- Inside scoop on the half marathon course
- $25 off coupon for Sports Authority
- Why we do not allow transfers
- Not running on 10-10-10? Join the 10k walk.
- Have fun at the new KIDS festival and run on 10-9-10
- Train for the trains? Les Smith shares what really happens with the trains
- "Go the Distance" to help charities and local non-profits
- Your 10-10-10 coincidences revealed and more!

August 2010 News, updates, tips, and true stories as we countdown to the 39th Annual Portland Marathon on 10•10•10.

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Online Registration for the October 9, 2011 Portland Marathon and the Portland Marathon Half will open online on Wednesday, September 1st. Take advantage of this year's rates and secure a place as part of the Portland Marathon's 40th Anniversary Year.
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We're sold out!

The Portland Marathon announced that the Portland Marathon and the Inaugural Portland Marathon Half are sold out. Ten thousand participants are registered for the 39th Portland Marathon and 3,000 are registered for the Inaugural Portland Marathon Half. Only a few spaces are still available through the event's twelve official charities. The exclusive charity entries are for those interested in running or walking the full or half marathons to help raise money for one of the charities.

Learn more by clicking HERE


The Inaugural Portland Marathon Half is scheduled to start at 7:00 a.m. on 10-10-10. It has been limited to 3,000 participants, many of whom are running for a charity. The Half will have a fast course and take on all the traditions and charm of the 39th Portland Marathon.

The Half Marathon Goodies

The Half will have all the goodies and benefits of the Full, most of which will be items tailored especially for the new event. Included, among other things:

• TW0 Performance shirts, one short sleeves and one long sleeves;

• A Finisher's Medal in the tradition of the Portland Marathon Medal, acclaimed last year as one of the top 10 designs in the US;

• A Challenge Coin, a new item which will be a colorized version of the Finishers Medal which will be presented in a soft draw string bag;

• A silver 3/8" pendant necklace in the form of a rose with the Marathon event inscription, another new item also presented in a soft draw string bag;

• The tradition Portland Rose and Seedling Tree;

• A "green" backpack/bookbag, an event poster and an all color program;

• Lots of entertainment and music on the course; the ability to use an iPod; and, the care of volunteers in almost a 1 to 2 ratio;

• A certificate of completion

The Start and The Half Course

Runners from both events will use a new carefully engineered wave start based on the projected time of the participants.

Those in the Inaugural Half will activate their chip start times at the actual start line on SW Fourth Avenue near SW Taylor. Then the runners followed by the walkers will proceed down 4th Ave, go thru the Chinese Gate and Chinatown before heading South on Naito. At Market they will turn to the right and in one block turn left or South onto First Avenue. Participants will then turn right on Lincoln to finally head South again on 4th Avenue until it becomes Barbour Blvd.

After the traditional 150 degree turn onto Naito participants will move North along the waterfront, view the Cascade Range, and all the City has to offer on this long Boulevard. After a 5 mile straight away, Half and Full Marathoners will do a 180 degree turn near the Kittridge Overpass at the end of the Gunderson Corporation's nearly one mile long facilities.

After the turn the Half Marathoners will run straight back along the waterfront over the next 4 miles. At the Salmon Springs Fountain the Half Marathoners will turn right onto SW Salmon. Then after a three blocks they turn left on Third and cross the Finish Line which is about 100 yards away at the Justice Center.

Billy Rodgers and Course Observations

Billy Rodgers, winner of the Boston and New York City Marathons, who will be joining us this year termed the new course, "Lightening Fast." Billy said he looks forward to running the event with a good Master's time.

Event Course Director Chris Hardman said, "This is a fast course. As we did the certification we noted that the course had only 10 turns. Plus with our new wave start, congestion should be at a minimum."

Hardman also pointed out that as the Half Participants run straight ahead, Full Marathon participants turn West at 17th on their way along the traditional Full Marathon course. Warning signs and check points will be established at and near 17th to be sure registered Marathoners do not get disqualified or removed from the course by not turning and going the wrong way at 17th. "Marathoners must make this turn," said Hardman.

