- Registration is winding down!!!
- We've got your name and number
- Marathon Course - Last Two Miles Changed: Two RR Crossings Eliminated
- Best swag in the Northwest!
- When will we sell out? Les Smith sheds some light on this big question.
- Registration for 10K Run, Walk and Kids Fun Run & Festival opens soon!
- You have questions. We have answers.
- Dare to do the Downhilll Event
- 12 reasons to get excited about the 2012 Portland Marathon
- We want to hear from you!
- Running in the Heat
- Free training runs!
- Like resort towns? How about wine tasting?
- Portland Marathon 10K Run, 10K Walk and Kids Fun Run & Festival will open August 15th at 12:01 am
- The Hilton
- 3 ways to prevent running injuries
- Join the conversation
- Walkers Welcome
- We couldn't do it without you!
July 2012 News, updates, tips, and true stories as we countdown
to the 41st Annual Portland Marathon on 10-07-12.

Registration is winding down!!!

We have hit the point where we have under 1500 entries left. And these entries are likely to be purchased very quickly. Registrations have been averaging 50 to 70 a day.

We are also at that point in registration where the cost of entries will go up just before we sell out. This is based on the last 500. That point will probably fall between August 5th and 10th. We are setting the absolute deadline for closing as August 20th, unless we sell out before that time.

So hurry. Register Now! And tell your friends...before it is too late for them as well.

We've got your name and number

Marathon Course - Last Two Miles Changed: Two RR Crossings Eliminated

The City has agreed to allow the Portland Marathon to alter the last two miles of the 26.2 mile marathon course. This means two sets of Railroad Tracks have been eliminated!!! "We are pleased this route has been permitted. It removes the unknown factor of trains from the end of the course," said Chris Hardman, Course Director.

This year's Portland Marathon course will run down from Greeley onto Interstate and near the Memorial Coliseum turn left on Winning Way. Then the course goes over the South side of the Broadway Bridge. The route follows Broadway to Couch where participants turn left, run to Naito Blvd on the River where it turns right and follows the normal last half mile of the course to the finish.

The new route has been certified under USTAF, AIMS and Boston Standards.

Best swag in the Northwest!

These are just some of the goodies finishers received last year

Event participants receive:

  • 2 shirts (ss Souvenir and ls Finisher…both performance grade)
  • Medal (award wining design)
  • Pendant (miniature medal created for necklace)
  • Event coin (the new "must have" collectible swag)
  • Pre-Event publication (coffee table quality)
  • Event poster
  • Rose (city symbol)
  • Fir tree seedling (a 20yr tradition)
  • Personalized bib option
  • Mylar blanket
  • Certificate (downloadable)
  • Green bag
  • Virtual goodie bag
  • 1200 age division awards
  • Fabulous food and drink at Finish

When will we sell out? Les Smith sheds some light on this big question.

I love this point of the Marathon year. We are just about finished with registration. And we can turn our attention to all the other things we do on Marathon Weekend.

There are articles and references to the related events of the Portland Marathon below in this newsletter, including the 10K DownHill Dash, the 10K Family Walk and the Kids Fun Run & Festival. All of these events will open for registration at the stroke of midnight on Wednesday, August 15. Availability for these great events is limited and spaces will go fast. So be sure to register early.

The Marathon is about filled. We are averaging 50 to 70 registrations a day, sometimes more. We have just under 1,500 spaces remaining. Between August 5th and 10th the entry price goes up as we hit the point of selling the final 500 registrations. Then, we plan to close the registration down no later than August 20th, unless we sell out before that date.

Of course, the fun is to predict when the magic day of closing will come. Some folks have said our sell-out date could be closer to the 10th. So it will not be long now. Also, sign up quickly so you can get your name on our bib. You will truly have the look of an Olympic athlete. Ours is not your usual bib!

Our medal will be fabulous again this year too. We were proud that last year's came in at 5th in the nation for originality, beauty, theme and uniqueness. One thing for sure with our Full and Half medals: You will not get a piece of painted junk.

Our related swag all fits the theme of the year which this year is a tribute to Portland as the "City of Roses." Indeed, when you are here plan to go up to nearby Washington Park to see our City's Rose Gardens.

