The Portland Marathon has more than 80 entertainment groups along the course!

Unless one lists every single group, it really isn’t possible to convey the breadth of this. But consider at least the following: the race has a drum corps, a hand bell choir, two 18-piece big bands, a world champion baton twirler, beautiful, saucy cheerleaders, bagpipes, salsa, Christian rock, blues, jazz, rock, classical, mariachi, folk, calypso, harps, belly dancing, bluegrass, accordions, Dixieland, and many others.

The musicians and entertainers who perform annually for the Portland Marathon follow in a very long tradition.

If you survey 100 marathoners you’ll get 100 different favorite groups. Some of the groups amp you up, others inspire the soul, and many ease the pain. And it is universally true that the performers find this to be their most meaningful gig of the year. The courage and vitality of the runners and walkers reach them in a very special way.

None of this could happen without Peter Stott’s ongoing support and the good-hearted willingness of so many entertainers to get up early on one Sunday in October. The Marathon has climbed to the national pinnacle of on-course entertainment and will continue to provide the most innovative and high spirited performers.

Our thanks again to all those groups that make our event so special!

"Best Race in October" - Runner's World