April 2010 News, updates, tips, and true stories as we countdown to the 39th Annual Portland Marathon on 10·10·10

Portland Marathon rocks your run (or walk)

Classical, jazz, blues, rock, syncopated drums, marimba, Dixieland, big band, swing, country, Christian rock, Latin, hand bells, bagpipes, salsa, mariachi, folk, calypso, harps, Andean, Japanese drums and even accordions and polka—the Portland Marathon’s variety of entertainment is sure to keep you going at every mile.

Over the 26.2-mile course, we’ll feature at least 72 bands and entertainers at more than 60 venues. In addition to bands and music, we also have cheerleaders, dancers and of course, thousands of spectators.

The musicians and entertainers who perform annually for the Portland Marathon follow in a very long tradition. For more than 20 years, the Portland Marathon has been a pioneer in live, on-course entertainment.

Around seven years ago, several other marathons in the country followed the Portland Marathon's footsteps and began featuring entertainment. Other events were finally catching on, and Portland had to stay ahead, so Event Director Les Smith approached Peter Stott, one of Oregon's major business leaders and philanthropists. Would Peter help with budget assistance to allow the Marathon to unequivocally continue its claim to the national top rank in on-course entertainment? No sooner said than done.

Armed with a budget and some new enthusiasm provided by Marathon volunteer Dennis Bromka, the Marathon exploded with performers of all kinds. After setting a goal of at least one music stop per mile, the event now offers 72 groups spread over 60 locations.

Some of the music groups amp you up, others inspire the soul and many ease the pain. And, it is universally true that the performers find this to be their most meaningful gig of the year. The courage and vitality of the runners and walkers reach them in a very special way.

The Portland Marathon may not have "rock" in its name, but we sure knows how to put on an awesome show. A full entertainment schedule will be available on www.portlandmarathon.org as we get closer to 10-10-10.

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Portland Marathon Training Clinic starts soon!

Portland Marathon Training Clinic seminars start April 21 and FREE runs start April 10. These runs are great ways to meet people, run with groups at your same speed and level, and have fun while training, and did we mention, they are FREE!

"Portland is a great place to train for a fall event. Good weather and good training groups to join," said Mamie Wheeler, long-time Medical Director of the Portland Marathon. "Whether it's the Portland Marathon's six-month program of free training runs or participation in one of the many running clinics in town, there are lots of options for a runner or walker to safely get ready," Wheeler added.

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Event Director Les Smith tells all about 10-10-10 and beyond

We sat down with Portland Marathon Event Director, Les Smith, to get some answers to our burning questions regarding this year's event. In the following Q&A, Smith tells it like it is about the Five Miler, the kids' marafun run and current registration numbers.

Q: What is the truth to the rumor that the Portland Marathon Five Miler may not take place this year?

A: The Fiver Miler will not take place this year and is postponed until next year. The reason is that the new course of The Portland Marathon Half prevents using the traditional course for the Five Miler.

Q: That sounds like the Five Miler may return. Is that true?

A: Yes, it will be back next year and will be part of our 40th Portland Marathon Anniversary Celebration of the Portland Marathon. We plan to run the event from the point our 10K Walk will begin on Willamette Blvd. That will create a very fast course. So we may call the new event "The Portland Marathon DownHill Dash."

Q: Anything else you can tell us about this 2011 event?

A: It will be fun. Not sure what the distance will be. Probably 10K if the start area works out. We will probably have to limit the size of its field. And we may start to sell entries for it at our Expo in October. Meanwhile we are also looking for a really enthusiastic sponsor.

Q: With these plans what is the status of the Kids Marafun Run for this year?

A: The Kids Marafun Run will also change this year... for the better. One of our concerns has always been that with the growth of the kids event we end up with more parents anxiously looking for their children at the finish. So we have decided to move the event from Sunday to Saturday of the Marathon Weekend.

Q: How will this work?

