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April 2012 News, updates, tips, and true stories as we countdown
to the 41st Annual Portland Marathon on 10-07-12.

Hurry and register now!

Hurry and register now. We’ll sell out soon!!

Recently named "Best Marathon in the West" with the "Best Marathon Swag" by Competitor Magazine, the Portland Marathon strives to deliver a better event each year, and 2012 will be no exception—register early to secure your place at the start!

Hot, hot heat...could it happen in portland? No way. No how.

Last Monday, April 16, Boston Marathon runners experienced temperatures in the mid and high 80s! According to one report, “Every runner from the most elite on down felt the affect of the extreme temperatures, which reached 89 Fahrenheit as some of the runners in the final waves trekked down the Boylston homestretch. At the early morning bus departure from Boston Common, sunscreen replaced the usual hat and gloves, while shade in the pre-start waiting area was gone early.”

In October 2007, the Chicago Marathon experienced hot 88 degree temperatures. The race was partially shut down early (after three and a half hours) as temperatures rose, surpassing both the temperature records for the Chicago Marathon and official Chicago records for October 7. During the event, over 10,000 registrants chose not to run in the record temperatures, while 10,934 people did not finish (many were called after the course closed early for safety). (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicago_Marathon)

So what about October in Portland? Could it happen here?

The normal mean Portland temperature for early October is 55 degrees. Rainfall for October 1st averages .02 inches. The estimated normal mean temperature at 7:00 a.m. is 50 and 61 at Noon. Perfect for a long run. Not too hot and not too rainy. Several years ago, Event Director Les Smith adjusted the date of the Portland Marathon from first weekend in October to the second to avoid any run in with late fall heat. Our course committee keeps careful watch on the weather to ensure a safe event for all.

Keys to a successful Portland Marathon,
“Avoid Icebergs! Don't be a Titanic!”

This month marks the start of the various six-month training programs for the Portland Marathon.

This month also marks the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the Titantic. I am tied to that event through my middle name of Vincent. This name was handed down to me from my father who was given that same middle name when he was born on May 10, 1912...a month after the Titanic went down.

The story is that my Grandmother was very impressed with the press reports about Vincent Astor, the oldest child of John Astor. As you may recall, John was returning from England with his young bride after a most scandalous divorce.

John went down with the ship; his bride survived. After the disaster his son Vincent reportedly helped take care of his first wife and siblings. Vincent later died a tragic death in the 1930s. My Dad lived on to be 97 and all his life he took a great interest in the Titanic. Indeed, in his 80s he and my Mother were on the cruise that sailed out to the spot where the Titanic sunk and watch them raise a piece of the hull and a safe and other artifacts.

Once when I was talking with my Dad about running and the number of those runners who did not finish (DNF) the Portland Marathon that year, he laughed and started to compare the Titanic to some of those who DNF a race. He noted the Titanic was all prepared to look and be the best: planned for the fastest passage across the Atlantic; and, was allegedly "unsinkable." But he noted, the Titanic hit the iceberg like the runner who goes out too fast, who wears the wrong shoes and who thinks they are "unbeatable" and ultimately hits the "Wall" and may not finish the race.

"Ah," I said to my very wise Dad..."A lesson about trying to look too good, not realizing the danger of misplaced confidence, even arrogance, and becoming the victim of incomplete planning...the seeds for a DNF."

So as we move into the training season develop a good game plan, learn good pace, do the mileage, do not go out too fast, hydrate and listen to your body.

Avoid Icebergs! Don't be a Titanic!

- Les Smith

It's all about you

The community of Portland brings much enthusiasm and support to the marathon. Our finish-line spectators are some of the best in the nation, cheering wildly for every participant coming down that home stretch. We are pleased to announce the names of more than 95% of our participants at the finish line, and we would love to be able to personally identify you!

Please tell us an interesting fact about yourself and we will do our best to make sure your friends, family, and the rest of Portland hear about you.

Check out the “about you” section of our website. Also don’t forget to share your story on Facebook at “Portland Marathon” and Twitter @pdxmarathon. See more info below.


