations this month. Of all the current event news coming to us from Mexico, there are many positive signs of hope, and one of them exists in a low-income neighborhood in the city of Morelia, capital of one of the states, Michoacan.

It is the NOE Center (New Opportunities in Education) and it is making a difference by offering English, homework help, art, music, computers and recreation programs to almost 500 students on a weekly basis.

Parents have enthusiastically embraced the program, spending the night in line before registration to secure a spot for their children. To commemorate the 20-year anniversary of the center, Noé International is participating in the Portland Marathon this year as a Bronze level official charity, giving the running community participating in the 41st year of the Event the opportunity to say “Viva Mexico!” in an altruistic way.

Run For A Reason! Support the Youth of Mexico! Contact Noe International to get more information on the Charity Program and how to gain a complimentary entry to the Full Marathon, Half Marathon or 10K Events as a fundraiser for this worthy cause.

Or, simply Click Here to make a one time charitable donation. Thank you for supporting the NOE Center, a Bronze Official Charity of The 2012 Portland Marathon.

Portland Marathon Training Clinic

The Portland Marathon Clinic offers several programs leading to the successful completion of the Portland Marathon. Established in 1984 the Clinic has helped thousands of runners and walkers complete their first Marathon and 100s of others to achieve their personal bests. It provides proven, safe and supported programs. It is the sanctioned official training program for the Portland Marathon.

Enter the Training Clinic teamoregon.com/pmc/training/

Advanced Marathon/ Half Marathon Training Starts June 21


Achieve a faster, better marathon by participating in the Advanced Marathon/Half Marathon Training Program starting June 21. This 16 week program is for experienced marathoners/half marathoners running either the Portland Marathon or other October, November marathons/half marathons. All paces and goal levels are welcomed. Minimum Requirements: Marathon--one marathon completed + base of 30 miles per week. Half marathon--one half marathon completed + base of 25 miles per week.

The coaches are RRCA certified running coaches with over 25 years of experience coaching marathoners. They will guide the runners to set and achieve their marathon goals while training in a fun and social group environment. For complete information and registration see teamoregon.com/pmc/training. You must preregister online, space is limited, no registration will be accepted at the track.


Training Tips


The first key to successful marathon training is to stay healthy and injury free. The marathon training clinics work with a number of experts to keep the runners healthy throughout their training. Some "pearls of wisdom" gleaned from the sports medicine experts at the marathon clinic. Each pearl is followed by a link to further information.

For complete information on training get a copy of "Marathoning Start to Finish, the official marathon training guide.” For good advice, purchase “Running Strong and Injury Free"


Remember the easy days and the days off are the important ones for adaptation to occur. Follow the example of elite marathoners and run your long runs at a 75 - 80% effort. That works out to at least 1 1/2 minutes to 2 minutes per mile slower than your marathon goal pace. Working harder creates injury rather than making you faster. Add mileage slowly, follow the schedule and don't be in a hurry to run more or faster.


Pronation is not a bad thing, but a necessary occurrence. Some is good, a lot or not enough is bad. Choose shoes based on your biomechanics. There are cushioned shoes for those of you who don't pronate enough and motion control shoes for those with too much motion plus shoes in the middle. Have a technical running store help you choose. The life of a training shoe is a maximum of 400 miles or 6 months. Try a couple of pairs 6 - 8 weeks apart, so you don't end up with a totally worn out pair.


Weight training for runners should be endurance mode rather than strength mode, less weight more reps (25-35). Don't spend more than 30 - 40 minutes twice a week when you are marathon training. Do exercises that make sense based on your goals (we don't run sitting down and extending our legs). Most work should be on core strength, legs are getting enough work when you get to runs 16 miles or longer.


Stretching is not a warm up activity and should be done when the muscles are warm and relaxed. This means that often the best stretching is after a run. When the runs get to 16 miles and longer, rehydrate, refuel and shower, then stretch. Work on relaxing the muscle and holding the stretch 30 seconds. Stretching should be an every day activity. Yoga and pilates may be good ways to both stretch and strengthen.

Prevention keys:

Variety is the spice of life. Don't do the same runs every day, use different shoes, vary terrain and even running companions. Remember "life stress is total" and reduced your running when stress is high.

Keep ice handy. Ice to numbness 3 - 4 times a day. If you have pain after running, ice and take 2 -4 days off. Continuing to run on an injury will make it worse. Be proactive, not a casualty.

For complete information and to register go to: teamoregon.com/pmc/training

Facebook: facebook.com/marathonclinic

Twitter: twitter.com/runpdxmarathon

Registration Location

It's all at the Hilton! It’s the site of our registration & expo, and just 3 blocks from the start/finish! Reserve your room today. If you’re coming from out of town, no need to rent a car if you’re at the Hilton. Just take MAX from the airport and walk everywhere you need to go!