Our Marathon medal will also honor Timberline Lodge, the iconic art deco landmark located on Mt Hood. Timberline celebrates its 75th Anniversary this year. If you have time, make a trip there and enjoy the fall vistas the mountain offers just 1 hour from downtown Portland. That is a great trip for the Monday after the Marathon Events.

One other notes on our swag: Our pendants will again match our medals. But this year they will be larger than last year...about the size of a miniature Olympic or Military medal. Also our unique Event Coin will tie all the themes together.

Yes, you are rewarded and accorded for finishing our events. Just do not miss them.

Finally, as you will read elsewhere we have been able to make a positive change near the end of our course that puts and end to two Railroad Crossings!


PS: The Portland Hilton, our Expo hotel which is sited 2 blocks from the start and finish is nearly full. Please make your reservations quickly. Call: 503 226 1611

Or, find more information on our web page at www.portlandmarathon.org.

Registration for 10K Run, Walk and Kids Fun Run & Festival opens soon!

The Portland Marathon Kids' Fun Run & Festival is a great opportunity to get kids excited about health and fitness, while having a lot of fun, of course.

Join the Portland Marathon and our awesome sponsors on Saturday, Oct. 6, 2012 from 9 a.m. to Noon at Lincoln High School in SW Portland near downtown. The event will include:

  • A Fun Run Obstacle Course (different age groups will go different distances)
  • Face painting
  • Prizes
  • Food & beverages
  • Photos with the Portland Police Mounted Patrol officers & horses

Watch a short video about the event by going to:
http://www.portlandmarathon.org/video.php (third video down on the right)

Registration opens mid August, and will sell out fast. To register or learn more, visit:

Watch our Facebook and Twitter pages for more information (see below).

You have questions. We have answers.

How long do the course and finish area stay open?

What aid will be along the course?

How do the corrals work?

How do I get to the start of the event?

Don’t worry. We have you covered with all the answers. Check out these helpful links:

Frequently-asked questions
Schedule of events
Spectator info
Getting to the event

Updated maps will be out in August. Finish area maps, corral maps, spectator maps will be shared with you on the web, email blasts, our social media sites and in the September newsletter. The September newsletter is our pre-event guide. It is full of everything you need to know.

Still can find the answer to your question?

Email us at info@portlandmarathon.org. Shoot us a note on Facebook or Twitter. Call us at 503-226-1111.

Dare to do the Downhilll Event

Not up for a full 26.2 this year? Try our 10k Downhill Dash. It’s a fun, fast course that traces the final six miles of the full Marathon route. Because of the 60 minutes or less time requirement, the last Downhill Dash runner should be across the line well ahead of the first Marathon Finisher.

10K Downhill Dash participants will receive a performance grade finisher shirt, a medal, a commemorative bib, the Marathon commemorative poster, a space blanket, a rose and a tree seedling. After crossing the finish, Dash Runners will proceed through the regular Marathon finish area where they may replenish from the wide array of food and beverages offered.

Registration opens mid August so be ready and stay tuned for more information!

12 reasons to get excited about the 2012 Portland Marathon

We are getting very excited for the 41st Annual Portland Marathon on October 7, 2012! Here are twelve reasons to participate in the 2012 Portland Marathon as a runner, walker, volunteer, spectator or supportive community member:

  1. Member of the community for 40 years
  2. Beautiful NW setting and our event is located in a “Top 10” city
  3. Charity event-- $200,000 goes back to community groups, local nonprofits, service clubs, school sport teams and activities
  4. The Sports & Fitness Expo as well as the Start and Finish are within a four-block area of a vibrant downtown shopping area. The Hilton hotel is our hub.
  5. Course: a two on the difficulty scale out of 10. We have 28% PRs…last 8 miles slightly downhill. We also call 95% of names at the finish line (believe us, it’s cool to have your name announced over a loud speaker for all to hear!)
  6. Course: open 8 hours (we wait patiently)
  7. 80+ entertainment groups at 53 locations (We "out rock" them all!!)
  8. iPod- and MP3-player friendly
  9. Average 50 to 55 degree weather at start…it has rained only two times in 32 years
  10. One volunteer for every two participants (4,500 volunteers)
  11. 58% women in the event
  12. Spacious starting corrals with porta potties, baggage check and a slightly downhill start

We want to hear from you!

