Where and when is the pre-race Expo and packet pick-up?

Packet pick up is at the Portland Marathon Sports & Fitness Expo, held at our host hotel, the Hilton Portland downtown on Friday, October 2, 2015 from 11am – 8p.m. and on Saturday, October 3, 2015 from 9am  – 7pm. Remember there is no packet pickup Sunday.

Where & when is the START for the Portland Marathon and Portland Marathon Half?

The starting line for the Portland Marathon & Portland Marathon Half is at SW 4th and Taylor in downtown Portland, Oregon. The events start together (learn more about our corral system below) at 7 a.m. on Sunday, Oct. 4, 2015.

How do I know if I’m registered? What is my bib number?

If you’re unsure if you’re registered, you can search using a link below (Note: Updated weekly only). You must bring your photo ID with you to the Expo on marathon weekend for packet pick-up.

2015 Full Marathon Confirmation

2015 Half Marathon Confirmation

Does the Portland Marathon qualify me for Boston?

The Portland Marathon on October 4, 2015 is a qualifier for the 2017 Boston Marathon. It is also a qualifier for the 2016 Boston Marathon IF the registration for the 2016 Boston Marathon is still open.

Who can pick up my packet for me?

Just you. Participants need to pick up their own packets and bring their photo ID.

What aid is available on the course this year?

Located less than every 2 miles, approximately 19 aid stations will feature water and Ultima Replenisher (2015 flavor is Orange), an electrolyte replacement. As always we will be offering 5 or 6 gummy bear and pretzel stations.

Will there be bag check?

No there is no bag drop, however local running store Foot Traffic will be offering a bag drop service. Read more about that below. As we work toward perfecting the security requirements we are required to have for our Event, one of the obvious areas of concern has been baggage check. Because our weather is traditionally quite good and for a variety of other reasons our baggage check numbers over the past few years have averaged only about 18% usage by participants on Event day.

We also have noticed that the ratio of discarded heat sheets/space blankets we give out at the finish is nearly 60%! That means thousands of these Mylar blankets are becoming a trash or “green” issue as we have to dispose of them. Unfortunately they are not easily recycled for use.

Participants will receive a disposable, but reusable finisher jacket/coverup as they cross the finish line that they can keep and use to keep them warm as they recover.

Foot Traffic Bag Check – Local running store, Foot Traffic downtown, will offer bag check during store hours Friday & Saturday before the race and starting at 5:30a Sunday Event Day. This service is free for participants that show a receipt of purchase at Foot Traffic from the previous 3 months or a FTU member. Others must pay $8. Note: Once your bag is dropped off, items cannot be added to it, nor can it be picked up until after the race.

Can I start the Marathon and then decide to run in to the finish on the 1/2 Marathon course?

No. Crashing the last few miles of the Half-Marathon Course is unfair to the runners who registered for the event. Click Here to read additional facts around this prohibition.

I’m entered in the Racewalk or Nordic Walk competition. Where do I check in?

Please check in at the Racewalk/Nordic Walk table at the Expo. We will have bib numbers and instructions for all registered Racewalk and Nordic Walk participants. If you need to switch to either of these divisions on Marathon weekend, we can also help participants do this. Questions? Please stop by the check in table or e-mail us (prior to October 1) at ptldmarathonwalks@yahoo.com.

Are there pacers?

Yes, local running club, Team Red Lizard, will be coordinating all of the pacing responsibilities and will be holding a question/answer session for all running and walking participants as a part of the Expo Saturday.

What is your policy on corral assignments?

Corrals are used to provide a smooth and fast start for our Marathon and Half Marathon Events. The goal is to keep slower runners from lining up in front of faster runners. With a 3 minute wait between corral starts there is space for runners to run into as they start the race. Accordingly, corrals are assigned by expected marathon finish times once the events are both closed.

We do not make the actual assignment until we are in the process of making our bibs/numbers. At that time we divide the entrants into 8 corral groupings. Those who register late or fail to input a valid predicted finish time are placed in one of the rear corrals.

We have found the system described works and has allowed us to have smooth starts and getting everyone underway about 15 to 20 minutes faster than when we did a mass lineup. And thus far we have not had to put in a “qualification” standard that would ask the runner for their time in another event we would be able to verify. Of course, if we find improper corral jumping we will have no alternative but to put such a qualification process in place. The corrals will go one after another and your start time will not begin until you cross the starting line. Want to change corrals? Continue reading…

What if the estimated time I entered at registration is different than it will be on event day? Can I or should I change corrals?

The corral system is set up to allow the field of participants to spread out nicely along the course route. We have those who plan to run fastest start towards the front, and those who plan to walk start towards the rear. Send us an email to change your predicted finish time (info@portlandmarathon.org). You cannot change your corral assignment after August 10th (we have to get the bibs printed!). You can always move back to a slower corral on race day if you need to, but you will not be permitted to jump to a faster corral. The corrals will go one after another and your start time will not begin until you cross the starting line.

