About Teams

Running together can build stronger friendships, stronger communities and stronger teams! The Portland Marathon encourages team participation for a variety of types of groups in the spirit of camaraderie. Team participants pay the same registration fee as regular participants, and team captains are able to manage teams through a portal that allowed for posting updates, tracking registration and earning $5 back for their school, club or charitable organization.

First, you’ll need to choose one of the participants who will be a team captain.

Team Captains:

  • Team Captains need to register for the event and select “create a team” during registration.
  • When creating your team, you will select your team name, team type, team category, team division, and privacy settings. A team password is optional to restrict who will be able to join the team. As Team Captain you will have access to the team information and special tools at
  • PLEASE NOTE: All team members must participate in the same event to be on a team.
  • If desired, you may pre-pay for additional team members. You will specify the number of team members you wish to pre-pay for on your registration form, and you will be charged this number of additional number of registration fees at check out.
    • To invite your prepaid team members, log into your account, select “My Events,” from the drop down box. When the page refreshes, choose to “Invite pre-paid team members.”
    • The invited team members will receive an email inviting them to register. They must follow the link in the email to claim their pre-paid registration.
  • If you opt to become a fundraising team, you will receive an email from Crowdrise instructing you how to begin the fundraising process. All team members who join your team will automatically be assigned to your fundraising team on Crowdrise.
  • Provide your Team Name (and team password if applicable) to all individuals who want to be on your Team. They will then register and choose “join a team” on their registration form. They will select your team name from the drop down box on the registration form during event registration.
  • Maintain contact with team members, manage your team roster, and send pre-paid invites (if applicable) online at
  • Don’t forget to designate a meeting area for team members before and after the race! Other ideas: You can create a t-shirts or costumes, send training updates and photos to the Portland Marathon social media outlets, compete with another team in your company or town, and more!

Which Events are open to Team participation?
All Marathon events are open to Team participation. Teams members must participate in the same event to be on a team.

How Do I register for A Team?
Team Members will go through the normal registration process for the event, and select their team name from the drop down menu on the registration form.

How many can be on a Team?
Teams must be a minimum of 2 people. There is no maximum number for any team.

Can I join a Team after I have already registered?
Yes, if you decide to join a team after you have already registered individually, you can contact and request a team administrator to move you to a specific team.

Personalize your Team
Teams are encouraged to print a team t-shirt or singlet and invite their co-workers, friends and family to participate as volunteers for the race. Pictures and human-interest articles submitted by teams become the property of the Event and will be reviewed for publication in post event electronic publications and other media formats by the event.

Train for your Event
Learn about training programs available here.

Additional Information:
Our registration software (ACTIVE Endurance) provides a My Events page for each Team Captain to access. The My Events page includes various tools that will be helpful to the Team Captain through the course of registration, including the ability to view the team roster, email team members, invite others to join their team, etc. You can access your My Events page at If you need assistance, please contact Help & Support

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