We are also pleased that many of those in the Oregon Nation Guard who ran in one of our three sponsored events in Iraq will run the Half this year. In addition another 25 special Guard members from various locations will be running a special competition among themselves.

A map of the course and other information will be available at portlandmarathon.org. For those fearful of train interruptions see the related article in this newsletter below.


Entries are NOT transferable. At the Expo we require photo ID. The Portland Marathon reserves the right to suspend entries if they are transferred.

What to know why? Read on.

The Portland Marathon has never permitted transfers, exchanges, rollovers, deferrals or refunds. Doing so with an event of our size would be an administrative nightmare.

It is likewise logistic madness. Events order shirts, medals, etc based on a no show percentage which holds very true unless it is tinkered with by allowing transfers. Everything is now ordered since the two events are sold out.

We understand some events allow transfers. However, the Portland Marathon has already assigned starting corrals based on projected times. The bibs are being printed. So a transfer may sound like a logical idea but in reality it is not.

There is an even more serious side to "transfers." That is an attempt to improperly use another person's number or an effort to sell and "transfer" an entry. Recently at a marathon in Wisconsin a female runner gave her number to another female. That person then won an age division. Then that female went to the award ceremony to claim her prize. The local runners realized what had happened and knew the folks involved. As in any event they were outraged. The Event Director turned the matter over to the local DA on the basis of fraud, false impersonation and a couple of other legal issues.

And, some events (NY City and Boston Marathons) are using law enforcement in settings where someone tries to sell and another person tries to buy an entry thru E-bay or the social network. That too is a Federal offense and probably a State offense as well.

We are also prepared to handle course-crashers. Our bandit-catching crew is headed by two Portland Policemen. We rarely have problems, but we are ready.

Transfers, as a matter of policy, are not a good idea for a lot of reasons. An entry to a running event is not like a ticket to a ball game. An entry has too many personal connotations to be passed around. And when purchased that point is made perfectly clear: No refunds, exchanges, transfers, rollovers or deferrals.

Not ready to run this year? Join the fun of the Portland Marathon non-competitive 10k walk

The Portland Marathon 10K Walk is open for registration and is filling fast. This 6.2-mile adventure on Marathon morning is a fun way to watch the Marathon and at the same time be a participant in a unique event.

As you may know, the Portland Marathon 5-Miler was postponed this year. Also, the Kids' Marafun Run has been moved to Saturday and is now part of a family festival that will be held at the Lincoln High School Track and Field located on SW Salmon between SW 15th and SW 18th Avenues (see additional article in newsletter).

However, the 10K Walk, formerly known as the Mayor's Walk, continues its unbroken tradition on Marathon Sunday. Starting at Columbia Annex Park on Willamette Blvd (take a bus from the Hilton) this long time classic starts at 8:00 am. Walkers actually continue to arrive by bus or by other means of transportation. Once they arrive they can start their walk on the course up until 10:00am.

As always, the walk is exclusively a non-competitive event. Also, participants are only to use the sidewalks (start on left side walk, cross to right side and thereafter stay to the right.)

Please note that this year's 10K-Walk allows only online registration. It will be limited to 500. Currently, nearly 1/3 of the 10K slots have been filled. The remaining registrations will go quickly. So DO NOT BE DISAPPOINTED....SIGN UP NOW and JOIN THE FUN!!

Click HERE to register

Connect with our online community of runners and walkers!

Join us on Facebook (Portland Marathon) or Twitter (@pdxmarathon) to share your thoughts, photos, stories, and to pose your questions about running, walking, sweating, the Portland Marathon, aid stations, and gear. The list of topics changes by the minute!

Have questions or comments about our newsletter or email blasts? We'd love to hear them. Just email your thoughts to info@portlandmarathon.org.