Ready, set, train your 2012 Portland Marathon!

Portland Marathon Training Clinic

The Portland Marathon Clinic offers several programs leading to the successful completion of the Portland Marathon. Established in 1984 the Clinic has helped thousands of runners and walkers complete their first Marathon and 100's of others to achieve their personal bests. It provides proven, safe and supported programs. It is the sanctioned official training program for the Portland Marathon.

Enter the Training Clinic

Online Training Programs

The Portland Marathon has teamed up with ActiveTrainer coaches to create Marathon, Marathon Walk, Half Marathon, 10K Non-competitive Walking and 5 Miler-competitive run training programs that are a balance of aerobic, anaerobic and cross-training workouts. These training programs are built to get people of all levels across the finish line. Whether you are brand-new to running or a veteran getting back into the sport and are thinking of signing up for the Portland Marathon or 1/2 Marathon, you are invited to join our training program!

Click Here for the Online Training Program training.active.com/ActiveTrainer

Jeff Galloway Training

Sign up now and see events happening in your area!

FREE Training Run April 28

The FREE Saturday run is 7, 9, or 10 miles at 8 am.

Meet at Lulemon 1231 NW Couch St, Portland, OR 97209. For driving directions see: teamoregon.com/pmc/runs/lululemondir.htm

Pay parking is available in the garage underneath Lululemon. Whole Food validates for 2 hours with a 10 dollar purchase. Free parking is on street few blocks up on the other side of the freeway, the nearby meters are mostly 90 mintues. The run will go down Couch to the Waterfront, then across the Steel Bridge pedestrian pathway to the East Side Esplanade. We'll use the first 3.5 - 5 miles of the mapped run. You might want to bring your water bottle.

For complete information and to register go to: teamoregon.com/pmc/training

Facebook: facebook.com/marathonclinic

Twitter: twitter.com/runpdxmarathon

Mother's Day is May 13!

Is the mother in your life training for the 2012 Portland Marathon? Help her train in style. Buy her a new “Training for the Portland Marathon” or “Training for the Portland Half Marathon.”

Haven't registered? Take advantage of our Mother's Day special! Register between May 12-14 at midnight and receive $10 off the full and half. Enter code PMMOM2012.

Visit our store

Register Now!

Running the Eugene Marathon and registered for Portland 2012?

We want to know. We will publish all names of Eugene Marathon finishers who are registered for a 2012 Portland Marathon in our next newsletter. Just send us a note at info@portlandmarathon.org. Good luck and enjoy Track Town! Running other partner events (see below) and registered for Portland? Tell us!

You can still get into the sold out half!

You can still get into the sold out half!

Thanks to all who have registered for The Portland Marathon Half!

The field for 2012 has filled, and general registration is closed.

Only two means of entry are now available:

1) A complimentary entry from Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team in Training by participating as a fundraiser. To register, go to:

teamintraining.org/oswim and select Portland Marathon and Half Marathon.

- or -

2) Purchase of a general charity entry through 2012 Gold Official Charity: Going The Distance Foundation, where half the fee goes directly to The Portland Marathon Charity Program.


Hilton's at the heart of the action

It's all at the Hilton! It’s the site of our registration & expo, and just 3 blocks from the start/finish! Reserve your room today. (Note: registration is up this year, so book your room early to ensure availability.)


Portland Marathon awards runners of 2011 shadow events in Afghanistan

MAJ Russ Gibson presents certificates of appreciation Event Director Les Smith for the Portland Marathon's hosting of a 2011 shadow Portland Marathon and Portland Marathon Half in Afghanistan for the Members of the 1249th Engineers of the Oregon National Guard.

The members of the Oregon National Guard who ran either of the shadow runs of the Portland Marathon or the Portland Marathon Half hosted in Afghanistan in 2011. With them members of the Portland Marathon Committee: Zach Strafford, Les Smith, Mamie Wheeler and Chris Hardman.

Portland Marathon committee members presents finishers of the 2011 shadow Portland Marathon and Portland Marathon Half in Afghanistan with their finisher medals.

