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04/11/2014FlipKey Blog

Portland Marathon named one of the Top Races Worth Traveling for

Running is an activity unlike any other. It has many noted physical and psychological benefits. You can run indoors, outdoors, in fair weather, or even in extreme weather. There is no offseason. It makes no matter your tax bracket, your footwear, or your skill level – running is not discriminatory. Running can transform your life or it can become a part of your daily routine or even both. There is a camaraderie in running that is hard to duplicate, too.

Marathons and road races allow all runners to challenge themselves to run farther, faster, and longer than they ever have. Whether there is a trophy waiting for you at the end, or just an ice cold beer, running a race delivers a personal satisfaction that is hard to find anywhere else. We’ve searched through every state to find the 50 top races and marathons worth traveling for. Charity races, full marathons, half marathons, local road races and many more were considered. Some wowed us with their tireless devotion to charity, others with their gorgeous landscapes, and even more with their popularity and strong reviews from those who have participated.

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10/29/2012Fox 12

Couple Gets Married During Race

PORTLAND - For two of the runners participating in the Portland Marathon, the race featured a different starting line - the one for their marriage.


Runners gear up for 2012 Portland Marathon

PORTLAND – The Rose City was filled with runners, volunteers, and spectators Sunday morning for the 41st running of the Portland Marathon.

10/05/2012oregon live

Portland Marathon stays relevant by being a people’s race…

Large annual sporting events often peak and run their course. The Cascade Run Off was an elite distance race staged on Portland’s streets during the 1980s that eventually died.


Runners ready for Portland Marathon | Portland

PORTLAND - When the Portland Marathon kicks off Sunday, odds are good nearly half the runners will be women and many first-time marathoners.

"Best Race in October" - Runner's World