The 39th annual Portland Marathon needs your help this October. Each year school sports teams, student groups, and charities, help out at the Portland Marathon. Volunteering for the Portland Marathon this Oct. 7, 8, 9, and 10th is great fun and a great way to earn donations for your school or organization. Teams and individuals 13 and older are welcome to join in the fun. Learn more by visiting http://www.portlandmarathon.org/volunteer

Announcing the first annual Portland Marathon Kids Fun Run Obstacle Course & Festival!

This event is an expanded version of our 27-year-old Kids Mara Fun Run traditionally held on Sunday. This new event will be held on Saturday and be dedicated to our community of active Marathon-runners-in-training, ages 2-12. This fun event will include:

A Fun Run Obstacle Course

Ages 2-5 9:30

Ages 6-9 10:00

Ages 10-12 10:30


Face Painting


Food & drinks

Photos with the Portland Police Mounted Patrol officers & horses

A special appearance by T-Bone, America's Health & Fitness Ambassador, www.tbonerun.com

Lots & Lots of fun for the whole family

Date: October 9, 2010

Time: 9:00 am-12:00 pm

Location: Lincoln High School Track, 1600 Southwest Salmon Street, Portland, OR 97205-1782

Click here for directions

Participants will receive a special Portland Marathon backpack, a Portland Marathon t-shirt, a race bib, a finisher medal and other fun goodies.

A fun array of food and drinks will be available for purchase at the event. A percentage of the proceeds of your purchase will benefit the Friend's of Portland's Mounted Patrol, an Official Charity of the Portland Marathon.

So, register now to attend this fun event. Space will be limited to the first 250 Fun Run Participants and their families. Note: There is no packet pickup or registration for this event at the Hilton. Online registration is available only. For packet pickup, just go to Lincoln high school on event day. Public transit, bus or MAX, is a great way to get there! Plan your route at www.trimet.org.

Click HERE to register. For more information about this program see our Event website, under Official Charities, or http://www.active.com/donate/mountedpatrol.


Visit www.portlandmarathon.org for all your marathon questions. Our QA page is full of great info. Learn more HERE

Still stumped? Email info@portlandmarathon.org

Should you train for the trains?

Event Director Les Smith on trains:

We get occasional emails about Trains. We are usually asked, "What about the Trains in Portland? We hear they might stop the event in certain places."

Well, it is true. Trains are a challenge for us. But, trains are also fun for us. We feel Portland is a wonderful city. It is an easy place to get around. It has become that way thanks to local transit agencies that have installed light rail, street cars and revived an extensive trolley track system.

These additions are welcome, but have also made it next to impossible to create an event without a rail impact. As the cities largest event, we work closely with Trimet and the City to accommodate and negotiate transit schedules. But there is also Amtrak. Try as we might, we have little control over these rail schedules.

Faced with this challenge, what do we do as an event about trains?

Answer: We meet the trains head on (not literally, of course). We try to make them fun. In short, we are not going to hide from the train issue. We embrace the challenge. We also make no promises to our participants. Truth is, a runner or walker may encounter a train or two on our course. No matter what we do or how we try to time things we are always faced with the possibility of a train. Does it matter? Actually, very few runners ever see the trains, but some do.

To address this issue, we do several things:

1) We take your written concerns very seriously. Last year, we received 17 written complaints from over 8,600 finishers. Nine of the complaints were from age division Boston Marathon qualifier types (our event is a good one for qualification). These nine had experienced an Amtrak. Some had from 5 to 45 seconds of interruption. But they told us they qualified anyway. The other 8 who commented basically said they observed trains and worried someone might miss qualifying for Boston. We also have heard comments that some folks at a near 8- hour pace were also interrupted. But we were told that for them most thought it was a nice respite. So, out of 8,600+ finishers we feel we did OK and the trains did not effect a large number of finishers.

2) We make sure the runners stop safely. Jumping through a "live" but stopped train is dangerous and a violation of both Federal and State laws. We have volunteers who record as best they can the bib numbers of those stopped. We have other volunteers who pass out stickers that say, "I was Trained at the Portland Marathon." Remember, it is fun to be stopped by a Portland Train!!!

