December 2009 News, updates, tips, and true stories as we countdown to the 39th Annual Portland Marathon on Oct. 10, 2010


Looking back on 2009: A Letter of Thanks from our Event Director

It Was a Great Year:

Without question, the 2009 Portland Marathon was the best in the long line of Portland Marathons I have been privileged to serve as Event Director. Our 70-member Marathon Committee with their average of 18 years on the committee performed above and beyond all expectations. Our 4,500 volunteers were outstanding. And, support from our sponsors and our City has never been better. So a huge Thank You and Congratulations to all.

Also, a thanks to our record number of finishers. The Marathon grew as did the Kaiser Permanente Five Miler. We had a record year for Portland in terms of visitors and room nights that caused us to again be the largest "convention" of the year in Portland, and the event with the highest economic impact to our area.

Our Charity Program had its best ever year despite the economy. Eleven Official Marathon Charities and a host of other charitable groups used the Portland Marathon as a vehicle to raise over 2 million dollars. The Marathon also just finished writing over 125 checks to charitable organizations, sport teams, service clubs, and other nonprofits. So it was a good year.

Our "Support the Troops program" in Iraq was also a huge success. Over 1,000 participated in three special 1/2 marathons funded and supported by the Portland Marathon in Iraq.

Soldiers from the Oregon National Guard, the brigade from Fort Lewis, Washington and loyal Portland Marathon followers from Fort Reilly, Kansas received bibs, performance shirts, pins, medals, challenge coins, and volunteer shirts designed especially for them. There was no charge for those who ran. A small group training to go to Afghanistan in Boise, Idaho also did a virtual full marathon that we supported.

Our 2010 Plans:
The Portland Marathon Half - A Special Offer to Register

We have great plans underway for our 39th Portland Marathon and related events scheduled for the magical date of 10-10-10.

These include many new and fun things. One of these "new" events will be our "limited" half marathon. Entry is now available through a series of varied offers and discounts. But registration is moving fast. We will easily fill the 3,000 slots for the runners or walkers for what will be a fantastic event to compliment our marathon.

Our Portland Marathon Half is in part inspired by our successful 1/2 marathon events in Iraq. We see our new event as a great way for our charities to use as a fund raising base. We also see the new Portland Marathon Half as an event to honor our military friends. We will have special slots reserved for them among the 3,000 to be sure they can be accommodated.

We would like to remind you of a special $25 discount with the Portland Marathon Half registration offer -- an offer that will only be open until midnight December 14th. (Note: There have been and will continue to be a number of short duration offers to other interest groups. However none will be lower than this offer.

The price of this offer matches our Marathon which will have a price increase early in 2010 to match other marathons from this area.) So Hurry! To register click here.

We look forward to seeing all of you again next year. And, thanks for running or walking our event this year.

Les Smith
Event Director

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Join us on Facebook (Portland Marathon), MySpace, or Twitter (@pdxmarathon) to share your thoughts, photos, stories, and to pose your questions about running, walking, sweating, the Portland Marathon, aid stations, and gear, just to name a few. The list of discussion topics is constantly changing and is so much fun. Don’t forget to join in!

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Sporty Diva, Rosie Rose, shares her story

When I was a teenager, my weight fluctuated between 180-190 pounds while I alternated between starving myself and binging. I ate just because-whether I was sad, happy, angry, stressed or bored. By the time I was 20, I was married and had a daughter. My weight soared to 300 pounds. Finally my husband gently suggested that I go to the gym. I began working out at an all women's facility and three years later my family and I joined our local YMCA.

Although I was working out on a regular basis, I would lose weight and gain it back again once I returned to my old eating habits.

In March 2002, I tossed out my scale and did some soul searching about the reasons that led to my uncontrollable eating. I did not change what I ate, but I cut back on the amount of food that I was eating and eventually scaled back on dining out.

In January 2003, I began to educate myself about nutrition. I kept a food log to track my daily food intake and kept my calorie consumption around 3,000 calories.

I fine-tuned my cardiovascular routine to include weight training, running, stair stepping, rowing and biking.

When I weighed myself on my birthday-September 2003, I had lost a whopping 100 pounds!! I eventually lost 10 more thru additional efforts.

I don't weigh myself on a regular basis, however when I do, my weight is always 190-193.

Because I listen to my body's request for fuel/nutrition, I have successfully maintained my weight for 6 years now.

I am pumped about life and no longer use food to solve my problems. I have ran in 10 half marathons and 3 full ones. My next marathon will be in Portland 10.09.

Self-acceptance and responsibility for my health are at the top of my list each and every day. I work hard to share my story with others, so much so that I was on the TODAY SHOW with JOY BAUER in April 2008.

