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Portland Marathon Training Clinic

pmtc-logoThe Portland Marathon Clinic offers several programs leading to the successful completion of the Portland Marathon. Established in 1984 the Clinic has helped thousands of runners and walkers complete their first Marathon and 100’s of others to achieve their personal bests. It provides proven, safe and supported programs. It is the sanctioned official training program for the Portland Marathon. Download the brochure

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Run with Felipe

felipe-275We’ve partnered with our friend and all-star athlete Felipe Loureiro to offer a special customized program to Portland Marathon and Half Marathon runners. Felipe will be running in the Portland Half Marathon event and looks forward to running with you. Felipe is a USA Triathlon Level I certified coach as well as a certified NCSF personal trainer. Felipe has raced in over 500 triathlons, finished over 180 running races, and competes professionally in all triathlon disciplines including Ironmans!

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Walk the Half Marathon – Presented by Wonders of Walking

Group training is more effective than training alone. You’ll improve your technique. Learn how to pace yourself. Improve your performance with personalized coaching in a group setting. Finish feeling good!

Where: Group trainings will rotate locations: Grant Track, Waterfront, Mt. Tabor, others to be determined

When: June 7 – September 27, 2015
Meets every other week for a specific training segment
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Fee: $135

What you need to know: Hands-on, personalized attention gives you the opportunity to create the change you want in your walking performance. You can cross the finish line healthy and vibrant!

What You Will Receive in this Program:

  • This 16-week training program begins June 17th meeting every other week through September 30.
  • We will meet at four different locations for specific training related to walking technique, movement and gait, address muscular strengths and imbalances; including mobility and flexibility drills as well as stretching components; heart rate training, training principles, speed, legal racewalk competition, building your skills to compete in or finish the Portland Half Marathon.
  • Weekly email tips
  • Race strategies
  • You will receive hands-on-coaching from Judy Heller, who achieved All American Standards in race walking for the 1-mile, 5K and 10K in 2011 for her age group and has trained many Portland Marathon walkers!

Benefits Include:

  • Increase your walking speed and distance
  • Increase your ability to climb hills
  • Maintain form and sprinting ability at the end of a race
  • For race walkers, learn to maintain legal race walk form throughout the event
  • Decrease your risk of first time walking injuries
  • Decrease your risk of re-injury
  • Lots of Fun!!

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Partner Events

A Portland Marathon Partner Event is a running or walking event promoted by The Portland Marathon as an interesting, challenging, fun, and well administered event that can potentially be participated in as part of training for The Portland Marathon in October.

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