January 2010 News, updates, tips, and true stories as we countdown to the 39th Annual Portland Marathon on Oct. 10, 2010

We are very excited for this year's 39th annual Portland Marathon and our related events, which will be held on 10.10.10 (not our usual first weekend in October)!

We are already busy planning and gearing up for an amazing year. Currently, we are focusing our efforts on two areas. The first is our inaugural half marathon.

We have had an amazing response from our first exclusive invitations. Entries are going like hot cakes!

On January 10th the half marathon registration will be open to the public, and we anticipate selling out by the end of the month. We encourage anyone interested in the half to sign up today. Use promo code PMHALF255 and go to www.portlandmarathon.org/half.

Secondly, we are focused on training. Although the official Portland Marathon training clinic does not start until April 1st, we are busy helping participants learn about the training options available to them, such as:

- The Online Marathon Training Program, click here for more information.

- The Online Half Marathon Training Program, click here for more information.

- Portland Marathon Training Clinic
Starts early April. The Portland Marathon training runs are FREE! These runs are great ways to meet people, run with groups of people at your same speed and level, and have fun while training!

- RunOregon Photo by Kathy Mattern
Oregonlive's Run Oregon blog has lots of great information and resources about runs and training in Portland. For more information, click here.

Future newsletters and our "Ask Kelly" column below will also bring you lots of great training information and tips as the year progresses, so stay tuned! Questions or thoughts for us? Email them to info@portlandmarathon.org.

Ask Kelly

Have a question about running in Portland? Training? Motivation? Group runs? The Portland Marathon? Kelly Johnson and her team of experts are here to help.

Kelly has been a runner for more than 18 years. She has run two marathons and has been pacer for the Portland Marathon three times. Kelly writes and manages the RunOregon blog (blog.oregonlive.com/runoregon). She has also served on the Team Red Lizard board for three years, and is a member of the Portland Marathon Committee. As you can see, Kelly loves running and talking about running.

Each month will we take your questions and answer them in Kelly's monthly column. To submit your questions, email info@portlandmarathon.org with the title "ASK KELLY." Here's our first question of the year...

Kelly -
What are your top ten tips for people training for their first Portland Marathon?

1. Take it easy. Relax. Knowing how to do so will become a huge asset on 10.10.10.

2. If you miss a run or are short on your mileage one week, don't try to make it all up immediately. To do so will not only stress you out but lead to injury.

3. If you feel any sorts of aches and pains, listen to what your body is trying to tell you.

4. Practice with different apparel. You don't know what it will be like on race day, so have an outfit ready for sun, for rain, for cold, and for warm weather so you aren't scrambling on race day.

5. Start exploring different nutrition plans now. What's right for you may not be your favorite thing the first time you try it, but if you find the combination of hydration and energy food that gets you to the finish line, it's worth "getting used to taste" over the next nine months. For more information, click HERE.

6. Find a massage therapist you like and start going at least once a month. It can take three of four sessions until you "learn" how to relax to make a massage as beneficial to your training as it can be. For more information, click HERE.

7. Continue to set goals along the way.

8. Reward yourself for reaching goals and milestones.

9. Keep a journal documenting your training. Every week, look back through the journal and notice how many positive and how many negative things you recorded. If you are noticing more negatives than positives, talk with other runners to see if your training plan is too advanced for your current mileage; or if you need to reassess your goals. If you're noticing more positives than negatives, GOOD! Keep going!

10. Train with others. Coach Jim (shown above) offers a free weekly Saturday long run. For more information on these runs, click HERE or click HERE to visit Coach Jim's Elite Runners in Training Facebook group.

Also, the Portland Marathon Training Clinic will start again in April and the Portland Marathon also offers an online training program. For more information, visit the Portland Marathon Facebook page, or go to the "training" section of the Portland Marathon website click HERE. Training with others is fun, helps you stick to your plan, motivates you to get out of bed, and allows you to share in the success of other runners.

What's with the new Half Marathon?

After 30 years, we have finally decided to have a half marathon…but why? Here are all the answers to your half marathon questions as dictated by Les Smith, Event Director. For more questions and answers on the new Portland half marathon, see the next issue of NW Runner magazine.

Why are you offering a half on 10.10.10?
This past year, we did three half-marathon events at three posts in Iraq for soldiers from Ft Lewis and from the Oregon National Guard. We fully funded these at no cost to the 1,200+ who participated. This included a special half marathon design, performance finisher's shirt, pin, medal, poster, bibs, volunteer shirts and even a commemorative challenge coins for all participants. We decided that if we can make so many happy in Iraq, we can certainly do an excellent Half connected to our full event in Portland.

What can participants expect from the half?
The Portland Marathon Committee decided to be sure the Portland Marathon Half would be a fun event. We also wanted a fast course. But more than anything, we want all participants who run or walk the half to have a great experience and enjoy the bells and whistles of the full marathon and more. For example, all finishers will receive a pendant for a necklace.

How will the half effect the full 26.2 marathon?
In our planning we have carefully made sure there will be no negative impact on either event. We can handle the additional participants. We have the same approach with our full marathon as we do for our half…we want more than anything, for all participants who run, walk, or volunteer any of our events to have an amazing and fun experience. Also, the Half gives our charities and the military a great opportunity for fundraisers or individuals who would not have otherwise run the event. And, the Portland Marathon Half adds to the overall "economic impact" of the event that is important to our local economy.