In June 2006, I became an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer to share what I know with others thru HEALTHY, FABULOUS and FIT WORKSHOPS and by offering products that help women to create an "I can do it attitude".

All my best in movement, health and celebration,

Rosie Rose Coates..... The Sporty Diva

Way to go Breathin’ Stephen!

I'm writing to you today because on April 20, 2009, I became the first person with severe lung disease to ever finish the Boston Marathon!

I qualified for that race, based on my 2007 Portland marathon finish time of...believe it or not, 7:32! I became one of only two people who ever granted "mobility impaired" status based on a severe lung disease.

Now, I've made it again into the 2010 Boston marathon, though I'm sure if I will be physically able to do it again. My lung function has declined since the last one. As far as my Asthma goes, in February I have an appointment at two different University hospitals to be evaluated for a bilateral lung transplant. If meet all the criteria, I will probably go on the National transplant waiting list sometime in the early spring (the wait can take up to 3 years).

My ultimate goal (if I get new lungs) is to RUN a future Portland or Boston Marathon.
If my health holds out, I will be back in 2010 for the 3rd Portland Marathon!

I have completed 5 full marathons all over the world , but Portland remains one of my favorites of all time.

Stephen Gaudet

To follow Stephen's journey visit,

Drew Mahalic (right) of Oregon Sports Authority presents Devon Gonzales (center) and Brian Downey of West Coast Bank a Portland Marathon Sponsor Appreciation Plaques to thank them for their support with our 2009 Iraq 1/2 Marathons.

The Nike Sport Research Lab is looking for 30 serious male and female runners between the ages of 18 – 45 years to participate in a biomechanical study on running. Runners must be either Men’s size 9 & 10 or Women’s size 8 & 9. Volunteers should have a weekly mileage of 20-30 miles per week and no history of injury to the lower extremities in the past 6 months.

The study will require a minimum of 4 separate visits/data collections in the NSRL over a period of 3 – 4 weeks. Each visit will take approximately 1 hour. Visits will be scheduled Monday – Friday between the hours of 8 AM – 5 PM. Nike running footwear and compensation will be provided for all volunteers. Please email the NSRL @ if interested.

2008 finisher Mike Sunderman stands at the peak of Mt Kilimanjaro. 19,340ft--Its the highest place in Africa.

"I gotta guess I am one of the only finishers to bring their Portland Marathon shirt all the way to the bottom of the world: ANTARCTICA! This photo was taken the day before I left 'The Ice' after being there from Oct. 2008 through Feb. 2009.

I also ran the McMurdo Station Antarctica Marathon. It was the longest, whitest, brightest, most painful 26.2 miles and 5hrs. 45 mins. of MY LIFE! But I did it, and now I want to run one on every continent!

Feel free to check out my blog "Antarctican Diaries", or find my myspace profile to view more photos.

See you in October for my 3rd marathon!

Mary Catey

Albuquerque, NM

Sharyn Bullis Fetrow of Black Butte Ranch, Oregon wore her 09 finisher shirt to El-Djem, Tunisia, which is the site of the third largest ancient Roman amphitheater in the world. The best-preserved Roman structure in Africa.

Carol Moody of Medford, Oregon and daughter Catherine Gersich of Bellingham, Washington have both completed two Portland Marathons.  They wore their finisher shirts while hiking in Switzerland in July of 2007. Val-deri, Val-dera!

Alexandra Rossow, from Olympia, Washington, took a break from school and running after the 2008 marathon, to go visit Chichen Itza in Mexico over winter vacation.

For the full website of photos, click here. Or to email us your photo, just send to us via Facebook, Twitter, or email us at

Want to get away from the rain this winter and catch some rays?

The Portland Marathon's "Going the Distance" travel program can help you and your family book your next vacation or marathon trip. For more information, click here.

Direct Giving by the Portland Marathon Program

Over the years the Portland Marathon, a 501(c)3, has made independent donations from its general fund to a variety of local charities and organizations. Additionally, through the Marathon Direct Giving Program, many direct donations are given to our volunteer groups.

The Portland Marathon recruits over 4,500 volunteers annually to assist with our event. Our volunteer program has served as a vehicle for providing school and organizational credit and experience for a host of local charities, nonprofits, sport, school, and service clubs.

It also provides a wonderful sense of community for so many who come to Portland to participate in the events of the Portland Marathon. Volunteer teams have fun, work together and benefit from being involved in a great community event. The Direct Giving Program provides an ability to earn not only experience, but also a donation for volunteering.