(Note: registration is up this year, so book your room early to ensure availability.)


Jeff Galloway Training

Jeff Galloway Training

Sign up now and see events happening in your area!


You can still get into the sold out half!

Thanks to all who have registered for The Portland Marathon Half!

The field for 2012 has filled, and general registration is closed.

Only two means of entry are now available:

1) A complimentary entry from Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team in Training by participating as a fundraiser. To register, go to: teamintraining.org/oswim/ and select Portland Marathon and Half Marathon.

- or-

2) Purchase of a general charity entry through 2012 Gold Official Charity: Going The Distance Foundation, where half the fee goes directly to The Portland Marathon Charity Program.


Get social with the Portland Marathon!

We asked and you answered. Here’s are just a few snippets from the awesome (and hilarious) conversations we have daily on Facebook and Twitter.

There are many more great comments on our Facebook friend and fan page. To see the full conversation and get involved, click the icons below.

Do you cross-train? If so, what other activities do you do? Can you notice a benefit?

Maritza -- Spin and pilates. Absolutely notice a difference!

Lillie -- Kayaking

Kelly -- Kickboxing, swim, bike. Since adding kickboxing huge difference.

Amy -- Yes, weight training AMT machine, and/or bike. I have increased my speed and have less hip flexor and IT issues since I've begun strengthening the smaller stabilizing muscles.

Kat -- free weights, swimming (helps build my lungs, huge difference!) and spin/cycling.

Jonathan -- TRX workouts have kept me injury free this time training for Portland Marathon.

Vanessa -- Stairs for strength and cardio and boxing for core and cardio. I've shaved nearly five minutes off my average pace in the past five months, and I'm pretty sure almost all of it is thanks to religiously cross training.

Ariel -- Yes! Roller Derby!! My core, glutes and hammies have never been stronger. I used to get a lot of hamstring pain with distance running, but not anymore!

Jay -- Krav Maga and Bikram Yoga - extremely helpful in keeping healthy joints and enhancing lung control.

Emily -- Weight lift & zumba.

Nicole -- Barre3 great core and hip strengthening. Bike or spin. Less impact, still great cardio.

Victor Heck -- Yes! Swimming, cycling, karate, and soccer. It definitely helps to do something else besides running. Makes a difference and one is better prepared for 26.2 for sure!!

Winnie -- Yup, swimming and yoga, both help me stay loose, flexible, strengthen areas not used as much when running. Way less sore after hard runs if I do yoga or swim shortly after.

Maria -- Yes, and of course!! Spinning! Elliptical! Weights! Swimming! Oh my!!

Sara -- Boot camp, absolutely!

David -- Upper body lifting and 18 holes of golf (walking) the day after a long run - great way to have fun and stretch out the legs.

Tracie -- Weights, core work and leg strength work...much more tones when doing it and a little softer when not!

Lisa -- I take flying trapeze classes, but they really do not help my marathon training at all! :) Oh well!

Zedinia -- Weight training and cardio. I notice and feel the effectiveness of those areas being worked during WT when I do cardio.

Paul -- I was doing P90x2 until I remembered how much more fun running was.

Cameron --Yes, always. Strength training is very important in general and for runners to help them stay injury-free! I strength train 2-3x/wk.

Shandi -- I crossfit 3 days a week and noticed a huge difference!!

Kristine -- Aerobic Kickboxing and Plyometrics. Both have benefited my running making the long distances easier.

Angela -- Insanity!! Helps with cardio and strength and keeps my pace!

Jacqueline -- P90x! I love it!

Kristy -- Insanity, Asylum & Adapt! :)

Michelle -- Crossfit!!!

Train for the Portland Marathon with our partner events

Train for the Portland Marathon with our partner events

A Portland Marathon Partner Event is a running or walking event promoted by The Portland Marathon as an interesting, challenging, fun, and well administered event that can potentially be participated in as part of training for The Portland Marathon in October.

Helvetia Half Marathon
June 9, 2012

Grandma’s Marathon and the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon
June 16, 2012

Sunriver Marathon For A Cause
September 1, 2012

Mararthon | Half Marathon | 10k | 5k | Kid’s Race
September 1–2, 2012

Oregon Wine Country Half Marathon
September 2, 2012

Learn more about all the events by going to:

Walking the walk?

Are you walking the Portland Half Marathon as a fitness walker, Nordic walker or racewalker? If so, we have a training program just for you!

The program begins on June 17 and runs through September 30, meeting every other week. During each meeting there is focus on a specific training topic, including walking technique, movement and gait, mobility and flexibility drills, stretching components, hill walking, increasing speed and more!