3) Most Amtrak stops are less than a minute. So what we do, if we are notified by the runner, is give that person a finish time reduction for the amount of the time the train took to go thru the crossing (regardless of when the runner got to that closed crossing gate). We then add a further reduction for an amount of time it takes a reasonable person to get back to speed again after being stopped. As our runners tell us, that calculation process is more than fair. As a last resort, I am more than willing to send a note to our friends in Boston about "A Training Encounter of a Wonderful Kind."

So fret not about trains in Portland. As John "The Penguin" Bingham wrote several years ago, a stop by a Portland Train may actually help you.

Les Smith
Event Director

Portland Marathon helps Friends of Mounted Patrol

Click Here to read in the Oregonian about how the Portland Marathon is helping the Mounted Patrol.

About Friends of Mounted Patrol

Friends of Portland's Mounted Patrol is a non-profit organization made up of community leaders that supports Portland's mounted police. The Friends recently gave $100,000 to the City of Portland so the venerable Portland crime fighters and ambassadors wouldn't be cut from the City's budget. The Friends give money yearly to support the horses by purchasing equipment and even saving a horse by providing the funds for a life saving surgery. The Friends also buy protective shoes, blankets, food, and other important equipment for the horses. Portland's Mounted Patrol put a gentle face on the Portland Police Bureau while being effective and fighting crime. The Friends have committed to raising additional funds to keep the mounted patrol and replenish the foundation.

Learn more HERE

Through the Going The Distance Foundation and the Marathon Direct Giving Program, many direct donations are given by the event to our volunteer groups. The Portland Marathon recruits over 4,500 volunteers annually to assist with our event.

Our volunteer program has served as a vehicle for providing school and organizational credit and experience for a host of local charities, nonprofits, sport, school, and service clubs. It also provides a wonderful sense of community for so many who come to Portland to participate in the events of the Portland Marathon. Volunteer teams have fun, work together and benefit from being involved in a great community event. The Direct Giving Program provides an ability to earn not only experience, but also a donation for volunteering.

The Portland Marathon welcomes volunteers from local charities, nonprofits, schools, service clubs, scouting groups, school sports teams and clubs, athletic teams and school projects such as post graduation parties.

Each year the funds available to us vary, and the donations vary, accordingly. Each year we have many success stories shared with us on how the program continues to benefit others.

Click HERE to learn more.

The Portland Marathon has partnered with Rovia to bring you the best deals on your marathon travel as well as your personal or business travel. Rovia beats Travelocity and Expedia 68% of the time. For more information, visit, GoingTheDistanceTravel.Rovia.com

This is the place to stay! 200 yards from the start/finish area, site of the Expo, awards ceremony and Pasta Party, and it's a "green," LEED certified hotel. There are less than 100 rooms remaining. CLICK HERE to reserve your room today - and receive the Portland Marathon special rate when you use the discount code PDM. (Note: registration is up this year, so book your room early to ensure availability.)

THE POWER OF 10-10-10

Your 10-10-10 Coincidences

On 10-10-10, the Portland Marathon will be my 10th marathon (six of which have been Portland)! This year, my bib will proclaim POWROF10!

Robin Wendlandt,
, OR


This isn't a coincidence story but it is a story I feel deserves to be recognized. I will be running the Portland Full Marathon along side my wonderful husband Dustin, my father-in-law Randy, and inspirational sister-in-law Ashlie.

My father in law is 62 and had a stroke 10 or so years ago. He has since taken his health into his own hands and become a true athlete. He ran the Ogden Utah full Marathon in May and finished in 4 hours 20 minutes, with no official training since he was offered the chance to run the night before.

Ashlie is truly amazing. She is a two-time cancer survivor and had brain surgery about 2 years ago. She was never athletic before and has decided to celebrate her life by running a Marathon. Portland will be her first.