For the last three years the Portland Marathon has hosted "shadow runs" where by deployed troops have the opportunity to run the Portland Marathon or the Portland Marathon Half in Iraq or Afghanistan at the same time as our participants run and walk our Event here in Portland.

A total of seven shadow runs have been hosted by the Portland Marathon at a variety of military posts and camp locations with nearly 3000 participants for all of the events. And each year at least one of these runs has been held for members of a unit of the Oregon National Guard (ONG) that is serving in one or both of the two countries.

The runs are at no cost to the troops. The Portland Marathon provides special custom made bibs/numbers, souvenir shirts, finisher shirts, medals, custom Challenge Coins, pendants, posters and even volunteer shirts. The Portland Marathon also supports the charities of the ONG.

Units participating, in addition to those from the ONG, have included Stryker units from Ft Lewis, a unit from Fort Riley which was stationed in the mountains on the Iraq-Iran border, troops from an Air Force Base in Tillil, Iraq, troops from Marine Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan and troops and personnel from a Combat Support Hospital in Afghanistan. The events have also included troops that have registered from many other types of units, including Navy personnel, British and the troops of other NATO countries.

During the last two years, the end of the deployment for two ONG units has fallen immediately after the shadow runs have been completed. This timing makes it impossible to get all of the swag to those in the ONG unit that are coming home. As a result, the Portland Marathon Committee has the honor to help welcome the troops when they return to their home units. And when we do this we give them the remaining items they have earned such as the finisher's shirts and medals.

One recent "awards" ceremony, including the presentation of shirts, medals and Challenge Coins, took place at ONG headquarters in Salem. Done as part of a military ceremony, it was an impressive way to be able to thank these soldiers for their service as well as the completion of our events.

Six of the previous events took place on an essentially "secure and safe," flat course laid out at or near military posts in iraq and Afghanistan. However, the ONG's 2011 runs were on a post where the three laps that were used created an elevation gain of over 2,800 feet. And, while some completed the event runner style, some of the participants did it in boots with a rut sack...in temperatures above 70 degrees!

This year we anticipate doing another event at Camp Sabalu-Harrison near Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan. Preparations are already beginning for this event which will be held at the same time as our Portland Marathon on October 7th.

Our thanks to Peter and Julie Stott and the Stott Foundation for their help and support with the Portland Marathon Shadow Run Project for Deplored Troops. Without their assistance all we do for those who are serving would not be possible.

And for those on our Committee who served in the military, most of whom are Vietnam era veterans, doing these runs for our troops is deeply gratifying.

Have a great spring of training with Portland Marathon Partner Events

Stop by the Portland Marathon Booth at the Expos at Big Sur Marathon and Eugene Marathon THIS COMING WEEKEND!!! to get $10 off a Marathon registration (good April 27-30).

Eugene Marathon and Half Marathon
April 27, 2012

Big Sur Marathon
April 29, 2012

Hippie Chick Half & Quarter Marathon
May 12, 2012

Helvetia Half Marathon
June 9, 2012

Grandma’s Marathon and the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon
June 16, 2012

Sunriver Marathon For A Cause
September 1, 2012

Oregon Wine Country Half Marathon
September 2, 2012

For more info on these great events visit our website:


Check out the new Portland Marathon store

We include an adorable puppy with every order, just kidding.



Portland Marathon's Event Director's College was a hit in Charleston, South Carolina

The Portland Marathon Event Director's College presented a two-day conference for event directors, event committee persons and others in the running and walking industry as part of the 35th Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston, South Carolina on March 28-29, 2012.

