June 2009 News, updates, tips & true stories as we countdown to the 38th Annual Portland Marathon on Oct. 4, 2009

The Portland Marathon is filling up fast!

Registration for the Portland Marathon is up this June compared to years past. Despite a tough economy, the Portland Marathon and many other distance running events in the country are seeing an increase in participants. Be sure to register before it's too late. Sign up now for the 38th Annual Portland Marathon before it's sold out. Visit www.portlandmarathon.org to register today.

Did you know...

- Runner's World magazine voted the Portland Marathon one of the most walker-friendly marathons in the country in March 2009.

- The Portland Marathon's online store is up and running again. Click HERE to view some awesome PM gear. And check back often, because new items will be added as they become available.

- The PM continues to be MP3 player-friendly despite the ban many other distance events have imposed. Click HERE to watch our video to find out why we "rock".

- You can join the conversation with us and other participants on Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace.

Runner's World magazine praises Portland Marathon for being green

Last November, Runner's World magazine rated the Portland Marathon as one of the top 10 greenest distance events in the country. Each year, the Portland Marathon works to increase their green aspects and decrease their impact on the environment. Since 1993, the Portland Marathon has given finishers fir tree seedlings. The PM conservatively estimates that over 100,000 of these trees have been planted. In addition to this, the PM also recycles materials used on the course and at the Sports and Fitness Expo. The event also taps directly into the city's water source, so no plastic bottles are used.

According to event director, Les Smith, the Portland Marathon prides itself on offering participants alternative transportation options to and from the event. He said people visiting from out of town need not rent a car because they can take light rail from the airport, use the new streetcar system, or take public transportation to see the city. Smith also added, "Our start/finish is located within three short blocks from the Hilton Hotel, which is the site of our Expo and Post Awards ceremony. Everything is done in a four-square block area in downtown Portland."

Portland Marathon has an amazing list of dedicated sponsors

We would like to thank the following sponsors for their continued support. They are instrumental in making the Portland Marathon an outstanding event.



Our featured sponsor for this issue is Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser has been a proud sponsor of the Portland Marathon since 2006. This year will mark their third year as title sponsor of the Kaiser Permanente 5 Miler. Last year, hundreds of Kaiser Permanente employees came out to walk or run the 5 miler, or help volunteer at Kaiser's lively water station under the Morrison Bridge.

In addition to their sponsorship, Kaiser Permanente also supported their employees, and encouraged them to "thrive" by paying entries for the first 600 employees. The Portland Marathon would like to thank Kaiser Permanente for their continued support, and would like to recognize them of their amazing ability to bring their sponsorship to life for their employees and our community.

Music-friendly Portland Marathon helps one participant overcome challenges

The following story was sent to us by Portland Marathon participant, Rachael Brown from Sherwood, Oregon. We find her story truly amazing and inspirational and hope you do too. To share your story, please visit us on Twitter, Facebook, or Myspace, or e-mail your story to info@portlandmarathon.org.

Dear Portland Marathon,

I am writing to thank you for being an MP3-Friendly Marathon. Running is completely new to me and music is the thing that keeps me going. Seven years ago I was on strict bed-rest for a period of 6 months during my pregnancy with my second child, we almost lost her and I had to have an emergency surgery to save her life. During the 6 months of bed-rest that followed the surgery, my muscles atrophied due to lack of use and during the pregnancy and after (because I was weak and activity was difficult) I gained 60 pounds, but my baby made it.

I cannot tell you how difficult that time was for me, I had never been that heavy and out of shape, I wondered if I would ever be able to get back to the old me. I was never a big runner but I had been active throughout my life and here I found myself unable to even think about running to catch a bus much less running for any duration.

Then in May of 2007, I had to have a lumpectomy following a mammogram that my doctor was concerned about. That experience made me take stock of where I was in my life, that if anything were to happen to me tomorrow, is this the way I wanted to finish my life? Heavy, very low-energy, feeling like I was watching my children grow from the sidelines because I had to fight for the stamina just to get through each day. I made the decision to fight to lose the weight on May 22, 2007 and by January 22, 2008 I had lost the 60 pounds.

It was very hard work but let me tell you, music kept me motivated, it kept me moving even when I felt like I wanted to quit. Now, I have the goal of finishing a marathon thanks to you, thanks to your allowing MP3 players at your race. There's no way I would be here otherwise.

If you would have told me 7 years ago that today I would actually be considering running 26.2 miles I would have told you that you were out of your mind and yet here I am with this goal ahead of me. I am training for it and just like before, my music is keeping me going. I have never been an athlete but this marathon will be the greatest athletic accomplishment of my life, thank you so much for making this possible.

Rachael Brown
Sherwood, OR

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