I ran my first Marathon in 2009 after I miscarried for the fourth time. We named her Grace. The same week that I crossed the finish line of my first marathon, which I ran in Gracie's honor, we conceived our second daughter.

Our oldest daughter Kaiya is 6-years-old and has Down Syndrome. She is beyond amazing. Because of her, we are involved with a wonderful foundation called Living the Dream. It is a non-profit foundation that helps children with different illnesses, terminal conditions, and disabilities live each day to the fullest. They do so much to help kids of all ages look past the things in life that limit them and help them reach the stars.

The four of us are running this marathon as the Living The Dream team. We are running for all our own reasons specified above.

10-10-10 is going to be a very emotional and memorable day for the four of us.

Thank you.

Shalee Booker


My wife (Tristin) and I will celebrate our 10th anniversary by running the Portland Half Marathon together! We first ran the Portland Marathon back in 1998 when we were dating, then we ran the Portland Marathon for a 2nd time in 2000 which was the week before we got married and last year we returned to run Portland for the 3rd time together. This race has been special to us as it was our first marathon together and when it announced that Portland Half Marathon would be on our 10th anniversary we signed up again!

We're looking forward to the Portland Marathon Inaugural HALF on 10-10-10!




I just read your July 2010 Newsletter. At the end of it you posted a note of coincidences regarding the race. I found another one. I am a math teacher and I love messing with numbers. I noticed that if you use 10-10-10 as a binary number...101010...when converted to a decimal number...the result is 42. A marathon is 26.2 miles long which is approximately 42 kilometers. I thought that was pretty cool! The date represents the total distance we will run in kilometers if it is in binary and converted to decimal.

Too cool!

Gustavo Anaya
Portland Marathon Finisher
Portland Marathon Participant!!!


I'm walking the half marathon in honor of my dad, who will turn 80 years old that day, what a great celebration. I love you Dad!!!

Teresa Weller.


I have done 10 Portland Marathons and of course this will be my first Portland Half Marathon, it will be special to me because it s on my 52ND Birthday...10/10/10. I will frame my number!


Brandie Smelser


My youngest sister is turning 40 years old. To commemorate the event her four older sisters, a niece and two special family friends are all meeting in Portland to do the half-marathon. Danielle will be coming in from Portland, Maine, two sisters coming from Ware, Massachusetts, and the other two sisters reside in Oregon, her niece hails from Lakeland, Florida - all celebrating this special event; first PDX half-marathon, 10-10-10.

This will be Danielle's first event, and out of the group of eight only four have competed in a 15K, half or full marathon. We are so... looking forward to this event.



Have a coincidence to share? Email them to info@portlandmarathon.org and send a photo if you can.

06-09 Portland Marathon finishers Michael and Kristine Hartman of Meadow Vista, California backpacked from Greece through Bosnia to Croatia in May 2010 wearing their Portland Marathon Finishers shirts along the way! In the photo, taken in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Michael and Kristine stand in front of the Stari Most (Old Bridge) over the Neretva River. Built by the Turks in 1566, it is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Heavily damaged in the Serbian/Bosnian war in 1993-it was a major undertaking to rebuild it for daily travel by the Bosnians who use it to get from one side of the town to the other.

Michael and Kristine will be back on October 10th for their 5th consecutive Portland Marathon!

"Running at Half Moon Bay, CA. Love this shirt!" 2008 Portland Marathon finisher Nicci Ciranna of East Lansing, MI.

Thirteen-time Portland Marathon finisher Susan Mallaghan of Medford, Oregon wore her '09 shirt while in Nome last March during the 2010 Iditarod sled dog race.

10-10-10 will mark the 39th Portland Marathon. We have 74 entertainment groups at 53 locations along the course. Each year more than 12,000 people run, walk, or volunteer with the event. Proceeds from the Portland Marathon go to help local schools, charities, and non-profits. The event has been called the "best-organized marathon in North America" and has received national attention for being one of the first eco-friendly, "green" marathons.

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