Thank you to all who attended:

Electric City Printing

HOPE Relay

The Citadel

Food for the Sole

Crescent City Classic


ChronoTrack Systems


Green and Lean 5K


Columbia Marathon/Go Green

Francis Marion Dirt Dash

Mermaid Series


Marine Corps Marathon

Maxwell Medals & Awards

Charleston Metro Sports

James Island Connector Run

Charleston Marathon

Vapor Apparel

Emedia Group

Sport Science

Great Lakes Multisport



B&S Event Management

Charleston Road Race Services

Jeff Galloway Training Program

Tactic Race Solutions, LLC

Big Sur Marathon

Grandma’s Marathon


Endurance Marketing

Virtual Race Bags

Leslie Jordan Apparel Design & Mfg. Co.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Expos

Always Advancing, LLC

Cooper River Bridge Run

B&S Event Management


K of C Turkey Day Run

Bear Foot Sports

Crescent City Classic

NYC Marathon

Emedia Group

Susan G. Komen Foundation

USMC Mud Run

Tactic Race Solutions, LLC

Where did you wear your shirt?

Here are a few photos from my my recent trip to Paris. I wore my shirt around the city proudly. I’m healthy and looking forward to October.

- Greg

Lee Gray kneeling on the Finish Line of the 115th Boston Marathon 2011.

Since I live across the country in Virginia, and never get to hang out with my friends…two days after the Portland Marathon, we took a mini trip to Astoria, then down the coast, visiting along the way (clockwise from top left): The Astoria Column, the house from the Goonies movie, Seaside and the Tillamook Cheese Factory.

- Kara Lillethun

In Your Words

I ran the Portland Marathon this past October (2011). This was my 18th marathon but had the most positive impact on me. The weekend was wonderful, and the course was lovely.

This past year has been an emotional one due to several less than ideal events in my life but the dried rose I keep in my living room reminds me of that day. I had some very sad news last week but wearing the necklace I got at the finish line is a reminder to myself about how wonderful I felt that day and to keep my focus positive.

I live in Boston so I did not qualify for the Boston marathon, I proudly wore my Portland marathon shirt on my morning run and feel a sense of happiness and motivation wearing my necklace. Thank you for such a wonderful experience which has kept with me. I have recommended this marathon to many fellow runners and am hoping to get my sister (a fellow marathoner) to make Portland her next marathon. Thank you.

Shari Franzetta
Boston, MA

We asked and you answered. Here’s are just a few snippets from the awesome (and hilarious) conversations we have daily on Facebook and Twitter. There are many more great comments on our Facebook friend and fan page. To see the full conversation and get involved, click the icons below.

Your photos

"What was the reason you started running/walking? Share your story with us."

Nahan -- My father's health was a huge wake up call for me.

Candace -- I wanted to get back in better shape before I was older and it was harder to come by. Running was more accessible than swimming and I wasn't interested in joking a gym at the time. I lost 25lbs in about 3-4 months.

Taryn -- I was five years old and my mom put me in cross country. it stuck ever since.

Dawn -- Cheaper than therapy :)

Wanda -- Stress reliever!

Jackie -- To quit smoking!

Garon -- To get the girls.

Conrad -- In the Portland community, Racewalking is over 90% female.

Angie -- Always run to stay in shape for other sports, but daily runs started for a pacing dog. We ran together for years. Still think of her every run I do now.

John -- It was something I could do by myself and without much in the way of equipment or expense and that has changed now...but I love it more than ever!

Kellie -- I started because I was FAT, and I didn't want to be the fat one in the family. My sister started running and lost a ton of weight, so I thought if she could do it I could do it. Then, I fell in love with running.

Jamie -- I needed something of my own. It's my life-line.

Jan -- My mother was my inspiration. She did her last marathon at 75. At 68 I have walked 12 marathons and too many half marathons to count. It keeps me healthy and as someone said cheaper than a therapist.

Cipres -- Got diagnosed w/ diabetes type 2.

Laura -- Because running takes you places you never thought you could go!

Julie -- Social Network! Come to find out that Portland has some of the BEST running clubs with the BEST people! Love my running friends, they are so much more than just "running friends".

Lindsey -- I was fat.

David -- Stress, high blood pressure, and the need for a new sense of accomplishment.

Jeff -- To honor my mother!! Then fell in love with the sport. So every marathon I run is for her and the others are for me!!