A: Our vision for the event is to make it even more family friendly. Actually it has been the long time goal to ultimately move the event to Saturday. Also to make it into a program that better suites kids, their schools and their parents. So we have been studying successful programs at other events and think we have come upon a wonderful program type to include in our event.

Q: Can you tell us more?

A: We look forward to announcing further details in June or July. But we guarantee it will be a fun and even more inclusive event.

Q: How is the registration going for the full Marathon?

A: This year has been amazing. Right now we are at a registration level that is nearly seven times what it was at this time last year. Even if the pace slows down (and it will not) we will sell out. So we may have to announce a closure by July or early August.

Q: Any advice for those considering doing the full Marathon?

A: Register now. Also look for our specials. To not miss them tell your friends to sign up for this newsletter. And, when you see a special, use it when you see it. It may or may not be repeated. But if folks wait they may be disappointed because we will be sold out when they try.


To be announced

Charity Registrants:
Half Marathon Charity runners Click Here to register

Additional Details:
To be announced. Send inquiries to info@portlandmarathon.org


The Portland Half Marathon is now closed to the general public. Thank you to everyone who registered!

There are a limited number of entries available through our Official Charities. Please contact these Charities directly to get information on how to obtain a Half Marathon entry, become a fundraiser, and Run For A Reason!

We hope you can join us for this exciting Inaugural 1/2 Marathon Event On 10-10-10.

American Cancer Society bonnie.ell@cancer.org
Lorenzen Pancreatic Cancer Foundation raewyn@tofightcancer.com
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society teamintraining@lls.org
Susan G Komen, Race for the Cure cmoore@komenoregon.org
Ray Of Hope Foundation admin@rayofhope4all.org
Children's Tumor Foundation ebrown@ctf.org


There will be a limited number of special priced Half Marathon entries available to the Military. This will be a special limited time offer that will be sent email in April, 2010. This offer will close when the entries are filled, or by a stated deadline date, which ever comes first.

Full Marathon Entries will also be offered to those on our Military list through this same special price offer.

All military personnel who signed up to participate in our three satellite Portland Half Marathon Events in Iraq in 2009 will receive this offer via the email we have on record. If you participated and did not sign up, or your military email has changed, please sign up here. Additional Military personnel may also sign up here to receive this offer.

Proud History of Our 2009 Iraq Events

In 2009 the Portland Marathon partnered with the Oregon National Guard and Ft Lewis, Washington to host 3 Portland Half Marathon events on US Military posts in Iraq. These events attracted over 1200 runners and walkers.

Following the success of these events, the Portland Marathon Inaugural Portland Marathon Half will take off on home soil as part of the 39th annual Portland Marathon weekend of Events scheduled for 10-10-10. This very special event is limited overall to 3000. Registration for the general public opened in November, filled and closed January 31st.

We encourage Military personnel to not only register, but also consider signing up in our Team categories, which may be competitive or non-competitive. Click here to sign up. These categories have special military divisions listed. Any not listed may be requested at info@portlandmarathon.org. Teams are also encouraged to select a charity from our official charity list, or any other charity of choice, and raise awareness and funds through participating for a cause.

The Portland Marathon is a proud supporter of our Charities and Military. We look forward to having all who respond to this special limited time offer present to celebrate our Inaugural Half Marathon on home soil and all our other fine Portland Marathon Events on 10-10-10.



Have a question about running in Portland? Kelly Johnson and her team of experts are here to help.

Kelly has been a runner for more than 18 years. She has run two marathons and has been a pacer for the Portland Marathon three times. Kelly writes and manages the RunOregon blog (blog.oregonlive.com/runoregon). She has also served on the Team Red Lizard board for three years, and is a member of the Portland Marathon Committee. As you can see, Kelly loves running and talking about running. To submit your questions, email info@portlandmarathon.org with the title “ASK KELLY.” Here’s our question for the month:

Dear Kelly,
I hear the Portland Marathon has lots of entertainment acts on their course, and I also know they are MP3-player friendly. Should I wear my iPod or go with the live music? I'm stuck, please help!

