Participant Teams

About Teams

The team captain fee is in addition to the registration fee. This fee covers the event administration fees of providing teams with web pages and management tools as you’ll read about below. Many are corporate teams and therefore the fee is paid by the employer sponsoring team participation in the event. Then internal company competitions are set up for fun and to encourage wellness and employee camaraderie.

How Do I Create A Team?
To create a team you must first choose a Team Captain and have them register for the event (during registration they will create the team).

Team Captain Instructions:

1)  Team Captains need to register for the event and select create a team during registration. When creating your team you will select your team name, team password (optional), category and division. As Team Captain you will have access to the team information and special tools.

2)  PLEASE NOTE: all team members must participate in the same event to be on a team.

3)  Provide your Team Name (and team password if applicable) to all individuals who want to be on your Team. They will then register and choose your team name from the drop down box on the registration form during event registration.

4)  Maintain contact with team members and manage your team roster online.

5)  Designate a meeting area for team members before and after the race!

Which Events are open to Team participation?
All Marathon events are open to Team participation. Teams members must participate in the same event to be on a team.

How Do I register for A Team?
Team Members will go through the normal registration process for the event, and select their team name from the drop down menu on the registration form.

How many can be on a Team?
Teams must be a minimum of 2 people. There is no maximum number for any team.

Can I join a Team after I have already registered?
Yes, if you decide to join a team after you have already registered individually, you can contact and request a team administrator to move you to a specific team.

Personalize your Team
Teams are encouraged to print a team t-shirt or singlet and invite their co-workers, friends and family to participate as volunteers for the race. Pictures and human-interest articles submitted by teams become the property of the Event and will be reviewed for publication in post event electronic publications and other media formats by the event.

Train for your Event
Learn about training programs available here.

Additional Information:
Our registration software (RaceIT) provides a Team Management Center for each Team Captain to access. The Team Management Center includes various tools that will be helpful to the Team Captain through the course of registration, including the ability to view the team roster, download team reports, email team members, invite others to join their team, etc. You can access your Team Management Center via the instructions in your confirmation e-mail. If you need assistance, please contact RaceIT Customer Support

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