Brent -- Stress management technique - and helps me feel better about an occasional libation and the associated liquid calories.

Sheila -- To escape the crazy world of a working Mommy with two young children! It was the ONLY time that I could be alone LOL!

Atheana -- Better cardiovascular health. Also when the zombies come I don't want to be the last one!

Jim -- Keep up with my son who runs...

Brian -- To get the girl

Dereth -- To get through a bad breakup, and to lose weight

Angie -- It was the best way I knew to tell cancer to kiss my a**!

Allison -- To find ME after becoming a mom for the second time. Easy to lose yourself in the every days of life.

Frank -- Because being fat AND middle aged is just stupid.

Ken -- Had open heart surgery in late 2009 to replace my Aortic Valve. Quit drinking and smoking and found running as a good alternative to those destructive habits I was forced to give up.

On those days when you don't feel like training, what is the inspiration that keeps you going?

Taryn Graham -- my dog

Tom Haig -- The first post-race beer at Kells.

Christy Westover -- The fact that I'm meeting my running buddies. No one wants to get crap for not showing up! :0)

Cate Wade -- I like the ten minute rule; go for at least ten and if you want to stop, you can. I continue 95% of the time.

Debbie Stevens -- The knowledge that SOME DAY I may no longer be able to, so while I can...I will! :)

Karen Maas -- That I've paid some big bucks, and it will hurt more if I don't train!

Terri Gray Ujifusa -- The huge amount of money I paid Ironman...a DNS or DNF would suck more than pushing through a workout.

Danielle Frost -- My bikini! :)

David Sloan -- Favorite rock music on my iPod. That and thinking about my health 20 years from now!

Kimberlee Lafferty -- Public humiliation (well, actually, Facebook humiliation) works for me. I post that I'm going to run on my wall. If I don't run, I know I'll get grief from my FB friends.

Claire Barrilleaux Bartlett -- I get out there because I can and I'm thankful for that. If it's raining or I'm just not feeling it, I put on my running clothes and shoes, gets me in the mood every time!

Margaret Craford -- My Honored Hero 6 yr. old Eli and my Team in Training teammates.

Kelly M Johnson -- That running gives you freedom and no one can tell you what to do.

Erin Nardone Stone -- I never regret going for a run...even when I don't want to go, I'm always glad that I do!

Matt Craven -- Knowing that I dont want to live life w/out regrets…keeps me motivated, training and focused.

Monica Talbot Ortigoza -- Knowing how bad it hurts on race day when I don't put the training in.

Amy Ennis Strobel -- My neighbor standing on the corner waiting at 5:30 in the morning - rain or shine!

Amanda Alford Hopper -- Its an accomplishment all my own

Holly Sackett -- My Nike shirt that says "Suck it up", I put it on and get out there.

Julee Lock Ryan -- Knowing that getting out the door is the hardest part.

Coach's Corner

Coach Jared Leeper was born and raised in Oregon. He began his education at Southern Oregon University, majoring in exercise science and was a captain for the university's football team.

Jared has been professionally coaching since 2007. As a health and fitness practitioner, he is very grateful for the opportunity to assist others in achieving optimal health through education, real strength training, individualized nutrition, and had dedicated his life to helping people "Live Healthy, Lean, & Fit."

"I believe that when you invest in something of value, it lasts a lifetime. And I guarantee my coaching provides this. Visit my site ProgressingPerformance.com and see how I can better your life and performance today!"

Visit my site progressingperformance.com and see how I can better your life and performance today!

Submit your coaching questions to the Portland Marathon's Coach Leeper at CoachsCorner@portlandmarathon.org

In the best of health,
Coach Leeper


October 7, 2012 will mark the 41st Annual Portland Marathon! We have 83 entertainment groups at 53 locations along the course. Each year more than 12,000 people run, walk, or volunteer with the event. Proceeds from the Portland Marathon go to help local schools, charities, and non-profits. The event has been called the "best-organized marathon in North America" and has received national attention for being one of the first eco-friendly, "green" marathons.

Connect with other Portland Marathoners via:

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