Can I get a refund or defer my entry to another year?

The Portland Marathon, like other large events, has a longstanding policy that does not allow transfers, refunds, or deferrals.

I cannot participate. What should I do with my entry?

There is still something you can do with your entry fee if you choose not to participate. You can use it as a tax deductible charitable donation, as we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Last year runners and walkers raised over $2 million for charities, and we donated over $150,000 to local clubs, teams and other nonprofits. For your tax purposes, the Portland Marathon tax ID number is 93-1015627.

Can’t I just have my friend run instead of me?

Entries to the Portland Marathon are NOT transferable between individuals or events. Entries once purchased may not be resold, exchanged or given to another person. The Portland Marathon reserves the right to suspend any entry if there is evidence of a transfer.

Recently at another marathon a registered participant gave a bib to an unregistered person. That unregistered person then placed high in the finish order and tried to collect an award. When the officials discovered the illegal transfer the matter was turned over to the local District Attorney and the illegal transferee was charged with fraud and false impersonation. It is understood that person was found guilty or plead guilty.

It is understood that other events are using law enforcement in settings where someone tries to buy or sell an entry thru Craigslist or other web sites. Such actions involving the internet are a Federal offense as well as violation of applicable State laws.

An entry into a running/walking event is not like a ticket to a ball game. Instead it has too many personal and legal attributes to be passed around.

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