The start is at 7:00 A.M. for all runners and walkers in the Portland Marathon and Portland Marathon Half. BECAUSE OF TRAFFIC, POLICE CONTROL AND LOGISTIC SUPPORT COURSE MONITORS WILL DISQUALIFY ANYONE WHO STARTS BEFORE 7:00 A.M Plan to arrive downtown by 6:00 a.m.

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Splits and Marking

The course will be clearly marked and monitors will be at all major intersections. Large mile marker signs will mark each mile during the race. Balloons also mark mile locations.

Aid Stations

Located less than every 2 miles, approximately 19 aid stations will feature water and Ultima Replenisher, a mineral replacement, along the course. As always, to ensure carbo replacement, we will be offering 5 or 6 gummy bear stations. As of now, there will not be gel available at aid stations.

Volunteers for aid stations are recruited from businesses, school groups, service clubs and non-profit organizations who compete for awards; including the best organized, best decorated, and most enthusiastic aid stations.

NOTE: Food is not served on the course. Slower walkers are encouraged to carry water bottles and other necessary food supplements.

Rest Rooms and Showers

There will be plenty of portable toilets at the start and finish and at a number of points along the race course. Locations will be marked with signs. At the start, portable toilets are located near each starting corral.


The majority of the course will be totally closed to vehicular traffic. The last 7 miles have sidewalks on either side of the street which may be used easily and comfortably by runners and walkers who fall behind a six and one-half-hour pace. See alternate/late course for more info.


Medical aid points along the course at aid stations and at the finish will be equipped with limited medical assistance, tape, band-aids, space kits, and Vaseline. Ambulance service will be available and roving vehicles will transport non-finishers to the reunion area from aid stations when necessary.

The Finish

ChronoTrack chip timing system is used. Chip timing includes the start, 10k, 10 mile, half marathon, 20 mile, 35 km and finish splits. The chip is also used to facilitate the calling of names of runners and walkers as they cross the finish line. We are proud to call out the names of over 97% of our finishers!

"Best Race in October" - Runner's World