Rock on,

Dear Janis,
Good question! It’s almost like, should I have the strawberry shortcake or the mudslide pie?

If you have trained with your iPod, you should definitely have it with you. The music on the course at the Portland Marathon is, indeed, great, but you never know when you’ll want to hear your favorite song or need a little motivation that you can only get from “I Love Rock n’ Roll!”

You can always turn the music down when you go by a rocking band, or just keep grooving to your tunes when you pass by the entertainment acts that aren’t music – like the belly dancers that are a favorite attraction around mile 21.

Either way, you’ll have a great time.

See you on 10-10-10!

Judy Smith of Spokane, WA wore her finisher shirt in front of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, so named because of the beautiful tiles lining its interior. Judy and husband Barry Smith vacationed there and in the Greek Isles in 2006 with their daughter and son-in-law. Barry is also a Portland Marathon Finisher, having run the event 3 times.

2008 finisher Jeremy Toevs of Cornelius, OR braved the elements in March 2010 for a hike up Whistler in B.C. It was an epic climb to 4,000 feet.

Geoff Stamper of Spokane, WA shows off his 2003 seedling turned towering tree.

The photo above was taken at the Pope’s palace in Avignon, France in May 2009. From top to bottom are, Eric and Liz Lieberg – both have participated in the Portland Marathon many times; Andrea Lieberg who ran her first marathon with Eric (her Dad) last year and family friend Cassie McGrego, from Dallas TX. She ran her first marathon in Portland with Eric in 2006.

New Galloway training in Portland & Eugene—Free “Getting Started

Our friend and long-time consultant, Olympian Jeff Galloway was in town for several free clinics last month. He explained how to use his Run-Walk-Run method to virtually eliminate injury risk, finish marathons or half marathons with strength. In surveys, runners who used to run continuously and tried his method have improved an average of more than 13 minutes in the marathon. Over 250,000 runners have had success with his program. For more information, visit http://www.jeffgalloway.com/ or http://www.active.com/event_detail.cfm?event_id=1844338.

In your words...

We posed the question, "Is anyone running/walking the Seattle Rock n' Roll half or full to prepare for PDX on 10-10-10?" on our Facebook page (Portland Marathon) on March 30th. These are just a few of the 20 comments we received...

Yes indeed! Running the half! (both Seattle & Portland!)

I am!

Yes, post run is ZERO compared to pdx. I had to find my own space blanket and laid down on the asphalt. Yuck.

Signed up for the 1/2! Never done one before, but looking forward to it!

Signed up for the 1/2 again. Last year the PRE-race was very well organized with lots of busses. It will kick off my training for my first full in Portland!

I did my first full last year at the age of 61. I am looking forward to 10-10-10 and having more fun.

YES! Finally getting my sister up here to run with me...I ALWAYS run with her in PDX (which I love)!

I am walking my 8th marathon (Eugene) on May 2; my 9th marathon will be Seattle on June 26 so that I can walk my 10th marathon on 10-10-10 (Portland)!

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It's all at the Hilton - the site of our registration & expo, and just 3 blocks from the start/finish! CLICK HERE to reserve your room today - and receive the Portland Marathon special rate when you use the discount code PDM. (Note: registration is up this year, so book your room early to ensure availability.)

10-10-10 will mark the 39th Portland Marathon. We have 74 groups at 53 locations along the course. Each year more than 12,000 people run, walk, or volunteer with the event. Proceeds from the Portland Marathon go to help local schools, charities, and non-profits. The event has been called the "best-organized marathon in North America" and has received national attention for being one of the first eco-friendly, "green" marathons.

The Portland Marathon with its closed course was the first major marathon event to endorse the use of iPods, MP3 players and other electronic devises... including cell phones. USTAF rules still bar the use of a cell phone! We continue to be an MP3 Player Friendly Marathon.

For more information, visit www.portlandmarathon.org or e-mail info@portlandmarathon.org. The Portland Marathon is also available through Facebook and Twitter (@pdxmarathon).

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