Tell us your stories. Share your photos with us. We’ll use them in the next newsletter.
Email news@portlandmarathon.org.

Also don’t forget to share your story on Facebook at “Portland Marathon” and Twitter @pdxmarathon.

Running in the Heat

by Patti and Warren Finke, Team Oregon

"It was 85 degrees and 90% relative humidity. I remember trying to stay with Bill Rodgers but being unable…feeling funny…then I woke up in a tub of ice. I lost 20 or 30 minutes. My body temperature was over 108." - 1994 Comrades Marathon Champion Alberto Salazar discussing his life threatening heat stroke episode at the 1980 Falmouth Road Race.

Performance may be influenced tremendously by temperature. As air temperature rises, the combination of environmental heat and increased body heat from exercise may result in adverse effects ranging from decreased performance to death. The best defense the runner has is to prepare himself for warm weather conditions and understand how to recognize and deal with the effects of heat. For runners who may compete in hot weather it is critical for performance and safety to develop and maintain heat acclimatization.

Read more here: http://www.teamoregon.com/publication/online/heat.html

Free training runs!

Check out the dates for free training runs this month.

Visit http://www.teamoregon.com/pmc/training

Facebook: facebook.com/marathonclinic

Twitter: twitter.com/runpdxmarathon

Portland Marathon 10K Run, 10K Walk and Kids Fun Run & Festival will open August 15th at 12:01 am

The companion events of the Portland Marathon which include the 10K Downhill Dash, 10K Family Walk and Kids Fun Run & Festival, will all open for registration at 12:01 am at the start of August 15.

The 10K Dash:

Last year we created a fast nearly all down hill 10K competitive run we term "The DownHill Dash." Runner's start at the 20 Mile mark of the Marathon. They then race to the finish before the Marathoner's return and just as the Half Marathoner's are beginning to finish.

It was most successful last year and we received great feedback from our participants. We limit the size of the event to 250 public registrations. Also to avoid course congestion we made this event competitive requiring those who register to finish in under 1 hour.

The public slots sold out in 3 days last year. For other details see our web page.

The 10K Family Walk:

In its 26th year, this mainstay of the Portland Marathon is a longtime favorite. It begins after the 10K Dash runners take off. Walkers must stay on the sidewalk working their way along the left side of beautiful Willamette Blvd. When Willamette Blvd meets Greeley walkers switch to the right side and stay on that side until they cross on the right side of the Marathon finish line.

The fun includes Walkers cheering the Marathon runners who come flying by on their way to the finish. And, Walkers can start this event after the 10K Dash and until 10:00 am. See our web site for more instructions, bus information and other details.

The Kids Fun Run & Festival:

For those 12 years old and younger and their family members and friends we have a great new tradition that takes place on Saturday morning at the beautiful, enclosed and newly renovated Lincoln High School Track Facility.

We have runs of varied distances for kids of various ages. But there is a lot more to do at the Festival that makes it fun for the entire family. Mascots of sport teams. Face painting. Food and beverages. Photos with the Portland Police Mounted Patrol. And games and other great things for kids.

To ensure that everyone can be accommodated and receive the goodies that are given out or are available, we limit the number who can sign up. Again, our past experience is that this event fills up fast.

We have also lowered the cost of the event this year by making some of the items available on an optional basis.

See our web site for more information.

Like resort towns? How about wine tasting?

Train for the Portland Marathon while enjoying both of these at the Portland Marathon partner events this fall. The Sunriver Marathon and Half Marathon for a Cause and the Oregon Wine Country Half Marathon, both in early September, are great preparation for the October 7th Portland Marathon, plus they will be tons of fun. Learn more at:


Sunriver Marathon For A Cause
September 1, 2012

Mararthon | Half Marathon | 10k | 5k | Kid’s Race
September 1–2, 2012

Oregon Wine Country Half Marathon
September 2, 2012

The Hilton

It's all at the Hilton! It’s the site of our registration & expo, and just 3 blocks from the start/finish! Reserve your room today. If you’re coming from out of town, no need to rent a car if you're at the Hilton. Just take MAX from the airport and walk everywhere you need to go! (Note: registration is up this year, so book your room early to ensure availability.)