How big is the half?
We decided to limit the size of the event to 3,000 participants. We set January 10th as a "public" date to open half marathon registration. We set January 31st as the absolute public cut off date to register. We plan to save spots for some of our 12 to 15 "Official Charities" as well as for our Military friends. So if someone misses out they may be able to gain an entry if they participate on behalf of a charity.

Why will the half be fun and successful?
It will be absolute fun. WHY? Fast course, great aid stations, plenty of volunteers, entertainment. All the elements of the full Portland Marathon and more. We have satisfied our marathoners for years. All the little touches will equally satisfy those going the Portland Marathon Half.

How did you price the half?
What many do not realize is that the cost to put on a half marathon is the same as a full marathon with the exception of about 6 or 7 fewer aid stations. Also, we plan to increase the Marathon entry fee in early 2010, which will actually put us in line with pricing for marathons similar to ours. Our pricing has typically been lower than these other events. We are currently offering a discount for the half if people use promo code PMHALF255, but this will only last until January 9th. Both our half and full will be priced competitively with other events in the area, and the price for our half will remain slightly higher than other halfs because of its outstanding quality and the goodies that will be provided.

How can I sign up for the half?
Visit www.portlandmarathon.org/half and use promo code PMHALF255 for a discount. This promo code will expire very soon and we recommend interested participants not wait to sign up, or they may miss their chance when this event registration opens to the public on January 10.

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Portland Marathon Rock-u-mentary

This short rockumentary of the 2009 Portland Marathon gives just a small taste of the types of bands, entertainment, music groups, cheerleaders, and accordion players you will see on the half and full marathon courses on 10.10.10. Click here to watch the video.

For more Portland Marathon videos, click HERE.

Satoko (right) and her daughter Grace (left) took this photo in Asakusa temple in Tokyo, Japan in November 2009. "There are some good runners in Japan, I hope they visit PDX and run Portland Marathon," said Satoko.

Portlanders Michelle Welch and Matt Devincenzi donned their '09 finisher shirts after completing the Seattle Marathon on Dec. 2nd.

Lisa Vance (left) and Emily Sobczuk of Spokane, WA.

"After completing our first marathon (on Lisa's 40th birthday), we decided to take a trip to Belgium for Spring Break. In Bruges, we rented bicycles to discover picturesque canals and amazing cathedrals. We stopped at Café Vissighe which is the oldest pub in Bruges where someone has been pouring beer from behind this bar since 1515. We felt like we took a step back in time. It was a perfect end to our day of riding on cobblestone streets and almost getting run over by a horse-drawn carriage!"

Rich Hartland ran his fist marathon ever on Oct. 4, 2009 in Portland. A month later Rich and his wife Jennifer left to enjoy their honeymoon at the Cook Islands. Here is Rich posing with his '09 finishers shirt in front of the 'One Foot Island' post office which is located in the lagoon off Aitutaki.

Ila Brandi of Mesa, AZ during her first jump, a week after her first Portland Marathon.

Three-time Portland Marathon finisher Megan Ross of Seattle wore her shirt while on a trip to India in January 2009. Behind her is the photo of City Palace in Udaipur, India.

For the full website of photos, click HERE. Or to email us your photo, just send to us via Facebook, Twitter, or email us at info@portlandmarathon.org.

US Olympian, Jeff Galloway, has coached over a million runners through his training programs, schools, e-coaching, and books.

Jeff Galloway to host seminar in Portland…stay tuned!

Olympian Jeff Galloway has been helping Portland Marathoners for over 20 years. He has coached over 250,000 runners and has solutions to almost any running problem. His simple system has allowed tens of thousands of former sedentary people and part-time runners to enjoy the achievement that only 2/10ths of one percent of the population does each year--cross the finish line of one of these two events.

Jeff will be coming to Portland to give a seminar in March. We do not yet have the specifics for this clinic, but stay tuned! Our February newsletter will have more details and specifics on how you can register for this exciting event.

Get a jump on your accommodations for 10.10.10.

October might seem far away, but the time will fly by. The 39th Annual Portland Marathon and all of our related events will be held the weekend of Oct. 10th instead of the first weekend of October. The Portland Hilton and Executive Tower is right in the heart of all Marathon excitement. It is located just two miles from the start/finish area and is also home to our two-day Sports and Fitness Expo sponsored by Sports Authority. To book your rooms now, click HERE.

Did you know we're so much more than 26.2?

In addition to our 26.2-mile marathon run and walk, the Portland Marathon also has:

  • A half marathon (our inaugural event will be this year)
  • Kaiser Permanente 5-mile run
  • Mayor's walk
  • Satellite half marathons on Iraq military bases for OR and WA based troops;
  • Kids' 2-mile marafun;
  • Two-day Sports Authority Sports & Fitness Expo;
  • Pasta dinner party; post-event awards part; three-day national event directors' college

We are also a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that donates more than $150,000 to over 100 local non-profits, school groups, sport teams, and other charities. Our official Portland Marathon charities also raise about $2 million each year with the help of our event. For more information on any of our events or charities, visit www.portlandmarathon.org.

Need some inspirational gear for those training runs? We've got your back! Click HERE to check out our full Portland Marathon online store.

The Portland Marathon has partnered with Rovia to bring you the best deals on your marathon travel as well as your personal or business travel. Rovia beats Travelocity and Expedia 68% of the time. For more information, visit, www.GoingTheDistanceTravel.Rovia.com

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