July 2010 News, updates, tips, and true stories as we countdown to the 39th Annual Portland Marathon on 10-10-10.

Les Smith, Portland Marathon Event Director. Courtesy of Portland Tribune

Portland Marathon to Close Very Soon! Event Director Les Smith gives the inside scoop on all things 10-10-10

We asked Portland Marathon Director Les Smith about burning questions we had (and have received from readers) about this year's event. Here is what he told us....

Q: How are the preparations going for the new Portland Marathon HALF?

A: Very, very well. We are very excited to have a sold out event! We plan to announce full details on the new event during the first week of August. We just received approval from the City for the course. Now, we will quickly certify the course so we can tell folks where the mile marks will be.

Q: What else can you tell us about the HALF at this time?

A: We really feel participants are going to be very pleased with the Half marathon. The goodies we're going to give to them are awesome. They will include:
  • A long-sleeve Finisher's shirt
  • A short-sleeve performance shirt...a second shirt!
  • A "green" goodie bag
  • A distinctive medal that is the same size but different from the medal for the full marathon
  • A distinctive necklace/pendant unique to this inaugural event....and any other event.
  • A colorful challenge coin that commemorates the new event...a first of its kind
  • A certificate of completion
We will likewise provide the usual good food and drink at the finish area, and an opportunity for a commemorative photo of each finisher. Other features to go into the hands of the Half marathon finishers will include:
  • A rose
  • A seedling tree
  • A space blanket
On the HALF course, participants will experience:
  • A fast course with few turns
  • A volunteer for every two participants
  • A vast array of music and entertainment on the course....over twice the amount of any other type of Half Marathon anywhere!
  • At the same time an MP3/Ipod friendly course
  • Excellent aid stations
  • Excellent medical coverage
  • Mile Markers for each mile along with pace callers
  • Energetic cheerleaders and spectators cheering

Q: Are there any Half Marathon entries still available?

A: Not through the Portland Marathon. We only have special registrations remaining for Military Personnel and our Charities. As you know, the HALF sold out in January; however, some of our Charities, like Ray of Hope, do have slots available. Anyone interested in these should go to http://www.portlandmarathon.org/pm_half_marathon.php

Q: Now, enough about the HALF, how about the Marathon....how is registration shaping up?

A: It is "up" all right! At the time of this newsletter we will only have less than 320, I repeat, 320 Full marathon entries left. We are hopeful to get permission to do another 1,000 more entries, but if we get those, they will go fast. We are now doing 60 to 70+ entries a day.

We are very excited for our 39th Annual Portland Marathon! It's going to be an amazing 10-10-10 for sure. We don't want Marathon participants to forget about all the great goodies we have for them too. We'll be talking more about this in our August newsletter. We have a great treats in store for the Marathon participants (double the fun of the hALF)....an exciting lineup of finishers treats, aid stations and much, much more!

Q: When will you close registration for the Marathon?

A: Around August 1, so anyone who wants to join should get registered! Tell your friends not to wait.

Can I switch from the Marathon to the Half Marathon?

Can I switch from the Marathon to the Half Marathon?

Q: If I sign up to run or walk the full Portland Marathon and get hurt during my training etc, can I start the Marathon and then decide to run in to the finish on the 1/2 Marathon course?

A: Simply and with all respect, the answer is no. If a Marathon participant is not able to finish the whole course, for whatever reason, the Half-Marathon is NOT a secondary option. Instead, please follow these Event Guidelines:

  • Run, and stay on the full marathon course and drop out at the 1/2 marathon mark of the full marathon course.
  • The location of mile 13.1 is on St Helens Road. There is good access to the location from NW Yeon Ave and downtown. Thus, an easy place for someone to arrange a pick up.
  • In addition the 1/2 marathon point is marked, it is a chip read position. The time for a person who misses the later chip points will automatically cause the name not to be posted in the results. However, if someone who drops out notifies us a week or two after the event we can provide them a time from our un-posted file.

The Portland Marathon and Half Marathon Planning Committee thanks you in advance for participating in accordance with the guidelines of these events and assisting us to maintain the sanctioned quality provided by all those who work hard to produce these events for your enjoyment.

Here are additional facts around this prohibition:

  • The Marathon and Half-Marathon are separate and distinct events. They are not interchangeable.
  • The Marathon and Half Marathon are events that are provided and hosted in order to enhance each other.
  • The planning and preparation for each event is a careful undertaking by a small volunteer staff to make sure each runner receives their proper time, awards, finisher shirt and finish area amenities.
  • The Marathon and Half-Marathon are separate, marked and chip-timed courses. Registered Marathon runners who decide to run the Half-marathon although they are not registered for it, will negatively impact the finish results for the registered half-marathoners.
  • To maintain the integrity of the finish area for both events, it will be necessary for Event officials to remove any Marathon runners who improperly run the Half Marathon course at a Checkpoint established for that purpose before they reach the Finish line. These runners will be disqualified from the event, will not be awarded a time, and will reflect a DQ result (which could affect the ability to get into other certified marathons). They will not receive a finisher's shirt for the event they registered for, nor any of the other finish area amenities offered by our event. Additionally, these runners will be barred from participating in future Portland Marathon events
  • Half-Marathon registration, which is and will continue to be limited, has been closed for more than five months, with the exception of the Charity Half Marathon applications that are still available through our Official Charities.
  • Our charities are recruiting people who will run the Half-Marathon and assist them in raising money while doing so. These are premium entries that benefit many worthy causes. (If you are interested in applying for the Half-marathon through one of the charities, you may get more information at the Portland Marathon website under "Charities") Any runner on the Half Marathon course without an official Half Marathon bib will dilute the efforts of these charitable programs and dedicated runners.

