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jaredCoach Jared

Coach Jared Leeper was born and raised in Oregon. He began his education at Southern Oregon University, majoring in exercise science where he was captain for the university’s football team.

Jared has been professionally coaching since 2007 and has over 12,000 hours of hands on one on coaching experience. As an advocate for optimal strength & health, he is very grateful for the opportunity to assist others.  Obtaining optimal health is achieved through education, proper strength training, and individualized nutrition.  Jared has dedicated his life to helping people live strong, healthy & lean!

“I believe that when you invest in something of quality, it should last a lifetime. At I personally guarantee my coaching and team provide a lifetime worth of results.”

Coach Leeper believes that we are a daily culmination of what we have learned and what we practice.  Education and practice are the biggest determining factors to coaching success and your results.  Here is a quick list of the education, certifications, seminars, and internships that coach has attended and will be attending in the future.

BS-Southern Oregon University
PICP Level 3
BioSignature Level 2training
CrossFit Level 1
FFT Tool
Westside Barbell
Mike Mahler-seminar
Eleiko Strength Summit-seminar

You can visit Coach and the great staff at their facility here.

What we do differently at Fusion Training and Xfit:

1. Optimal Body Composition Coaching

We specialize in permanent, guaranteed results. We will never put you on a diet. However, you will learn the effective techniques that produce long term, maintainable results to live the strong, healthy and lean life you want!  It is our goal for you to have no limits in life!

We use the Poliquin Group BioSignature body fat and hormonal modulation system at Fusion TX.  This is by far the most advanced and modern method for tracking and correcting body composition.  Using this method we can typically add .5-1.0 pounds of muscle per week and lose 1-2 pounds of fat per week!  You can learn more about the BioSignature method here.

The four largest factors that lead to obesity, poor and disease are; stress, toxins, malnutrition, and poor sleep. When we lose our wellness we become susceptible to sickness and disease.  However if you gain strength and fitness you have to become well before you get sick.  Strength and fitness are preventatives to disease.

There are no paradoxes in biology. Everything happens for a reason, knowing is 49% of your battle, and implementing proven successful protocols that are specific to you is how we solve the problem.

2. Increased Strength and Speed

Force X Mass = Acceleration.  Using time tested methods that have produced champion after champion through the years combined with the best and most cutting edge equipment we make people faster!

Strength is the mother of all qualities.  Without strength, nothing lasts.  The stronger and best-coached athlete will always finish first and be on top of the podium. Fusion TX is known for results, hands down.  We’ve seen people decrease their race times by over 30%! Would you like to finish an hour faster?

We have shipped equipment in from all over the globe to bring you to the next level.

Visit and see how we can better your life and performance today!

Submit your coaching questions to the Portland Marathon’s Coach Leeper at CoachsCorner@PortlandMarathon.orggym

In the best of strength & health,

Coach Leeper



Coach Samuel

Joining Jared Leeper, Fusion D1Athletics, in Portland Marathon’s Coach’s Corner is Coach Samuel Johnson.

Born and raised in Portland, OR, Coach Johnson has been a lifelong athlete, competing in various sports. Most recently, in the 2013 CrossFit Games as part of Team Crossfit Asia.

Sam began coaching during his 6 years in active duty with the United States Air Force.

He specializes in well designed and structured strength and conditioning programs for both competitive athletes of all sports as well as everyday people looking to improve overall health and wellness and improve split times or increase lean body mass. His goal as a fitness coach is to inspire individuals to make long-term positive lifestyle choices and have fun with their fitness.

To schedule a fitness evaluation or ask Coach Johnson a Fitness question, click here.

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