I’m injured and cannot participate in the Event. Can I get a refund?

The Portland Marathon, like other large races, cannot offer a refund, however there is still something you can do with your entry fee if you choose not to participate. You can use it as a tax deductible charitable donation, as we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Last year runners and walkers raised over $2 million for charities, and we donated over $150,000 to local clubs, teams and other nonprofits. For your tax purposes, the Portland Marathon tax ID number is 93-1015627.

How long do the course and finish area stay open?

We move walkers onto the alternate course who have been on the course for about 6 hours. This occurs at an 8 hour pace just before the 22 mile mark. Times can be variable based on security requirements.

Where can I park on race day?

Please visit our “Getting to the Start” Page!

I’m traveling from out of town, and I’m not sure how to get around the course to see my loved one race. How do I navigate the course?

We have included on our website a spectator guide, which should help you and your family/friends get around the course to support your racer. You may also consult the information desk at the Expo in the Portland Hilton for detailed suggestions.

What is the Clydesdale & Bonnydale Division? What is the Pump & Run Division?

The Clydesdale & Bonnydale divisions allow larger framed runners to compete against similar body types based on weight. There is also an optional add on to the Clydesdale & Bonnydale division, and that is the Pump and Run! Pump and Run allows runners/walkers to add a special twist to their marathon experience! This option requires participants to first sign up for the Clydesdale & Bonnydale division and weigh at least 185 lbs for men and 145 lbs for women. According to weight division, each participant must perform one repetition of the bench press bar. You may sign up for this division and perform the rep at our Sports and Fitness pre-race Expo at the Hilton. There is a $5.00 registration fee charged at that time. Cash only. The results for these special divisions are posted 1-2 weeks after the event.

How do I raise money to benefit charities? Which charities do the Portland Marathon endorse for fundraising efforts?

The Portland Marathon encourages any participant to use the event to raise money for multiple causes. Click Here to see a list of the Official & Affiliate Charities we partner with.

How much does the Portland Marathon raise for charity?

Charities use the event to raise over $2,000,000 for their causes. We also donate over $150,000 to service clubs, school teams and groups and other non-profits.

What do the Finisher’s shirts look like?

Finisher’s shirts are gender specific, long-sleeved shirts made of a technical fabric, micro-vent knit that wicks moisture, dries quickly and is spill resistant. All participants who finish will receive a finisher’s shirts clearly indicating their status as icons on the mantel of Portland Marathon history. Coveted by many but worn by a few.

Changes in finisher shirt size or color cannot be made. To do so, would lead to others not getting the shirt that they requested. Please be respectful of our finish line volunteers who do a fantastic job of distributing finisher shirts!

When I wear my Finisher’s shirt out and about at some interesting or exotic location, to whom should I send the picture to for publication?

The picture can be sent to info@portlandmarathon.org or posted on our Facebook Page

Race Day Questions

Will there be a live tracking feature on the website?

Yes, there will be live tracking on the web site on event weekend.

Where can I get a cup of hot coffee?

Starbucks will be open on 3rd Ave at SW Jefferson or 6th and SW Salmon.

Where do event volunteers report?

Volunteers should check in at the location designated by their team captain. Volunteers working in the Start/Finish area should check in at the volunteer sign in spot at SW 4th & Madison in downtown Portland.

Are there showers or changing rooms after the Marathon?

No, but there are several 24 hour fitness gyms nearby that offer a 1-day pass!

Will there be live results and the feature on the website known as RunPix?

Yes, these two features will return and will be on the home page of our website on event weekend.

Where do I get my finisher’s medal and shirt?

After you cross the finish line, you will pass through the finisher’s area to receive your medal, a rose, loads of food and drink, your finisher shirt, a pendant and an event coin. Remember, re-admittance  to the finish area is not permitted so be sure to not miss any of your goodies.

If I forget to pick up my finisher shirt, what do I do?

Take a photocopy FRONT & BACK of your run/walk bib and write your name, address and shirt size on it. Mail to: Portland Marathon, Attn: Fulfillment, 200 SW Market St., Suite 1900, Portland OR, 97201. You must include a check or Money order (US funds only) for $10.00 for s&h. Sizes and color options cannot be guaranteed.

Where can I get my Marathon post-race picture taken?

Your pictures are taken on the course, at the finish line, and at the MarathonFoto victory stand located just before the finish area exit gate (after the food line along SW 4th Ave.). Your photos will be on our website after the event along with results.

If I win an award in my age division or in another category, how will I receive that award?

With the exception of the overall male and female winner, all awards are mailed to the award winners 6-8 weeks after the event.

When do I get my race results?

Results are posted on our website. Our results are initially 99+% complete. We have a variety of corrections that occur within the first several weeks after the event. Note: Other locations and websites that post results may not be accurate! We are constantly updating our results!

When are the future Portland Marathons?

Sunday, October 4th, 2015
Sunday, October 9th, 2016
Sunday, October 8th, 2017
Sunday, October 7th, 2018




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