3 ways to prevent running injuries

By Matt Fitzgerald For Active.com

As a runner, understanding injuries and injury prevention is critical to your longevity in the sport. A few years ago, Michael Muller, a professor of physical therapy at Washington University, presented a new theory of tissue adaptation to physical stress that provides a helpful conceptual framework for runners seeking to stay healthy without sacrificing performance.

Physical Stress Theory

Physical stress theory, as it is called, is based on the simple premise that body tissues adapt in a predictable way in response to changes in the relative level of physical stress they are exposed to. When tissues are exposed to an accustomed level of stress, they maintain their current structure and function at a state that is often referred to as homeostasis.

Read the full article here: http://www.active.com/running/Articles/3_Ways_to_Prevent_Running_Injuries.htm

Join the conversation

We’re talking about training, tips for first timers, gear, great places for long runs, answering your questions about the event and coming to Portland, and much more. Join us on Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to send questions our way via Facebook and Twitter.

Here is just a sample of what’s happening on our social media sites:

What non-essential item do you carry as you train?

Lenora -- lipstick, but really IT IS essential!!

Jonathan -- Extra weight…

Jenny -- my phone. bad habits die hard.

April -- Burt’s Bees Lip Balm, but really it's an essential in my book

Sandy -- Worry :/

Mary -- phone but it is for emergencies…like if my IT band decides to attack.

Debbie -- A fabric cut out of Dory. It helps me remember to "just keep swimming just keep swimming!" :)

Mark -- An oversized stuffed 5 foot Panda that I won at a carnival…

Simon -- Road ID badge.

Brianne -- Phone. After running with my dad when he fell on a trail, I just can't run without it.

Julie -- I carry mints or gum.

Jackie -- My Grandma’s necklace!

What do you do to balance your workout regimen with the rest of your life's responsibilities?

Nino -- I’m a horseshoer so I have long days and when I’m done it’s dark, but my wife drives the truck in desert so I can run my miles in headlights GO TEAM WIFE

Nellie -- Kids club at the gym :)

Angela -- I change at the office or in the car and my husband kicks me out and I run home. He picks up our daughter and I meet them at home!

Dawn -- Run at 5:30 a.m. before anyone is up, it’s my quiet time.

Frank -- Leverage biz travel for runs…have run distances in Madrid, Barcelona, DC, Central Park.

Lawrence -- Run 3/4 days a week on Galloway's program. Weekdays at lunch downtown and a long run on early Saturday. Mornings with my wife at home. Evenings with the family.

Fiona -- Lots of early mornings.

Linda -- I run very early in the morning, when my husband and kids are still sleeping.

Tiffany -- Hubby and I both work full time plus we have an active 11yr old (who just finished track season) and 7yr old (currently enjoying swimming lessons). During the week we train before the kids are awake and/or at night after kids have gone to bed. Some days we will squeeze in what we can - separately - over our lunch breaks. During marathon training, I can't tell you how many times we were finishing the longer miles past midnight. For weekend runs we have the kids bicycle with us. If an active lifestyle is a priority you, find a way to make it work. 'I don't have enough time' = 'I don't want to make time' :)

Danny -- The key for me is planning my entire calendar for a month, right down to work schedule, daily run workout (and type: e.g. hill repeats, tempo run, long run, etc), daily gym workout. Not every day includes all three, but it's much simpler to follow a plan when it's etched on a calendar, as opposed to planning out only a day or two at a time. Any time I've deviated from making a monthly calendar, my routines and effectiveness

Walkers welcome

We couldn't do it without you!

Each year more than 4,500 volunteers help produce the not-for-profit Portland Marathon. It’s a ton of fun and your help allows more than $200,000 go back to community groups and schools.

Don’t just stand around all day and wait for your loved one to cross the finish…work a volunteer shift while you wait, then see them finish. Individuals and teams welcome! Learn more at http://www.portlandmarathon.org/volunteer.

October 7, 2012 will mark the 41st Annual Portland Marathon! We have 83 entertainment groups at 53 locations along the course. Each year more than 12,000 people run, walk, or volunteer with the event. Proceeds from the Portland Marathon go to help local schools, charities, and non-profits. The event has been called the "best-organized marathon in North America" and has received national attention for being one of the first eco-friendly, "green" marathons.

Connect with other Portland Marathoners via:

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