This unique program is based on the concept of utilizing available financial resources that come in to the Portland Marathon for another charity or organization, which in turn then helps another charity, organization or worthwhile cause. The Portland Marathon has been fortunate to be sufficiently funded so that we have been able to allocate a certain percentage of our resources to this program each year.

The Portland Marathon is a charitable community event supported by the city, sponsors, and also by other charitable groups. Each year the funds available to us vary. However, giving the funds is a pleasure for us because we really do see it benefiting many other worthwhile projects. Each year we have many success stories shared with us on how the program continues to benefit others.

For information, click here.

Our 2009 Portland Marathon Charities

Make-A-Wish Foundation of Oregon

The Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Oregon grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. Since 1983, the Oregon chapter has served more than 2,000 children living throughout Oregon and Clark County, Washington.

To donate now, click here. For more information about how you can share the power of a wish®, visit

Children's Tumor Foundation

We are a charity based endurance team where participants can join in events across the country to raise awareness and research dollars that enable treatments and a cure for neurofibromatosis. Unlike other charity-based teams, we structure our fundraising system on incentives, not contracts. Participants are encouraged to fund raise through contributions made to a personalized Web site and donations sent by mail.

In support of the Children's Tumor Foundation, the NF Endurance Team offers the opportunity for individuals to participate in team endurance sports to raise money for research, promote awareness, and provide a network of caring support for those suffering with Neurofibromatosis and their families.

To donate now, click here. For more information on how you can run for a cure please visit

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team In Training® is the world's largest endurance sports training program. The program provides training to run or walk marathons and half marathons or participate in triathlons and century (100-mile) bike rides. Since 1988, more than 380,000 volunteer participants have helped raise more than $900 million.

To donate now, click here.

American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society is the nationwide community-based voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives, and diminishing suffering from cancer, through research, education, advocacy and service. No matter who you are, we can help. Contact us anytime, day or night, for information and support at: 1800 227-2345. To donate now, click here.

Be The Match

Creating connections. Saving lives.
The National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) and our Be The Match Foundation are nonprofit organizations dedicated to creating an opportunity for all patients to receive the bone marrow or umbilical cord blood transplant they need, when they need it.

Every year, thousands of people of all ages are diagnosed with leukemia and other life-threatening diseases. Many of them will die unless they get a bone marrow or cord blood transplant from a matching donor. Seventy percent of people do not have a donor in their family and depend on our Be The Match Registry to find a match to save their life.

To donate now, click here.

Hope 4 Kids International


Their most prominent project is in Eastern Africa. They have dug wells, built churches, clinics and a 66-bed hospital, developed agriculture and established vocational training in an effort to provide self-sufficiency. Hope 4 Kids currently has similar projects on a smaller scale in Peru and Romania. Tom leads teams to these projects to both directly impact the lives of the children they reach out to as well as to change the lives of the team members by developing a passion for each individual to use their life to make a difference in this world.

To donate now, click here.

Oregon Hospice Association

The Oregon Hospice Association is a nonprofit, charitable public benefit organization that makes sure every Oregonian can get the care they want at the end of life. OHA's first responsibility is to the public. In addition to public information, referral and advocacy, OHA provides education and technical assistance to more than 70 operating and developing hospice provider programs that are or will be serving dying Oregonians and their families and loved ones.

To donate now, click here.

Susan G. Komen - for the Cure
Our Vision: A World Without Breast Cancer
Our Promise: End Breast Cancer Forever
Our Mission: Saving Lives

The Oregon & SW Washington Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure® has one clear goal - saving lives. This is our 17th year serving our community as the trusted partner in the fight against breast cancer, and we are the only organization in Oregon and SW Washington that exclusively copes with the issues of breast cancer on all levels. We are committed to serving all 36 counties in Oregon as well as the three counties in SW Washington; Clark, Skamania, and Cowlitz.

To donate now, click here.

The Ray of Hope Foundation

The Ray of Hope Foundation is dedicated to creating grassroots community based projects that improve education, infrastructure and health services in Kenya. Our projects are guided by the aspirations and self-identified needs of the communities in our project areas.

We provide secondary school sponsorship, train traditional birth attendants and health workers, assist women to start microfinance programs and improve infrastructure (wells, classrooms, clinics, school supplies and medical equipment/supplies).

We accomplish our mission with the understanding that we are all interconnected and share universal human values which, when recognized and cultivated, have the power to transform our global community.

To donate now, click here.

The Children's Cancer Association

When seriously ill children and their families need more than medicine, the Children's Cancer Association creates joy one moment at a time. Together with the compassionate community of supporters and a network of cutting-edge hospital partners, CCA has built a one-of-a-kind support organization that offers unique services and award-winning programs.

To donate now, click here.

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