You’ll receive weekly e-mail tips, race strategy information, nutrition tips – and receive coaching from Judy Heller and her assistant coaches, who have coached many walkers to success in the Portland Marathon, Half Marathon and other events!

More information will be coming soon to the Portland Marathon website – but you can find out more by going to the Wonders of Walking website, Portland Half Marathon training page: wondersofwalking.com/trainings/portlandmarathon

Want more information or have questions? Please e-mail us at info@wondersofwalking.com!

Check out the new Portland Marathon store

Posters, shirts, bags, water bottles and more!


Where did you wear your shirt?

Kim Carter--Wore my finisher shirt to the St. Jude Country Music Marathon & 1/2 Marathon Expo in Nashville where my husband, Ted (also a Portland Marathon finisher) and I enjoyed an inspirational talk by Olympian Jim Ryun.

We are excited to announce our list of 2012 Official Portland Marathon Charities!

Learn more by visiting portlandmarathon.org/charities.php.

We greatly value and appreciate all of our charities. Hope you will join them in this year’s efforts.

Going The Distance Foundation

Through the Going The Distance Foundation and the Marathon Direct Giving Program, many direct donations are given by the event to our volunteer groups.

The Portland Marathon recruits over 4,500 volunteers annually to assist with our event. Our volunteer program has served as a vehicle for providing school and organizational credit and experience for a host of local charities, nonprofits, sport, school, and service clubs. It also provides a wonderful sense of community for so many who come to Portland to participate in the events of the Portland Marathon. Volunteer teams have fun, work together and benefit from being involved in a great community event. The Direct Giving Program provides an ability to earn not only experience, but also a donation for volunteering.

Thank you for donating and/or fundraising for our unique program and allowing us to utilize financial resources to in turn help other charities, organizations and worthwhile causes. Each year the funds available to us vary, and the donations vary, accordingly. Each year we have many success stories shared with us on how the program continues to benefit others.

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team In Training program is the world's first, best and largest charity sports training program and provides training to run or walk marathons and half marathons, or participate in triathlons or century (100-mile) bike rides. Experience, professional coaches provide participants with the training and knowledge needed to complete their event in a fun, social, meaningful setting. Since 1988, over 440,000 volunteer participants have helped raise over $1 billion toward the mission of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society: cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families. Participating in TNT allows you to help others while accomplishing your own life goals.

Join Team In Training (TNT)®and make a difference in the fight against blood cancer. Every day we wait to find a cure, another 180 patients will be diagnosed and 72 patients will lose their lives to blood cancer. The time is NOW to make a difference!

Noé International

Noé International promotes learning in urban Mexico through dynamic educational and recreational programs provided to low income families. Students are eager to learn and their parents embrace an opportunity normally limited to the wealthy. Working with over 500 students each week, the NOE Center in Morelia, Michoacan has witnessed high school graduation rates rise from the 27% state average to 86% for students who attend the center for at least three years. Since 1996, 130 English students have participated in a one month summer home stay in Portland. 94% of them either have obtained or are working toward their college degree. The City of Morelia, in recognition of NOE´s contribution, has donated property and built an outdoor basketball court for a new center in an even poorer part of town. We're giving hope and a future and we're in it for the long run.

Children's Cancer Association

CCA MISSION: When seriously ill children and their families need more than medicine, CCA's innovative programs create joy one moment at a time.

Get Involved. Be Inspired. Bring Joy to Young Hearts Battling Serious Illnesses.

The Children's Cancer Association has been passionately committed to bringing resources, friendship, and the healing power of music to families when they need it most.

Please join us for the Portland Marathon on 10/07/2012. Set your fund raising and running/walking goals now! As you reach towards your goals you are helping create joy for local families in Oregon and Southwest Washington in their greatest time of need.

Children's Tumor Foundation

CTF MISSION: The Children’s Tumor Foundation is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of individuals and families affected by neurofibromatosis. By joining the Children’s Tumor Foundation NF Endurance team, not only will have the opportunity to make your miles more meaningful, but you will be raising money to help find effective treatments for adults and children affected by NF

Email us: nfendurance@ctf.org

Affiliate Charities

Learn more by visiting portlandmarathon.org/charities.php.

41st Portland Marathon

October 7, 2012 will mark the 41st Annual Portland Marathon! We have 83 entertainment groups at 53 locations along the course. Each year more than 12,000 people run, walk, or volunteer with the event. Proceeds from the Portland Marathon go to help local schools, charities, and non-profits. The event has been called the "best-organized marathon in North America" and has received national attention for being one of the first eco-friendly, "green" marathons.

Connect with other Portland Marathoners via:

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