Rachel Ganzon (left) and Rona Amadon of Portland visited the Mall of American while in town for the Minneapolis Half Marathon, June 6, 2010.

Tram Stout ran the Portland Marathon for the first time in 2007 and qualified for Boston! Here he wears his 2007 finisher's shirt while rock climbing at the Stone Hill rock climbing area near Eureka, Montana. He'll be back to run Portland again on 10-10-10.

Former New Yorker (now Portland resident) Martrese White donned her 2009 finisher's shirt during a visit to New York in May 2010. This was taken at the South Street Seaport with the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges visible over the East River.

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Why I Run Komen

By Katherine Kirklin

When I was a kid, I ran because I liked how it felt exhilarating, free, fun. As I grew older, and life became less carefree, I ran to make things better. Out in the sunshine, ponytail swinging, feeling my legs strong, propelling me along, it was just a matter of time before the problems grew smaller and the worries fell away.

I was in Washington visiting my closest friend Carol when I found the lump. I didn't say anything about it, even to myself. After all, I was only 40 with no history of breast cancer. It was probably nothing.

On June 12, 2008, I sat in the doctor's office with Chris, my boyfriend of two months that showed promise of being "the one" and tried to absorb the news. I had cancer.

Surgery, Chemo, Radiation. I felt my run drop down to a jog, slow to a walk and hit the bottom to a shuffle where I could barley catch my breath. In the place of my swinging ponytail was a bald head covered with a baseball cap.

Then it was over, the cancer was gone, for now and I was left trying to figure out who I was. I certainly wasn't a runner anymore.

For months I tried to run and failed. Struggling with emotions I'd never dealt with before, I didn't know what to do to make things better. I'd lost my security blanket of running. Yet I refused to give up something that was such an important part of me.

Looking for some big inspiration, I chose something that seemed impossible -a half marathon. Crazy since I couldn't even run a mile at this point.

Chris was with me every step of the way, as always, riding his bike alongside me on the long runs. 4, 5, 6 miles, I broke down in tears after almost every long run. It was so hard.

The single thing that had got me through every tough time in my life, joyfully, was now something full of aches and pains, in my body and in my mind.

Then one day it changed. Seven miles felt good. I felt strong and confident and alive and better. I ran through the anxiety of every check up and every worry about stupid cancer coming back. .

I ran that half-marathon, but the run was just the last 13.1 miles of the long road I ran to get my life back.

Last month Carol called and told me she was running the Komen half in Portland in my honor. I was so touched, especially since Carol is not a runner. I told her my first thought was "I want to do it too!" She said her first thought was "I can't do it without you!"

So here I go again, to run as a survivor, living proof that we have to fight every day to get through it, but those of us are lucky, do and can get through it.

P.S. My boyfriend Chris did turn out to be "the one." We were married on May 22, 2010.

Half Marathon Entries Still Available through Ray of Hope Foundation!

Runners and Walkers, you can still obtain a coveted registration slot for the Half Marathon through the Ray of Hope Foundation! The Ray of Hope Foundation is a grassroots, nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting global health, healing and education through the exchange of volunteers, technology, training, medical supplies, and educational programming. Ray of Hope currently has programs in regions of Kenya that deal with extreme poverty, HIV/AIDS, and lack of resources.

Come run or walk for the Ray of Hope Foundation! You will have a fantastic time while helping a worthy cause. If you sign up for our team and fulfill our very reasonable fundraising requirement, you will receive these great benefits:

  • Free registration to your marathon event
  • Ray of Hope singlet or tee shirt
  • Pre-Race Pasta Party
  • Free massage and treats for our runners and walkers in our finish line tent after the race
  • Special prizes for the top 3 fundraisers! (Think spa, beauty treatments, massage, etc.!)

Please contact Andrea at admin@rayofhope4all.org to obtain more information. We look forward to having you on the Ray of Hope Portland Marathon and Half Marathon team!

Your 10-10-10 Coincidences

30 years of marriage on 10-10-10

Hi, my wife (Teresa) and I have signed up to walk/run the Portland full Marathon on 10-10-10. This is the same day as our 30th wedding anniversary and it will be our first ever full marathon. We have completed 4 or 5 half marathons together.

Our son-in-law, Aaron Buffington, is also doing the full marathon (this is his first and he has never even done a half) and our daughter is doing the HALF (a first for her too).

10:10 on 10-10-10

Registrant Colter M. writes: I realized today that your race starts at 7:00 am on 10/10/10. Since I am male and will be 30 years old that day, my qualifying time for Boston will need to be 3:10, which would put me at the finish line at 10:10 on 10-10-10. That was just a lot of coincidence and thought it was neat to point it out. Looking forward to the race!

Do you have one?
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10-10-10 will mark the 39th Portland Marathon. We have 74 entertainment groups at 53 locations along the course. Each year more than 12,000 people run, walk, or volunteer with the event. Proceeds from the Portland Marathon go to help local schools, charities, and non-profits. The event has been called the "best-organized marathon in North America" and has received national attention for being one of the first eco-friendly, "green" marathons.

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